The 5 Best Naming Ceremony Blogs

A naming ceremony is an alternative to a christening, baptism or other religious ceremonies to welcome your baby into the world. Have you recently welcomed a new baby into the world? Have you got an older child who feels they missed out on a ceremony or would even like to change their name? Have you adopted a child or do you have stepchildren and want a ceremony to welcome them into your family?

The Celebrant Directory has compiled the top five naming ceremony blogs, written by some of the most experienced Celebrants around to give you all the advice you will ever need!

The 5 Best Naming Ceremony Blogs

The Celebrant Directory Guide to Naming Ceremonies

Where else would we start but in The Celebrant Directory's very own Guide to Naming Ceremonies ?!
This informative ten-part series explains, what a Naming Ceremony is and how it differs from a Christening. It talks about the role of a Celebrant and how they can involve supporting adults, other children and all of your guests to make an inclusive ceremony.

The 5 Best Naming Ceremony Blogs

What do we call the Godparents at a Naming Ceremony?

What do we call the "Godparents"? Odd parents? Guide parents? Beautifully written by hugely experienced Celebrant Katie Keen , this explores the role of supportive adults who make promises and say words of commitment to a young person to guide them throughout their young lives from innocence to independence.

The 5 Best Naming Ceremony Blogs

Top Ten Ceremony Readings

This is the most wonderful collection of Top 10 Naming Ceremony readings . Compiled by Hannah Osmond there is a secular reading suggestion to represent every type of family to personalise your ceremony. A really inspirational written by a truly talented Celebrant.

The 5 Best Naming Ceremony Blogs

 Celebrants Reveal Their Favourite Naming Ceremony moments

This four-part series takes the real experiences of some more of our top Celebrants as they reveal their favourite ceremony moments.

Part one is a candid interview with the lovely Deborah Page who talks about her experiences from a Ceremony with 8 Guide Parents, to a ceremony to celebrate the new name of a child transitioning gender.

Part two is New Zealander Sarah McCambridge's favourite moments.

Part three, is an interview with fabulous London Celebrant, Holly Smith who takes up the mantle and shares her top tips for parents organising your day..

In Part four, Wedding and Family Celebrant Hilary Channing touches on the special nature of ceremony to celebrate a child conceived after many years of IVF

The 5 Best Naming Ceremony Blogs

Real Naming Ceremony

Our list wouldn't be complete without a story about a Real Celebrant Naming Ceremony In this case it is award-winning Liverpool Celebrant Lorraine Hull sharing with us the Naming Ceremony of a lovely little girl called Lyla.

Thinking of having a Naming Ceremony for your child? Click this link to Find a Celebrant for your Naming Ceremony

The 5 Best Naming Ceremony Blogs

Grateful thanks to little Frankie for permission to use the photos from his first birthday and the Naming Ceremony with ceremony photography by Gemma Louise Photography.

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