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Real Celebrant Wedding - Susanne and Jacob

Posted on Thursday 23rd August 2018
Real Celebrant Wedding - Susanne and Jacob

Couple: Susanne and Jacob

Date: September 2017

Venue: Cortijo Maria Luisa, Nerja, Spain

Celebrant: Nikki Kulin

Jacob & Susanne from Aarhus in Denmark contacted me through the lovely Jennifer at Spanish Wedding Planner about being their Celebrant.

Our first conversations revealed that the English and Danish ceremonies bore little resemblance and so it was wonderful to be able to work with them to create a unique ceremony by getting to know them and listening carefully to what they wanted.

I discovered that they did not want to exchange rings, say vows (these are said during the meal), or have anyone read as this would appear ‘cheesy’ in the Danish culture.

Susanne and Jacob

The Couple

Jacob & Susanne’s story began way back when Jacob believes he spotted Susanne, then aged 8 on Saxild beach outside Aarhus. However, it was not until Susanne returned from Costa Rica that they met again in High School. After a school trip to Barcelona and with the help of a little ‘liquid confidence’, Jacob became more talkative and they believe this is where they really ‘met’. Indeed, it was over a drinking game of Black Jack that they fell for each other.

Their love blossomed and remained strong even when, after a trip to Paris in the summer of 2000, Susanne left to go back-packing for a year. Jacob visited her in the Philippines and then went off on a back-packing trip of his own. It is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder and they certainly proved this to be true.

Susanne and Jacob4

Their love story, growing from teenagers in love to adults, to parents and to where they both see themselves as extensions of the other. They have grown together and no longer see how they could exist without each other. They have embraced change and grown stronger from each experience.

In speaking about each other’s special qualities, Jacob talked about Susanne’s big heart, her open-mindedness and her ability to forgive. Another wonderful quality is her abundant happiness and how she is always able to make the best of any situation.

Susanne described Jacob and the Ying to her Yang; her best friend. She loves his calming ways, his ability to comfort her and make her smile. He has a wonderful work ethic, his determination and unending loyalty. She also loves his low-key romantic ways!

Susanne and Jacob9

The Meeting

When we first met during a Video Call, I quickly discovered Susanne’s love of children’s literature and her favourite book – The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. This gave me the perfect starting point and I used a passage where the fox talks about how he nurtures the roses in his garden and his special rose in particular; the more you nurture your relationship, the more special it is.

The Ceremony

I read the passage during the ceremony and this lead beautifully to a handwritten rose exchange ceremony. During the ceremony, Susanne & Jacob exchanged roses as their first give as husband and wife. In the past, the rose was considered a symbol of love and a single rose always meant only one thing, it meant the words, ‘I love you’. They pledged that roses would remain an important part of their relationship.

I also included words from AA Milne’s Winnie the Pooh and also the Beatles song, ‘All we need is love’. As a wonderful surprise, Camilla, Susanne’s sister, contacted me to arrange for a good friend to sing during the ceremony as a surprise.

Susanne and Jacob3

The resulting Ceremony was beautiful, special and completely unique.

The beautiful setting was Cortijo Maria Luisa in Nerja. A hidden gem and always a favourite, the stunning vistas and wonderful facilities make it a perfect ceremony location.

Susanne & Jacob said:

Nikki was a pleasure to work with and really managed to make us an amazing and very personal ceremony for our wedding in Nerja that we will cherish forever. We cannot thank her enough!

Susanne and Jacob11


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