Celebrate the Celebrant! An interview with Steph


The Celebrant Directory has grown to be a hub for those seeking a unique and personal celebration and now has a thriving community for over 500 celebrants from across the globe and we want to celebrate the wonderful work our celebrants do!

Without further ado, I'd love to introduce the incredible Steph May who runs 'Splendid Ceremonies by Steph'


Check out our interview with Steph below:

Name: Steph May

Business Name: Splendid Ceremonies By Steph

How can our customers get in touch with you? Via email: steph@splendidceremonies.co.uk

Website: www.splendidceremonies.co.uk

Where Are You Based: Ascot, Berkshire

Type of Celebrant: Wedding Celebrant

What is your ceremony style?

My style is founded on a fondness of the traditional elements with a focus on everyone feeling included, welcome and comfortable. I want to create those “wow” moments and have the celebrations start when your guests arrive.

Who is your typical couple?

Family-focused, proud of their journey to this point and focused on a wedding that is unforgettable for all.

What are you most proud of so far?

Completing my training with my mentor saying she couldn't be prouder or more excited.

Guiding a nervous bride through the process and then after the wedding, she tried to thank me and not being able to speak she whispered to me “I couldn't have done it without you!”

What is your favourite ceremony that you have performed?

It has to be a ceremony where the bride and groom were both in the police. We started the ceremony as if it was a police briefing and the guests were caught by surprise and they all started laughing. I was only covering the welcome but the groom was giggling away his nerves and the bride who had not entered yet said she could hear the laughter and it instantly put her at ease.

What is your favourite venue or kind of venue and why?

For me, a venue has to be all about the wedding guests being comfortable. Space is key. In terms of a ceremony space, I’m a big fan of a wide aisle and an amazing backdrop; either a view or a frame such as a doorway. I have weddings booked at big London hotels, RHS gardens and beautiful barns. I always encourage my couples to find their venue and then be creative - don't just go with the venue's normal ceremony space. Let's explore!

What are the best things about being a celebrant?

The sharing, the happiness and the love. I am yet to find a downside. I love meeting couples, hearing their stories and then guiding them through the wedding process. When the wedding finally comes around I love seeing them shine and their guests glowing with pride as they share and celebrate the couple's love.  Another tiny moment I love and always try to capture is when the couple has walked back down the aisle and the guests turn back to each other and smile - they truly know they have witnessed a very special moment - a new family starting.


What is your favourite reading for…

A Wedding: I’ll be there for you - Louise Cuddon

A Naming Ceremony: Two - Chitty chitty bang bang (also great for Second time around weddings)

Your Advice:

What is your advice to couples planning a Celebrant-led wedding?

The “Early planning chat” is vital. I have created a full guide on this but it mainly covers you and your partner sitting down and chatting about your vision and points of reference when it comes to a wedding of any kind. What do you know about weddings, what do you like or dislike about weddings, why is getting married important to you and what is your story so far? This chat can so easily be forgotten in the excitement of sharing and engagement but it will lay down the starting point for all your wedding planning decisions before outside elements get involved.

What is your essential element to add to a Celebrant-led wedding?

Your personality and your guests.

No two weddings will ever be the same but you can be sure that your wedding is not the first one most of your guests have been to. Hosting a wedding and attending a wedding should be a unique experience and the way to ensure that is to be true to your vision and create an atmosphere where everyone is comfortable. Inclusion is key and it's easier than most people think particularly with a celebrant-led wedding.

Where can you follow the incredible Steph? Her social links are below!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/splendid.ceremonies.by.steph/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/splendidceremoniesbysteph

Thanks so much for reading Steph's interview - we're so excited that she's a part of our Directory.

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