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Wedding Traditions: The low down on Ring Bearers

Posted by Lauren Balloch on Tuesday 10th April 2018
Wedding Traditions: The low down on Ring Bearers

Here at The Celebrant Directory we are constantly on the look-out for different ways we can change up tradition, adding that extra sparkle when it comes to your wedding day.  However, there is one particular tradition that tugs on our heart strings with overwhelming cuteness which is Ring Bearers!

What part does a Ring Bearer play in your Wedding?

Typically, the Ring Bearer will be a boy who is around the ages of 4-8 years old. They could be related to you or a godson or even a close friend who has children who are a part of your lives.

The Ring Bearer is tasked with the responsibility of carrying the wedding rings down the aisle behind the bride. This is a great way to involve younger generations and make them feel special on your big day. Carrying your rings is a big responsibility that will make them feel important and all grown up!

The low down on ring bearers

Now, you might be a bit nervous putting your trust in a small and sometimes hyperactive young child to carry your expensive rings down the aisle. Try giving them ring alternatives so that if a hiccup occurs it won’t be too costly! You could use anything from plastic rings, an old ring from your jewellery box to Haribo sweet rings. That way they still feel valued and important in the ceremony while you entrust your Best Man with the real wedding rings to keep safe.

What’s the different between Ring Bearers and Page boys?

Traditionally, page boys tend to hold the brides wedding trains or assist the flower girls with a trail of petals while the Ring Bearer would walk down separately holding the rings on a cushion to present to the groom. Historically a small cushion is used to present the rings, but you can place them in a special box, sea shells (ideal if you’re getting married on a beach!) or in a pretty little velvet pouch.

The low down on ring bearers4

Your page boy can also be the ring bearer but if you have lots of little members of the family you want to include then you can separate out the responsibilities and involve as many of them as you can.

Are there other options?

What if you don’t have a willing boy to take on the challenge? Some couples opt to have their beloved little furry friends to take on the honour. It’s becoming more popular to have your dog or your pet rabbit (or any other animal you have in your lives) to walk or be carried down the aisle with the rings. The rings can be attached in a little box to their collars or tied up in ribbon which is not only irresistibly cute but will make for some fun wedding snaps. Just make sure you’ve checked with the venue that animals are allowed!

The low down on ring bearers5

Do you have to use a Ring Bearer?

Not at all! It is not written in stone to say you must use a Ring Bearer, the choice is yours. Maybe you want a smaller wedding party, or it might just be that children aren’t a part of your lives yet. Having a page boy or ring bearer is actually much less common these days, but if you do want to include children in the wedding party it can be an incredibly adorable way to get them involved and an effective way to melt the hearts of your wedding guests.

Whether you choose to use a Ring Bearer or not, there are lots of ways you can add your own special touch to the tradition to make unique to you.

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