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How to Renew your Wedding Vows

Posted on Wednesday 9th August 2017
How to Renew your Wedding Vows

Life is made up of special moments. From the first time you saw each other to your lives being joined in matrimony, you have shared adventures and experiences only you can speak of.

You’ve travelled to new places together, perhaps had a family, or simply been married just a short time but changes in your life have meant you’d like to say ‘I do’ once more. A vow renewal is the perfect occasion for this. A time to reflect, celebrate and look forward to your future together as partners for life or husband and wife.

So what is a Renewal of Vows Ceremony?

A Renewal of Vows ceremony reaffirms your love for each other, it may restate the vows you made or you might want to state some new vows, and it will express your commitment to each other to include the past, present and future.  A Renewal of Vows ceremony will be led by a qualified and experienced Celebrant in any location and you’re in the right place to search for and check the availability of your ideal Celebrant using this site!

What happens during a Renewal of Vows Ceremony?

The ceremony usually lasts around 20-25 minutes and includes renewing new or past commitments, readings and poems, and traditionally restating the vows, although these can be new.

Couples can choose to place the same rings on each others fingers, add a new ring or simply give each other a small gift to celebrate the occasion. However, sometimes just written vows and the all-important kiss to seal the deal is enough!

Where are Renewal of Vows Ceremonies held?

You can renew your vows anywhere you like. Some couples choose to hire a ceremony room in a hotel, local village hall or even outside in gardens or a special, sentimental place. As a Renewal of Vows is not a legally binding ceremony, you are free to choose any location you like.

Will the ceremony room be set up like a wedding?

Typically, yes. The ceremony will usually be set up with an aisle and a centrepiece for the Celebrant and the couple. However, this can also be arranged to suit your style and your requirements and your Celebrant can help with some of these details if you’d like them too.

As with all things by having a Celebrant lead your Renewal of Vows ceremony, you are free to choose how you would like the ceremony arranged.

Will we walk down the aisle?

You can walk down the aisle together, or separately. Perhaps children may like to escort their mother or father down the aisle as well. There is no hard and fast rule here, so it is open to your creativity! It may also be venue dependent as to what choices you have such as in a room in a hotel, or if you have an outside ceremony, you might be able to set it up in exactly your style.  

What are the next steps when booking a Renewal of Vows ceremony?

Finding a venue and booking your Celebrant are the first things you’ll need to do to put this occasion together. You can use The Celebrant Directory to find a Celebrant that suits your preferences here, and start searching your local area for the perfect venue! Equally, you may want to go abroad to do this which is also something a Celebrant can help with as they often travel to other destinations with a couple to officiate in their chosen location. The most important part is to have your ideal ceremony as you deserve it!

One last thing, should we have a reception?

Absolutely! This is your chance to have wedding reception no.2! In all seriousness, your Renewal of Vows ceremony is a chance to bring your family and friends together and celebrate your ongoing love for one another.

So whether is champagne on ice, or cream teas in the garden, ensure you celebrate after the big event!


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