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Top 10 Naming Ceremony Readings
With a dizzying array of Naming Ceremony reading suggestions on the internet, this task can become overwhelming. Before you trawl through websites, think about what you are trying to achieve?...
Organising a Naming Ceremony
A Naming Ceremony or Baby Naming as it is sometimes referred to is the perfect opportunity to bring your friends and family together, show off your new little one and...
The 5 best blogs for naming ceremonies
Looking for an alternative to a christening, baptism or other religious ceremony to welcome your baby into the world? Have you got an older child who feels they missed out...
What Do We Call the Godparents at a Naming Ceremony?
Our lovely TCD Celebrant and Resident Blogger, Katie Keen, talks to us about Naming Ceremonies, from their history to Fairy-UnGodly Parents! (Yes there is such a thing!). As more families...
Why you should celebrate the birth of your baby
Celebrating the birth of your baby varies in lots of wonderful ways around the world from Baby showers, Christenings, Naming Ceremonies, Circumcision, Ear piercings to Family shrines and many, many...
Celebrants reveal their favourite Naming Ceremony moments-Take 4!
This is the last in our series with Celebrants telling us all about Naming Ceremonies - but definitely not least! Hilary Channing is a Wedding and Family Celebrant who particularly...
Celebrants reveal their favourite Naming Ceremony moments – take 3!
Naming Ceremonies are a wonderful reason to celebrate, and our Celebrant's love being asked to take part! London based Celebrant Holly Smith was delighted when we asked her to part and...
Celebrants reveal their favourite Naming Ceremony moments-Take 2!
We have been asking our amazing Celebrants to tell us all about their experiences with Naming Ceremonies. They have been revealing their best moments and thoughts on why you should...
Celebrants reveal their favourite Naming Ceremony moments
We asked some top Celebrant’s to tell us all about their thoughts on Naming ceremonies. They just LOVE them and have revealed some of their favourite (and exciting!) moments from ceremonies...

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