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Real Celebrant Wedding - Anita and Remee

Posted by Lisa Siembab on Sunday 21st January 2018
Real Celebrant Wedding - Anita and Remee

Couple - Anita and Remee

Venue - Bordesley Park
Celebrant - Lisa Siembab


The Meeting

When I first received a phone call from Remee explaining that Anita and he were looking for a Celebrant to conduct a ceremony to dovetail into their Hindu ceremony I was immediately intrigued.  When I met Anita and Remee for the first time to have an informal chat about their wedding day and what they hoped for their ceremony I knew straight away that their wedding day was going to be very special and unique, especially when they asked if we would be willing to wear sarees on the day!  We clicked straight away talking easily about their hopes and dreams for their wedding day, colour schemes and décor. 

Anita and Remee5

The Planning

They were planning on a Milni, which in Hindu means meeting, where the parents of the bride and groom formally greet each other and exchange garlands, a Celebrant ceremony including wedding vows and a ring exchange followed by a Hindu Ceremony.  Not forgetting the partying in the night of course!

I next saw Anita and Remee at their house to go through the finer details of their ceremony and to understand and get to know them better.  When we arrived at their house we were met with an origami factory where they were making origami cranes for their wedding decorations.  They also showed us table centrepieces and decorations that were to provide a major splash of colour to their wedding reception.  

The Proposal

Remee told us of how he proposed to Anita at Severn Sisters Nature Reserve where he produced wooden ring box he had handmade himself and romantically proposed.  We were hooked by their love story immediately.

The Venue

We next met at their chosen venue, the stunning Bordesley Park in Bordesley Redditch with amazing views and backdrop.  The ceremony was to be conducted in the Tudor barn with its vaulted ceilings, oak staircase and rich history.  We ran through the running order and flow of the ceremonies to ensure guests were moved around in the most effective way.

On the morning of the ceremonies we arrived to find the most stunning décor in the Tudor Barn and the marque set up for their reception.  They also had a pagoda beautifully decorated by Party Perfection for their Hindu ceremony decorated in the most beautiful colours.  The handmade cranes and parasols were beautifully hung in the marque making it a stunning setting for their reception.  Guests began arriving at 1pm to enjoy a drink or a canape on the lawn whilst they waited for the happy couple to arrive. 

Anita and Remee were blessed with a bright sunny day and arrived at the venue together accompanied by a Bhangra Band, Baaja Bally.  We were fortunate enough to be asked by Anita and Remee to conduct their Milni to commence their day.  A Milni is a part of the wedding ceremony, where the families of the bride and groom meet prior to the ceremony itself. This is often done with a baraat which is a large procession, with its own band.  The band Baaja Bally made a great spectacle and created a fantastic sense of occasion and anticipation for Anita and Remee’s Milni.  Following this we directed all guests to the barn for the formal Celebrant Ceremony. 

Anita and Remee2 1

The Ceremony

All guests stood whilst Anita and Remee made their entrance accompanied by 10 bridesmaids.  They had three readings as part of their ceremony, one read by Jasmeet, a young family member, and one by a poet, Al Huchins, who was very well received.  The final third reading was read by myself and was something that Remee had put together especially for the day to demonstrate how lucky Anita and Remee were to have found each other.

They made wedding vows and personal pledges to each other that they had written themselves before exchanging rings.  The 130 or so guests listened attentively to every word and were cheered and applauded when I announced them as Mr and Mrs Crawford.

I then directed all guests outside to the lawn for the Hindu Ceremony that was conducted in a beautiful pagoda by Pandat Gyanchand, the Hindu Priest.  Once both ceremonies were complete Anita and Remee and their guests made their way to the marque to commence the reception and danced the night away to Baaja Bally.


Anita and Remee3

The Suppliers

Their photographer for the day was Aquilino Moreno who has kindly provided the photographs below.  Other suppliers as mentioned above include Pandat Gyanchand, the Hindu Priest, Baaja Bally, the Bhangra Band and Party Perfection who prepared the pagoda.

The Feedback

Over the time I worked with Anita and Remee we became close and understood exactly how they wanted their day to be.

“Lisa worked closely with us on a very personal basis and planned and delivered the ceremony in a thoughtful way.  She was able to engage and entertain our guests perfectly even when the wedding coordinator couldn't, she was able to step in and keep their attention. The ceremony was made fun and easy - just like we had intended it to be.”  Anita Shukla


Anita and Remee4


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Guest Blogger - Lisa Siembab

Guest Blogger - Lisa Siembab

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