6 ways to have a destination wedding on a budget

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With many couples deciding to contract their marriage in their home country then escape to the sunshine for a destination wedding, here our our top tips for a destination wedding on a budget.

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Photo Ana Marielina

1. Destination weddings don’t have to be long haul

You do not have to travel to far flung destinations to get the best weather.

Research the weather at short haul destinations within three hours of your home airport. You may be pleasantly surprised! The sun shines on average for 320 days of the year in southern Spain for example.
Flying outside of the prime summer months means you can travel a shorter distance, at a lesser cost.

If your chosen destination wedding is an island location check the weather patterns on all sides.
Sometimes a lower cost, out of season wedding is possible simply by choosing the dryer side or the sheltered side of the island.

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Photo and Debbie’s profile photo: Juanma Segura

2. Be flexible with your wedding venue location

Just as property prices are cheaper inland of the coast, wedding venues can often be much cheaper the further you are away from the beaches.

Move inland 20 minutes and wedding venue prices are often significantly lower but the venues equally breathtaking. 

  • Mountain venues may still offer stunning sea views. 
  • Golf resorts often have the most amazing spa facilities. 
  • Private villas and luxury rural hotels often have greater availability.

All offer far more privacy than a public beach location swarming with half naked tourists photo-bombing your wedding pictures in their Speedos!

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3. Save an out of season wedding date

It is a no-brainer when it comes to creating a destination wedding on a budget – booking an out of season ceremony is cheaper for many reasons:

  • Flights are much more economical.
  • Wedding venues will usually negotiate a reduced rate for an out of season ceremony.
  • Accommodation prices for you and your guests are cheaper outside of the peak summer months.

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Photo: Ana Marielina

4. Midweek weddings save money 

Avoiding weekend weddings and opting for a midweek ceremony can be another easy way to save on costs.

You will arrive at least a couple of days before your ceremony, so by the time your wedding day comes around you will be in holiday mode and so chilled that the day of the week really won’t matter to you!

5. Destination weddings can mean fewer guests

So we all love our friends to bits and generally most of our family! So wouldn’t it be lovely just to be surrounded by your very nearest and dearest on your special day?
A destination wedding means that you do not have to invite second cousins and your parents’ friends to your ceremony – you can be selective! 

If pennies are tight, you might even choose to celebrate with a micro-wedding.
A bare minimum of guests and fewer people to please means:

  • All decision making suddenly becomes easier.
  • You might be able to afford better menu choices.
  • You can enjoy a relaxed and intimate ceremony.
  • Plus you can show off your tan and wear your wedding outfit a second time with a wedding party when you get home. Win! Win!

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Photo and banner photo Simon Duggan

6. Local wedding suppliers offer great value 

If you are considering a hotel wedding, ask if they have an in-house event coordinator.
Many venues at destination wedding locations:

  • Include the services of their event coordinator.
  • Give you access to all of their facilities no matter what menu package you choose. 

And booking the services of a local wedding planner can often save you money too.
As well as taking away all of the organisational stress of your wedding day, wedding planning professionals:

  • Speak the local language.
  • Have a team of trusted local suppliers they have already negotiated the best possible prices with. 

Choosing your photographer, florist, caterer, stylists and of course your wedding celebrant to officiate the heart of your ceremony, suddenly becomes a whole lot easier saving you time – and time is money!

Fotografos bodas Malaga Victoria y Adam 42

Photo: Ana Marielina

So what are you waiting for? Contract your legal marriage at home then head to the sunshine for your perfect wedding (and Instagram photos) on a budget!

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