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  • Tips & Advice
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  • Ceremony Inspiration
Five unique ideas for an autumn funeral
Fall is a time of rebirth and reconnection. For many of us, the falling leaves and the transformation of colours are a soothing and welcome entry into the colder months....
What is a Natural Home Funeral?
Did you know you can have your loved one at home for their funeral service? There are natural and arguably more personal alternatives to a funeral home. Sarah Weller started...
Choosing a Direct Cremation like trend setter David Bowie
The past 18 months have be challenging for every person in the funeral profession and mourners alike. The pandemic has pushed families to source alternative options for saying goodbye to...
What happens at a Celebrant-led funeral?
Here is a step-by-step guide to what happens at a Celebrant-led funeral. This is a typical funeral at a crematorium. There will be differences between venues and between burials and cremations...
Natural burials: an eco-friendly funeral option
Fancy being buried on a farm, in a forest, on a meadow or even perhaps in your own garden? A natural burial may just be what you are looking for. ...
New Alternative Ways of Saying Goodbye
In the same way that wedding couples are increasingly looking to find more personal ways of tying the knot, families in the UK are also beginning to seek out alternative...
What does a Funeral Celebrant do?
So what exactly does a Funeral Celebrant do? One Independent Celebrant gives a brief overview of what a Funeral Celebrant does and why they are such a valuable asset for...
How to attend your own living funeral!
Why are more and more people attending their own funeral? The trend towards 'Living Funerals' speaks to our growing willingness to speak openly about death. One celebrant gives her advice...
What is a Green funeral?
With the increasing popularity of finding new ways we can care for our earth, environmentally friendly burials and funerals help preserve our planet when our loved ones pass on. These...
What is a Celebration of Life ceremony?
WHAT IS A ‘CELEBRATION OF LIFE CEREMONY’? What does the phrase ‘Celebration of Life Ceremony’ mean exactly? Simply put, it’s a type of funeral ceremony which pays tribute to a...
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