How A Celebrant Led Wedding Can Fuse Cultures And Traditions Together

How to use the Phera in a modern Indian/Western fusion wedding

If you're looking for a personalised bespoke ceremony, and you would like to get married in a place of your choice then this is just one of the many reasons why you should choose to have a Celebrant led wedding!


A Celebrant led wedding can be as quirky and personable as you wish, with no set rules on vows. You can create something unique for the two of you, including personalised vows, live music, readings and even a dance if you wish!

Why Choose a Celebrant /for Your Wedding Day

Now we're obviously going to be in favour of these, it's what we do! So today we take a look at some real-life couple advice from some of the ceremonies that our wonderful Celebrants have led. They give us their reasons why they chose a Celebrant led wedding day!

Why Choose a Celebrant /for Your Wedding Day

We wanted the ability and flexibility to be able to blend traditions from all walks of our families' respective lives


Beliz and Chris chose India from India Bel Ceremonies for their Celebrant led wedding. Here's what they had to say...


"When my partner and I were planning a Celebrant led wedding was essential for us. We come from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds including Asian and Turkish, Jewish and Scottish, Catholic and Muslim. As we began doing our research and speaking with Celebrants, it became clear to us that a humanist wedding, though a lovely idea, just wasn’t suitable for us.


We wanted the ability and flexibility to be able to blend traditions from all walks of our families' respective lives including colour schematics (red as a symbol of good luck in both Turkey and Asia), symbolism (exchanging of rings Christianity and Catholicism, smashing of the glass - Judaism, and the tying of the knot - Celtic).


"We went for a Celebrant led wedding with India Bel Ceremonies which meant we were able to incorporate all of the above and more, as well as exchange personal vows. It was very very important and meant a lot to us and our families that we were able to do this. It would be my wish going forward that everyone can have the flexibility to celebrate the beauty of multicultural and multi-religious weddings here in England and across the rest of the U.K. This is because our reasoning for a Celebrant led wedding wasn’t to avoid any religious connotations in our wedding, but more to be able to create a fusion that respected all our families"

Why Choose a Celebrant /for Your Wedding Day

We wanted a wedding ceremony that represented who we were.

Aarthi and her partner chose Sonal from Sonal Dave for their Celebrant led wedding. Aarti says...

"The reason we went for an independent Celebrant led wedding was that we wanted a wedding ceremony that represented who we were. At the time, the options were a registrar (where the ceremony would have to be entirely secular with no cultural bits) or a humanist Celebrant (the ceremony did not fit it for us) or a priest (too religious for 2 people who were agnostic).


We wanted someone who could help us join the cultural elements we wanted in the ceremony while still keeping the ceremony close to who we were as a couple. An independent celebrant like Sonal did that really well and our guests were amazed that such a ceremony could exist!"

Why Choose a Celebrant /for Your Wedding Day

If you’d like to know more about our Celebrants and a Celebrant led weddings you can find them here, or if you are looking for more ceremony advice then please visit our wedding guides!


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