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How to surprise your guests during your wedding ceremony

Posted by Hannah Osmond on Monday 4th December 2017
How to surprise your guests during your wedding ceremony

Everyone loves a good surprise, especially at a wedding ceremony.

When you’re surrounded by friends and family, and everyone’s having a fab time, it’s the perfect opportunity to take a risk.

Go ahead, and do something your guests wouldn’t be expecting in a million years. They’ll love you for it.

Maybe you and your partner are both known for having two-left feet? Well, the run up to the wedding is the ideal time to get those Salsa lessons started, and stir things up on the dance floor.

Weddings are perfect opportunities to share a secret talent too…

Always been a secret shower-singer, but never had the courage to take the mic in front of people? This is your chance to shine. Whilst you might not usually like to steal the limelight, today you ARE the limelight, so go for it.

Dust off those tap shoes, exercise those lungs, pop on that outfit you’d usually be too shy to wear, and be big, bold, brave and beautiful. 

Wedding ceremonies are the perfect platform for making a style statement…

If Debbie Harry is usually your style icon, it may be time to channel your inner ‘Audrey’, and go for classic Hepburn-styling. Cutting Edge Brides have some beautiful dresses to choose from.  

If you usually play it safe, why not go wild and choose something really unexpected.  

And girls, if you want to rock a suit, why not? This is the 21st century. See these women, who made sleek look chic.

Don’t forget the person you’re marrying either…

If you want to make this special occasion even more memorable, how about surprising them with something. Has your other half always wished you’d ride pillion on their motorbike? Then don those leathers, stick on that helmet, and you’ll be a wedding winner!

Have you been privately contemplating giving in to that hiking holiday, despite your love of sun-loungers? Well, some lucky person’s gping to be super-surprised, when you take the mic to announce that the beach resort honeymoon is off, and freezing, wet, cold, mountains are ON.  (Just don’t forget to pack your thermals!) 

It doesn’t have to be big or showy, to be brilliant! 

Surprising your wedding guests can take many forms, and sometimes the smallest actions have the biggest impact.

If you were lagging behind at the back of the line, when the romance was being dished out, this is the perfect moment to show you aren’t the Tin Man…you’re the Lion, and you do have a heart after-all!

Supposing your guests are anticipating a post-dinner speech full of jokes and bravado, then get all gooey and sentimental. Tell your other half just how much you love them, and why. Well come on, it is a wedding!

For those folks who really can’t bring themselves to say slushy things out loud, try writing a love letter, or a simple note, and have it delivered to your bride, or groom-to-be’s room; before you tie the knot. (Cue tears.)

Did I just say it doesn’t have to be showy?!

Hang on just a minute, what was I thinking.

We’ve all seen the film clip of Gary Barlow turning up to sing at one of his fan’s wedding, haven’t we? The look-alike steps aside, and in walks G.B. himself

Result = major surprise all-round, and maximum brownie points to the friend who made it happen.  

Not seen it? Well here it is.

Hmm, still stuck for ideas?

Then talk to your Wedding Celebrant. They’ve been to a LOT of weddings, and have seen it all. Well, nearly.

They may have some fabulous suggestions, to help you surprise your guests. (Assuming Take That can’t m

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