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Photography in Focus with One Spoon Two Spoon

Posted by Jennifer Constant on Thursday 5th April 2018
Photography in Focus with One Spoon Two Spoon

Wedding photographers had their hands full in 2017 with so many amazing ceremonies to work on!

This is the fourth in our series of features with photographers that just love to work with Celebrants! 


Feature with One Spoon Two Spoon


Where are you based? Melbourne, Australia

Welcome Hailey! 


How would you sum up 2017 in just a sentence?

2017 was the year that I landed on my feet in terms of running my business and the way I wanted to run it. 

What was your favourite wedding to shoot and why?

It’s impossible to choose just one! But I’d have to say that Caitlin & Meleah’s wedding was something really special because every single little detail in that wedding came straight from the heart. Everything was Gippsland local, they didn’t do anything because they felt obligated to, the entire wedding was so full of love, their love for each other and the people that they were surrounded by, that it was impossible not to be swept up in the magic and be completely overwhelmed.

You must have seen a lot of weddings! What makes a wedding ceremony unique in your eyes?

What makes a ceremony unique is when the couple are having a good time, having a laugh, and sharing their love with not just each other but the people who are watching them. When everyone who is involved remembers the real reason why they are there, there’s a different feeling in the air.

We just love your pictures below. Can you tell us about the ceremonies? 

One of my first weddings of 2017 was Leah & James, which was an engagement party turned surprise wedding. It was my first surprise wedding too. It was held at Mossman park which had this beautiful amphitheatre with a gazebo attached, donned with festoon lights. The ceremony was held around the back where no-one would ever even guess, until the bride and groom arrived on the grooms motorcycle to announce that they were getting married. The guests were swept off to the ceremony before they even had time to realise what was happening. Everyone was so surprised that they were completely present at the ceremony and it was an extremely emotional affair. 

Next we have Mat & Jen who were so much fun. They had the most amazing sense of humour, throughout the ceremony you could see them just quietly enjoying private jokes with one another, which I think says a lot about the beautiful relationship they had together. Their ceremony was at Baxter Barn and was led by Anna Smale, who was a close friend of the bride and groom, which made the ceremony all that more personal.

Wendy & Brendan were a beautiful couple who had a really long and deep relationship and a beautiful son Sam. They had chosen Anthony Cribbes as their celebrant, and anyone who has experienced one of his weddings knows exactly what they were in store for. Wendy and Brendan’s ceremony began with the telling of their love story, with the guests being completely immersed in Anthony’s story telling during this unplugged event, before the mood quietly lowered to a beautiful, intimate vibe in which the couple read aloud their vows to one other. It was the kind of moment where I actually wanted to put my camera down for a few and listen to what they were saying. It was captivating. 

What is it you love about Celebrant led weddings?

Celebrants really care about what the couple wants and what is important to them. They are able to really express the story of the couple in a way that their guests can relate to. The bride and groom can have so much say in how their ceremony goes and the type of mood they want their wedding to have. 

What do you look forward to most in 2018?

I’m so excited to meet all the beautiful couples who have invited me to be part of their wedding day, and really get creative with how I not only capture their wedding day memories, but capturing the mood and emotion between them.







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