Profilejulianne chadwick

I have lived and worked all over the world. From Latin America to Africa, SE Asia and recently Spain, Portugal and the UK.

I have combined my passions into a spectrum of careers , a Celebrant, A Movement Psychotherapist and an Artist of the spoken, sung and written word.

Around those spheres my life evolves. I love all that I do. Because all that I do is art and artistic in its motivation.

I love to create your day with you. To watch it unfold and to support its unfolding from its beginning to its end. I love to work with you, write alongside you, remember with you while we knit and weave your emotions, memories and feelings into a story of place that lingers on as an unforgettable moment in time. A time for you, for all your blessed company and for your future smiles, tears and contentment.


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