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10 Reasons why you should be blogging as a Celebrant

Posted by Jennifer Constant on Tuesday 12th December 2017
10 Reasons why you should be blogging as a Celebrant

As Celebrants, we all have a passion for writing, that’s for sure. We write about our services on our websites and use pictures and videos to show the world ‘who’ we are. Key question for you though, do you harness the benefits of blogging?

Blogging for business is a fantastic marketing tool, not only because it gives you social proof, but also for your digital marketing and domain authority (google rankings). Here are our top 10 reasons why you should be blogging.


1. Build an online portfolio

Are you a top Celebrant? We all are, right? Well, let people know. Show off your talents and experience, and tell people who reach your site that you are a pretty talented Celebrant! Blog about your ceremonies, get pictures and testimonials within the blogs. This is all about social proof. Become more than just a static website, become a live and kicking Celebrant.


2. Share your knowledge

OK, so we are pretty passionate bunch of people. Blogs are a fantastic way of getting your thoughts, your experiences and your knowledge online. Are you particularly interested in creative writing? Or perhaps you love beach weddings? Share your experience, your passions and your knowledge on your blog.


3. Refine your writing skills

As Celebrants, we write a lot of content. How much of the content do we write about our own work, career, and experience? Blogging is fun. It’s easy. It’s a great tool to express yourself and another way to refine your writing skills.


4. Gain more exposure

We all want to stand out from the crowd, especially is a busy market. Blogs are an amazing way to expand your online presence, connect with potential clients and promote your brand.


5. Google loves fresh content

We all need to be thinking about search engine optimisation (blog coming up soon on top ways to do this for free!), it’s ensuring our website is as Google friendly as possible. One of the best ways to increase your Google ranking is through blogging, as Google loves fresh content!


6. Become an Industry go-to

If you write about something you are passionate about and share your content online, you could become the go-to contact in your area. Do you specialise in alternative funerals, or perhaps industrial weddings? Blog about them, share the blogs, and get recognised for your niche.


7. Blogging is easy

Blogging is easy and fun! Depending on your web platform, blogging can be set up in just a few clicks and it’s a chance to write about yourself, your work and what inspires you. We recommend Wordpress as a fantastic blogging tool.


8. Direct readers to your site

Share your blogs using any additional platforms you have like Facebook, Twitter, Forums, Instagram...get people over to read your blog on your website. This increases your reach and brand awareness.


9. Use as PR tool

Did you officiate an unusual ceremony? Or perhaps you have a great idea that you would like to share with the world? Use these blog ideas as a PR tool and get emailing other blogs and magazines with your content. If they choose to publish your content, this is another fantastic way of directing people to your site.


10. Generate email subscriptions

If you are blogging regularly, I’d suggest getting a plugin for an e-newsletter. Growing a mailing list is a fantastic way of keeping people in touch with your brand and being at the forefront of their mind when considering a Celebrant.


Coming up: How to Blog Successfully as a Celebrant!

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