ProfileMarcus Armstrong

I'm a storyteller! No, really, I actually am...
I am a professional Screenwriter, so I know a thing or two about telling a story!
I hold a BA in Performance, a MA in Writing and a Diploma in Celebrancy as well as being a member of the Association of Independent Celebrants, and the Celebrant Directory.
It is my job to take the vision of others and create well thought out, deeply structured and moving works of writing; and I'm here to do just that for you.
And no matter what, I will be telling your story, just the way you like it.

Marcus Armstrong Celebrant Male 2023
Marcus Armstrong | The Storyteller Celebrant


Marcus Armstrong | The Storyteller Celebrant
Your story, Your way. Story-based ceremonies by a professional screenwriter! I'm Marcus Armstrong, and I am a The Storyteller Celebrant. Basically, my whole thing is story, which is why I...
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