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Real Celebrant Wedding - Jennifer and Robert

Posted by Nikki Kulin on Saturday 22nd September 2018
Real Celebrant Wedding - Jennifer and Robert

Jennifer contacted me in July 2017 via my website and was planning her wedding blessing in Nerja for June 2018.

Robert & Jennifer, from Edinburgh, met after Cupid (otherwise known as Jen’s friend Emily – a bridesmaid at the ceremony) forced her to join an internet dating app after 6 months of persuasion. Emily even wrote the profile and chose Jen’s photo! Robert was instantly attracted to Jen’s photos and told me that she was even more beautiful in person when they met.  Jen told her mum that she thought this was ‘the one’ before they even met.   They had so much in common when they did meet, and both felt an instant attraction and they quickly became inseparable. 

Jennifer and Robert3

Nerja holds a very special place in Jen’s heart having been a family holiday destination for many years.  Robert, having asked Iain, Jen’s father, for her hand in marriage on the second attempt (Iain was on holiday the first time), waited until his first trip to Nerja to propose.  As they sat in a restaurant overlooking the Balcon, Jen was cross as Robert appeared to be on his phone all the time, but he was receiving messages of moral support.  He got down on one knee just below the beautiful Balcon de Europa in front of quite several onlookers.  It was therefore, both poignant and apt that their Wedding Blessing take place in the exact same location.  Jen planned all the details herself being so familiar with the area. 

The Hotel Balcon de Europa is set just beside the Balcon de Europa and has its own beach.  The ceremony location is set on the cosy roof terrace with the mountains and sea as a backdrop.  The reception area, set on a terrace adjacent to the beach, is stunning and the spectacular scenery thereabouts is probably one of the most photographed and featured backdrops of many ‘Costa del Sol’ photographs.

Jennifer and Robert2

My methodology in creating a unique personal ceremony each time involves working closely with the couple in the months leading up to the wedding itself.  I met with Jen, during her visits to Nerja and continued to correspond with her over Whatsapp, email and phone sending ideas and suggestions.  In this way, by the time I came to start writing, the ceremony itself flowed on to the page.  Jen & Robert wanted a traditional ceremony including exchanging rings, Celebrant led vows and readings: one from a friend and the other a handwritten poem by Jen’s Auntie which was fabulous and told the story of how they met.  

This was then followed by a handfasting ceremony.  A handfasting is a traditional and symbolic ritual which is steeped in tradition and magical meaning and is in fact where the saying ‘tying the knot’ originates from.  It is used within a ceremony as symbolic of the bond which the couple already share and the tie of commitment which they make to one another. 

Jennifer and Robert

By incorporating their story, listening closely to all of the elements they wanted to include, the result was a beautiful, unique and personal ceremony designed especially for them.  

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