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I became a Celebrant in 2022 after my father passed away and we used a Celebrant for his funeral. Having been asked many times by friends and family to speak at weddings, civil partnerships and funerals, I decided to undertake a professional qualification and began my new journey as an Independent Celebrant.

What an honour to have that role, be that voice, tell that story. Having thought about the skills you need to be a good Celebrant – great people skills, excellent listener, creative, good at writing and telling stories, excellent public speaker, adaptable, caring and compassionate, meticulous, organised, and a genuine interest in people and their lives… All of these I have in abundance honed by my life skills and the careers I have had.
I truly believe that these significant moments in your life need to be right – right for you, your family and those that have departed. You only get one chance to make it authentic and bespoke. Working with me gives you that opportunity.
Times are changing. So many more people want a more bespoke celebration – whether that be a marriage, civil partnership, renewal of vows, an elopement, a funeral or memorial or a naming ceremony. I offer all these services in Pembrokeshire, Cardiganshire and Ceredigion, but am happy to travel further afield.
It’s important that you find the right Celebrant for you. If you feel that could be me, please do get in touch and we can have an initial chat. My passion is making sure you get your day, where you want, when you want and in the way you want. I truly hope you find that.

Ruth Harris
The Pembrokeshire Celebrant


The Pembrokeshire Celebrant
I became a Celebrant in early 2022 after my father passed away and we used a Celebrant for his funeral. At that point I had never heard of Celebrants and...
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