5 Questions To Ask When You’re Looking For An Accessible Wedding Venue

5 Questions To Ask When You’re Looking For An Accessible Wedding Venue

Planning a wedding can come with all types of challenges, and even more so if you are searching for a fully accessible wedding venue. If you yourself, or if you have guests who are less-able bodied then finding an accessible wedding venue will most likely be top of your list when it comes to sourcing where to host your wedding day.


Most venues will have and should have measures in place to make sure that their wedding venue is inclusive, however finding venues that go that extra mile is always worth seeking out.


Ease of accessibility is a basic ask and is key when it comes to making sure all your guests have a day to remember! We give you our 5 main questions to ask when searching for an accessible wedding venue


Ease of Access

How easily accessible is the wedding venue? This covers a wide range of aspects however you should be asking your venue to discuss with you the ease of access for you and your guests. Are there any areas that can’t be accessed? Are there any areas that require ramps to enable access? And are all doors and corridors wide enough for any wheelchairs?


5 Questions To Ask When You’re Looking For An Accessible Wedding Venue


If you or your guests need close access, then check the location of the venue and its surrounding available parking. How close can you get to the venue to make it easier? Do they offer an alternative option if you cannot get to the front of the venue via your own transport?



You or your guests may require further assistance when it comes to the wedding day so speaking to the venue about this is a must if you require it. Do they have a named person who you can contact if you need it? Do they have chaperones who can assist certain aspects throughout your wedding day or stay? Your venue should be there to help you with your specific requirements to make your wedding day special.


Moving Around

Lots of venues have beautiful grand staircases making moving around a venue very hard for those less able-bodied. Moving around should not be hard. If there are stairs to manage then check that the venue has an alternative way of navigating these. Are there ramps or lifts available? Grab rails are also something that will help to move around a venue a lot easier


Accommodation and Facilities

For venues that also provide accommodation, there are a lot more measures to put in place when it comes to being a fully accessible venue. Accessible bathrooms with a non-slip floor are an absolute must so make sure that this is something they have. Do the accessible bedrooms have adjustable beds and/bedrails? Are the bathrooms equipped with support rails and a shower chair? Do they have height-adjustable tables? Is there an emergency cord in case you or your guests require immediate assistance? All of these small details can make a huge difference and can make your guests stay stress-free and enjoyable.


Making sure you ask all the right questions will make it a lot easier when it comes to your wedding day itself.


As Celebrants we pride ourselves on the rapport we have with clients, holding their hands and supporting them through what can be a stressful time. Finding an accessible wedding venue that will be able to meet your requirements will make your wedding day a day to remember for all the right reasons.


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