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What is a Wine Ceremony and is it right for you?

Posted by Anna Matel on Tuesday 11th September 2018
What is a Wine Ceremony and is it right for you?

You’ve planned your ceremony and you’ve decided to have a unity ritual. Adding a wine ceremony is a great way to symbolise the unity of your two lives together. Wine is known for celebrating and romance. So why not add it to the biggest celebration of your life? Here we’ll talk about the symbolism of the ceremony and how you can add it to your wedding day.


Wine is universal and is known to have many different symbols, the wine ceremony is no different. It can represent the richness of life, the sweet and bitter elements life throws at you or the idea that like wine, life changes through time. However, how you want to interpret the ceremony is up to you with your celebrant to help advise.

Wine ceremony 1

Wine Time

Like most unity ceremonies, the wine ceremony usually takes place after the exchanging of vows and rings. The bride and groom will take their respective wines and poor them into a single glass they will both drink out of. It is common for the bride and groom to toast three times. Once to their past, once to their present and once more to their future. Now it’s really important to only take sips of wine- you’ll definitely want to remember your ceremony!

Something we suggest is to test the wine combination before your actual wedding day. You don’t want to end up with a mixture that is very unpleasant which results in a surprised face. Can you imagine that picture?!

Making it Unique

The Wine - The common practice is to have one white wine and one red. It’s supposed to show the mixing of two different lives into one new life. However, if you both love red then you can definitely have two reds or two whites for that matter. You don’t even have to use wine! We know not everyone loves wine. Some couples have decided to use different kinds of spirit, like tequila or whisky.

Wine ceremony 5

The Significance – While not mandatory, you should consider the significance of the wine you choose. Are you getting married in a region known for their wines? Maybe you’ll want to pick a wine from the specific region. You could also choose a wine from the year you met. The possibilities are really endless (there is a lot of wine out there!).

The Ceremony – The ceremony we’ve been talking about involves drinking right then and there. However, if you don’t want to risk spilling red wine on that beautiful white dress or getting too tipsy then there are other options. You can find a bottle of wine that will age perfectly for your 10-year anniversary and you can place it in a box with love letters to open later. There are also some couples that decide to make their own wine during the ceremony to symbolise the start of their lives together.

In the end the wine ceremony is what you decide to make of it. It’s the symbol of uniting two separate lives into one life forever.

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