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Blogging vs Vlogging - What you need to know

Posted by Emily Hatton on Monday 12th February 2018
Blogging vs Vlogging - What you need to know

As Celebrants we love sharing our amazing ceremony experiences with others. But have you given much thought to the different options you have to get your story out there in a wider scale? Here is a closer look at two strategies you might want to consider to take your reach to another level.

Tell me more about blogging…

Have you read our blog on top 10 reasons why you need to blog?. If you need any convincing why getting a blog up and running is a good idea, this is the one to read. In short, blogging is an online log where you can tell people about you, share some of the amazing stuff you have done and give advice or information. A lot of people across all industries use blogging as it provides a great way of connecting with people through talking about you and your passions! Above all, it’s a free way of keeping your website fresh, relevant and google just loves fresh relevance ;)!


And vlogging…

If you aren’t camera shy (Celebrants, camera shy? Hmm..), Vlogging is a great way of sharing your work and the things you have done – only this time it is in video format instead of a written one. All you need to be a Vlogger is a video camera, laptop and an online video account like YouTube or Vimeo.

So what’s good about blogging?

  • Blogs are easy to set up and you can find free platforms to use to put them up.
  • They don’t need much equipment – they only require a computer and internet which if you are reading this you probably have already!
  • They are great if you love to write and share.


Sounds easy! So why wouldn’t I blog?

To be honest there aren’t any disadvantages to blogging, it’s all positive (again see my other blogs for reasons why you should!), however if you are using blogging to boost your potential customer reach here are a couple of things to consider to really take advantage of its full potential:

  • Think SEO. Ok, Search Engine Optimisation. Sounds complicated? It doesn’t have to be. At a basic level, just think about the content you write and add some keywords in your text that people may think about googling. For example, if you want to write a blog on a ceremony you just officiated in Malta, use the words ‘Wedding Ceremony in Malta’ somewhere within the content to help boost it’s reach.
  • Be consistent with the content, try and update your blog on a regular basis so you can build up an audience.
  • The content needs to be as exciting and unique as you! The better the blog – the more likely people are to keep reading….

How about vlogging?

  • Once you have your equipment it is pretty easy to do - don’t be put off if you are not a professional at making videos – most people who vlog aren’t!
  • Videos can be more engaging and interactive than writing. You are right there talking to people face to face – they can see you, your wonderful personality and feel like they are really getting to know you!
  • You don’t need to write..well maybe just a little script if you are creating an informative blog. You can show off your style, your personality and your knowledge on video. Your clients will get to know exactly who you are!


Ok I’m all for vlogging. But why isn’t everyone doing it already?  The equipment can be expensive to make sure you get a great video. There are lots of options available though so don’t let this put you off! It is up to you how much you want to spend on it and to be honest, some of the new smart phones are pretty great!

What should I do?

Well, probably a bit of both is the best bet. You can get great advantages from both ways. But it depends what you are good at. If you love writing – stick with blogging. Maybe throw a couple of videos in to spice it up. If you are a natural in front of the camera already - make the most of it and get vlogging!

Here are our top tips to get ready for your first vlog!

  • Get Vlog Savvy – take some time to follow some other vloggers and see how it is done!
  • Get prepared – get the best equipment you can both camera and software, and invest in a great tripod too (nothing worse than a shaky camera!)
  • Ask Questions – The whole point of a vlog is to engage your audience, so makesure you ask them questions and get them to comment their answers on your video.
  • Get off the couch – Get moving about. Don’t sit in the same place for every vlog, make your locations interesting! Consider vlogging before a ceremony for example, or just after when the buzz is all around!
  • Don’t think too much – Go for it and get your first video out there! It’s so much fun once you get started, so don’t be afraid and dive right in!

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