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Social Media for Celebrants - Quick Wins

Posted by Emily Hatton on Tuesday 27th February 2018
Social Media for Celebrants - Quick Wins

We all use social media, but we also know that we could be using it a bit better right? As Celebrants we have a lot of great things we can share and talk about on social media so there really should be nothing stopping you.

However the world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the other platforms can feel slightly overwhelming. And social media management can be a full time job in itself! Here are a few quick tips that you can put in place right away to improve your presence across your channels:

To build up your followers you need to be a good follower.

Find people and businesses that are interesting and relevant for you and start following them. This  will help build your followers as it will open up another world of interesting and potentially influential audiences. Even if they don’t follow you back straight away this is all building up your network and your reach to people, which is what you are trying to do!

You need to be followable.

If you want people to follow you there needs to be enough there for people to be interested in. Make sure your profile is filled in with every field related to you, and you can use your profile to add great pictures and interesting information about you. Also, think about your feed. It is worth looking at your feed from someone else’s perspective. Would you follow you? Make sure your feed is showing recent and engaging content that’s personal and interesting.

Be consistent.

Make sure your social media accounts look similar – this will help your followers to recognise you when looking through the different platforms. This can be done easily by using the same cover images and ensuring your name is as similar as possible (ideally the same). Doing this will make your profiles easier to find and allow potential followers to recognise you. (We will be posting soon about optimising each page so watch this space!)

social media quick wins4

Be active!

Your activity on social media is the best way to show that you are there. This is really key in building up a good following of people on any platform. A good tip is when resharing someone else’s post – add a comment and tag the original poster. This tells your following why you have shared it and of course credits the original poster which gets them to see your post as well.

Think variety.

Keep people interested by posting/sharing different content. If you use a variety of formats it will keep your followers engaged. Images and videos are great for standing out on people’s timelines – keep track of what kind of posts make you want to read more and use these ideas for your own posts.  Keep track of what posts get the most engagement too, and share more like it!

Be smart when sharing.

When posting on any social media it doesn’t matter how great the content is – if it is at the wrong time of day your followers might not see it. This is when scheduling is a great tool to post at optimum times. But when is the best time? This is something you need to do some trial and error with. Think about when you are most likely to be scrolling through social media and this will give you a good start – then start posting at these times and see how much engagement you get. You will build up a picture of when your followers react the most and these will be your optimum times. Most platforms have great insight tools to help.

Social Media Quick Wins1 2

Use hashtags.

Particularly on Twitter and Instagram using the right hashtags will increase followers. By adding hashtags it means you are searchable to people outside of those that follow you. These people see your great post then decide to follow you. Easy! Just a tip – it is worth checking any new hashtags before you use them – just in case they have any associations you might not be aware of.

Update your email signature.

You can add your social media profiles to your signature to turn it into a social media call-to-action. It is another way to reach people without any extra effort and when they see you have these profiles might check you out there as well.  Top tip – only put your social media links on your signature if you are using that channel!

Put all these into action and you will see an improvement guaranteed. Good luck and get social!

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Resident Blogger - Emily Hatton

Resident Blogger - Emily Hatton

Emily is TCD's Marketing and PR Manager. She is a well-travelled nomad - who loves all things Marketing and Celebrant related!

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