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How To Recognise Missing Relatives In Your Ceremony
Missing relatives can leave a huge hole in your ceremony plans. Whether it be that they just can't make it for a number of reasons or that they are no...
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Renewing Your Wedding Vows, by Gerri Webb Celebrant
I’m Gerri Webb, Celebrant who is calm relaxed and approachable. Making a ceremony to have fun and possibly a tear or two of joy. I love to write a personal...
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Celebrants give the low-down on renewing your vows
Renewal of Vows Ceremonies are a great way for couples to celebrate their ongoing love, and show their devotion to each other once again. We asked a few of our...
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Renewing your vows, made easy!
Whatever your reasons for having a vow renewal ceremony, here at The Celebrant Directory we have pulled together the best possible advice to make renewing your vows as easy as...
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How to renew your vows on a budget
So, you are renewing your weddings vows – that’s great! A fantastic way to re-cement your love or mark a significant marriage milestone, Renewal of Vows Ceremonies are becoming more...
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5 Questions To Ask When You’re Looking For An Accessible Wedding Venue
Planning a wedding can come with all types of challenges, and even more so if you are searching for a fully accessible wedding venue. If you yourself, or if you...
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20 of the most romantic vow renewal spots around the world
Vow renewals are becoming increasingly popular. They can be small and intimate or grand and luxurious. You can invite as many people as you would like, or you can celebrate...
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5 Reasons to renew your vows
Renewing your vows is a beautiful way to show how much love you and your partner have for one another. Each relationship is unique in their own magical and wonderful...
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How to Renew your Wedding Vows
Life is made up of special moments. From the first time you saw each other to your lives being joined in matrimony, you have shared adventures and experiences only you...
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Celebrants give the low-down on renewing your vows – Part 3
Renewal of Vows ceremonies are a fantastic way to show ongoing love, or even overcoming obstacles with your love intact. Celebrants love conducting Renewal of Vows ceremonies as it really...
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Celebrants give the low-down on renewing your vows – Part 2
Celebrants love to help you celebrate love! Renewal of Vows ceremonies are a great way to show your ongoing love or to renew your vows after a difficult time or a...
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