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How to Rock Your TCD Profile

Posted by Emily Hatton on Wednesday 31st January 2018
How to Rock Your TCD Profile

So you are part of TCD directory which is already a step ahead of the rest – but what can you do now?

It might be some time since you have registered or maybe it was only recently – either way, it is worth checking out our top tips for making sure you have the best profile you possibly can to showcase you! 

1. The All-Important Experience Section

This is all about selling your services and letting potential clients know exactly who you are. Choosing a Celebrant is a very personal decision and clients need to feel you are the right fit for them so tailor your summary to suit your business style. 

Check if the information you have up there currently is still relevant and ask yourself whether there is anything new you can include that will give the reader even more insight into why you are the right Celebrant for them.

Have you made any changes to your contact details, an email address for example? Ensure all of your details are up to date and correct so you don't miss out on enquiries!

Also check that any links you have are working, especially your website and social media channels – a small thing but could be crucial for getting someone to the next step!


2. Adding Gorgeous Pictures 

Pictures are everything! The Celebrant Directory is unique due to it's full profile and the ability to add stunning photographs to your profile. Ask yourself this, are your pictures going to make someone want to get in touch with you?

Make sure your images say a lot about you and your experience as a Celebrant. Don't have pictures that show off your ceremony style? We'd encourage you to get in touch with your previous couples or families and ask them for some? I bet they have a whole bunch they wouldnt mind you using! You want people to feel inspired by your work so choose the right pictures to do that!

Ensure the pictures are the right size/quality too - this is a big thing to consider! Check they aren’t pixelated once on your profile as no one like a blurry one!


3. 3,2,1 Action! Yes, Videos

Did you know you can add a video to your profile?

Videos are great for engaging people. Statistics show that 20% of users read text while 80% will watch a video with the same content. Video is so appealing and easier to consume than text so try and add one if you can!

People are more likely to book with you if they can see you in action – so a video on your profile is the perfect way to draw them in. We have some tips coming up soon on how to create a nice, easy video for free so watch this space!


4. The Testimonials 

You will be aware of the big 'Review' button on your profile, but did you know you can add previous reviews to your account?

Reviews are everything these days. I bet you look on TripAdvisor for hotel reviews before looking! This industry is no different as you know. They really do affect how likely people are to book you. 

Don't be afraid to ask your couples or families for some words on your ceremonies, I bet they would be more than happy too!


5. Badges

You need as many links as possible pointing to your directory profile so it climbs the ranks in google.

Hopefully, you have done this already – but if not please do add your Celebrant Directory membership badge and a link to your profile on your website! Let us know if you need a hand doing so. 

You can find a whole host of badges within your profile tabs which will direct people to your directory page to leave reviews and show off your gorgeous profile!

Don’t sit back and wait – put some love into your profile to make people see your passion and enjoy showing yourself off to potential clients.


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