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Real Ceremony: Robby and Saffa

Posted by Jennifer Constant on Wednesday 9th August 2017
Real Ceremony: Robby and Saffa

Real Wedding

Couple: Saffa and Robby
Date: September 2016
Officiant: Jennifer Constant, Tailor Made Ceremonies
Venue: No.4 Clifton Village
Photography: Bristol Contemporary photography

The Proposal

I met Saffa and Robby in Starbucks one winter evening in December 2015.  They were super excited to tell me that they were already married, and it was a pretty funny story.

They were on holiday in Las Vegas and had spent their time sightseeing and partying, simply enjoying the highlights of the Vegas nightlife. One evening whilst there, and they admit they were a little tipsy, they rather spontaneously decided to get married! That idea turned into a reality and the next day before they even had time to get used to the thought of actually being married they had tied the knot in Vegas!

The Planning

They wanted to plan their UK wedding for a year after their (technical) first, but rather than have a wedding ceremony where they exchange new vows, they decided to renew the ones they had made in Vegas and re-exchange the same rings. They also wanted to make their commitments to each other in front of their loved ones which was very important for them.

I proceeded to write them a personalised Renewal of Vows ceremony that included their love story, their first wedding story (of which there were lots of laughs!), and their commitments using similar words to the ones they said to each other the year before in Vegas.

The Venue

The ceremony took place in the beautiful No.4 Clifton Hotel in Bristol. Small and secluded looking on the outside and grand and glamorous on the inside, it’s a stunning place for a wedding. The ceremony room is compact, yet personal and provided the perfect backdrop for their vows. They decorated the space with ribbons and framed photographs of themselves in various locations all over the world. It was a beautiful setting for this couple. 

The Ceremony

The wedding ceremony was set for 12pm, and when I arrived, I popped up to see Saffa, as I always do with the bride, to offer her a few last minute words of wisdom and check she was ready! Robby and Saffa wanted to walk down the aisle together, holding hands as an already married couple.  They followed their 6 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen and entered truly feeling the love they were surrounded with in their room. The bride looked stunning and sharing the experience with their loved ones was perfect. 

The Feedback

‘Jennifer was brilliant and tailored our ceremony to fit the light hearted and traditional ceremony we wanted that represented us exactly. She was a pleasure to talk to from our first meeting. Thank you.’



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The Celebrant Directory Saffa Wedding No 4 Clifton

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