How to build your confidence as a Celebrant


You have completed your amazing training, you are ready to build your business, and are well on your way to gaining confidence as a celebrant! Or perhaps you have been a celebrant for some time and are looking to define your goals? It can sometimes feel like everyone around us is way ahead, or they know something that we don’t. The chances are, everyone has their own obstacles, so what makes them so confident? It’s could be that they know confidence is something we develop, not something we just have. 

Your vibe and personality as a celebrant are the key elements that will draw people to you. Having confidence in yourself and your abilities to create fabulous ceremonies is just as important as all the other tools in your marketing box. 

Go easy on yourself, you’ve got this! Let’s take a look at some top tips to building your confidence as a celebrant and saying goodbye to imposter syndrome.

Be part of a community

Sometimes, we just need a little nudge that shows us we aren’t alone and that other people have had the same doubts that we have! Whether it’s talking about these things openly with others or simply reading about people’s different experiences, being part of an online celebrant community can massively boost your confidence and give you inspiration for your business! The Celebrant Directory has a wonderful community of celebrants who really look out for and support each other. So don’t be afraid of building those relationships, it really helps!

being part of a celebrant community

Develop a mindset for success

Everything starts with the belief that we can, in any aspect of our lives. Switching your mindset from one of lack to one of gain and abundance will have you beaming with confidence within your business and beyond. Developing a success mindset starts with making small changes each day towards your business goals and building your confidence as a celebrant. Where to begin? Set daily goals and do the hardest task first, practice daily gratitude and note what it is within your business and life that you are grateful for, focus on what you are good at and develop those skills, unfollow all social media accounts that don’t inspire you or make you feel good and don’t forget to read! Read about someone who has been there and done it, or listen to a podcast to soak up that success inspo!

Define long and short term goals for your business

The day you begin is not the day you see huge results! It takes time and a good strategy, and it’s just the same with confidence. Where do you want to be as a celebrant in 5 years’ time? Define what great looks like for you and be as detailed as possible with your end goal. Once you have your long-term plan figured out (and written down so you can visualize it each day) work backward, what can you do daily that will push you towards long-term success as a celebrant? It might be that you want to be doing over 100 ceremonies a year or you want to develop your niche and branch out into micro weddings abroad! Whatever it is, own it and go for it.

defining short term and long term goals for your celebrant business

Practice stepping out of your comfort zone

Sure, comfort zones are exactly that, comfy! But don’t be fooled, growth rarely happens from being comfortable. The unknown is a little scary but WOW is it exciting, right?! Why know the outcome when you can practice new things and have success beyond your wildest dreams? Ask yourself, what scares me the most about taking my celebrancy business to the next level? And then figure out why you lack confidence in this area? Things can be daunting until we do them! Perhaps you don’t love picking up the phone and chatting to couples or going live online to show the world who you are. Whatever it might be, forget the fear and do it anyway.

Building your confidence as a celebrant by leading your first ceremony

Focus on your strengths

Identify your strengths and work to develop these skills. Why focus on areas that aren’t your strongest when you could be smashing your goals with what you do best? This is where identifying your niche is so valuable! Knowing your strengths will land you your ideal clients who you love working with rather than having lots of bookings with people you might not really connect to.

Building your confidence as a celebrant comes over time with a mix of patience, practice and planning! Whatever your goals are for yourself and your business, chip away at them each day and that imposter syndrome will slowly disappear! 

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