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  • Tips & Advice
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  • Ceremony Inspiration
  • Ceremony Inspiration
  • Real Ceremonies
  • Personalise It
  • Personalise It
  • Real Ceremonies
  • Real Ceremonies
How to write a eulogy for a loved one’s funeral.
There will come a time when you may have to write some words to celebrate the life of your loved one.  Perhaps the time is now. Are you writing a...
10 steps to organising a funeral when your loved one left no instructions
1. Choose a Funeral Director or do it yourself There are so many Funeral Directors out there these days that finding the right one can seem daunting. Try and get...
Selecting the right Funeral Celebrant
The importance of selecting the right Funeral Celebrant for your loved one's celebration of life cannot be underestimated. This is the one occasion when their life story is to be...
Checklist for planning a funeral
Planning a funeral for a loved one can be even more stressful if you don’t know where to start. You are grieving, you are planning your last goodbye and you...
Funerals: Thinking ahead and planning for the inevitable
Dying Matters With Dying Matters awareness week in May 2019 posing the question, "Are we ready?" one Celebrant takes a look at why it is so important to think ahead...
How to include young children in funerals
“I am not sure if I should take my children to the funeral. What do you think?” It’s a question parents often ask me as a funeral celebrant. In this...
What does a Funeral Celebrant do?
So what exactly does a Funeral Celebrant do? One Independent Celebrant gives a brief overview of what a Funeral Celebrant does and why they are such a valuable asset for...
What is grief?
Approaching any milestone event such as Christmas or a birthday can be incredibly poignant when you have lost a loved one. In the first of our three part series asking,...
When a loved one passes on, what do I do with their Social Media accounts?
Everyone tackles grief in different ways so there is no right or wrong answer to this as what feels right for one person will often not feel right for the...
How funeral ‘celebrations’ allow the bereaved to tailor goodbyes
Mourn For Me, But Also Celebrate Up until the Nineties, relatives of a deceased person had to try to persuade a local church minister to lead the funeral service… because,...
The ultimate guide to giving a eulogy at a funeral for a loved one
Are you giving a eulogy at a funeral for a loved one but fear you’re not up to the task? This blog answers 10 key questions to help you write...
10 ways to cope with that first Christmas after someone has died
Christmas is a time for reflection and jubilation. It's a time for family get-togethers and traditions, big dinners and carols by the fire. It is also a time that can...
How to deal with grief when you are abroad
In the final part of our trilogy considering different aspects of grief, one experienced funeral Celebrant in Spain looks at death and dying overseas. Read on for a very personal...
Florist interview: What flower options do I have for a funeral?
In this , we talk to the absolutely fantastic, Bristol-based, florist Fiona Lafon of Emerald and Jade. Fiona has been producing beautiful floral displays for all ceremonies from weddings to...
How to involve children in a funeral
Deciding whether or not to take a child to a funeral service is an extremely personal decision. It’s only natural to be concerned that your child will become bored, restless or...
Music Choices For Your Loved One’s Funeral
Music can be so important in life and is always something to consider when organising a funeral. Music can uplift the soul even at the hardest of times. It also...
Celebrant Stories: Will Showing Tears Be Seen As Unprofessional?
I Worry About My Emotions When Officiating Funerals - Won't Showing Tears Be Seen As Unprofessional? In this article, Ellen shares her thoughts and perspectives about a very sensitive topic,...
Funeral Budgeting 101: Funeral Celebrant Planning for Beginners
Are you a celebrant in need of some funeral budgeting advice? This article covers it all… Making plans for a funeral is one of the most difficult tasks anyone will...
Does humour have a place in a modern funeral?
The simple answer here is that a funeral should reflect the family’s wishes, and people are increasingly looking for a service that fully represents the loved one they have lost....
Celebrant interview: How to get through the day of the funeral
‘No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear.’ - C S Lewis Interview with David Linaker, a former Anglican priest who, having moved outside of the formal...
What happens at a funeral? A realistic account of what to expect
We don't talk about death so it has become unfamiliar Funeral ceremonies can serve different purposes for those involved. One function of a ceremony is to contain (accept and help...
Featured Celebrant Story: Changing our perception of funerals.
An interview with the wonderful Celebrant, Vanessa Buckley as she talks us through her journey and explores how funerals have changed over time... Over to you, Vanessa! Up until a...
What is grief in children?
Part one of What is grief?  shared a very personal account of grief. In the second of our three part series investigating grief, one very experienced Celebrant looks at how...
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