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Search US Independent Celebrants: Find your perfect match for Wedding, Funeral & Naming ceremonies

Forget the cookie-cutter ceremonies! Dive into the largest pool of independent Celebrants across the United States and discover your perfect match for Wedding, Funeral, and Naming days.

You’ll find more than just officiants here – you’ll find passionate storytellers, compassionate guides, and creative collaborators ready to weave your unique story into a ceremony as unforgettable as it is you.

Our directory connects you with Celebrants across the States, from Maine to Miami, California to Texas, and everywhere in between.

Start your search and plan your dream ceremony, woven with your hopes, dreams, and anything else that makes your story yours. Find a US Celebrant near you

Personalized Ceremonies for Weddings, Funerals, & Naming Days (US-wide)

Forget cookie-cutter ceremonies! Our Celebrants are memory alchemists, transforming life’s milestones into vibrant gatherings as unique as your soul. Whether you’re saying “I do” beneath a sun-kissed California sky, welcoming a new life with whispered blessings in a cozy cabin, or bidding farewell with laughter and tears in a rustic barn, these storytellers hold the key to a ceremony as authentic as you are.

Wedding Celebrants: Ditch the stuffy scripts and generic vows! Picture your love story woven into a breathtaking tapestry of poetry, laughter, and shared dreams. Imagine vows exchanged beneath ancient redwoods, handfasting ceremonies by flickering campfire light, or an interfaith celebration blending your family’s cherished traditions. Your Wedding Celebrant is your guide, painting your love story onto the canvas of your wedding day.

Naming Celebrants: Skip the generic greetings and hello kitty cake! Embrace wonder with a ceremony brimming with family lore and childhood whispers. These wordweavers craft rituals infused with tradition, blessings carried on the breeze, and personalized touches that paint a vibrant future for your little one. Your Celebrant is the thread, weaving your family’s story into a masterpiece that will be cherished for generations.

Funeral Celebrants: Leave impersonal platitudes behind! Picture navigating loss with a compassionate guide who sculpts a tribute to your loved one’s unique spirit. Think laughter woven with tears, heartfelt stories spoken from the heart, or vibrant celebrations reflecting cherished memories. Your Celebrant is the chisel, crafting a ceremony that leaves you with peace and a heart full of stories.

So, break free from the expected. Discover the magic of an independent Celebrant and unlock a ceremony that resonates with your soul.

Why Choose a US Celebrant?

Independent Celebrants can help couples and families create a ceremony that reflects their personal values, beliefs, and personalities.

  • They aren’t bound by any tradition or specific formats, so they can include special traditions or rituals that are important to you.
  • A Celebrant can guide you through ceremony proceedings and ensure everything goes smoothly.
  • Celebrant-led ceremonies are an option for couples who want a secular or non-religious ceremony.
  • They’re a great choice for weddings held in non-religious venues.
  • They offer personalized and unique ceremonies that truly reflect your story.

Discover Independent Celebrants Across the US

The Celebrant Directory is one of the largest directories of Independent Celebrants worldwide. You can search for Celebrants by US state, so whether you’re in California, Texas, New York, or anywhere in between, you’ll find a Celebrant near you:

Find Compassionate Funeral Celebrants:

Navigating loss? Find US Celebrants with a heart to craft personal tributes. Honor your loved one with a meaningful ceremony woven with memories and love. Search for Independent Funeral Celebrants by state:

Celebrate New Arrivals with Naming Celebrants:

Embrace wonder with our vibrant US naming celebrants! Craft a joyous, personalized ceremony bursting with blessings and traditions as you welcome your newest family member.

Finding Your Perfect Celebrant in the States:

Choosing your US Celebrant shouldn’t feel like navigating a maze. Our directory unveils a vibrant map, guiding you straight to your perfect match.

Browse Celebrant profiles filled with personalities as diverse as the American landscape itself. Explore styles ranging from the soulfully spiritual to the playfully whimsical, finding a storyteller who speaks your language, whether it’s whispered vows on a windswept Maine beach or raucous laughter in a picturesque Texas dance hall.

Whether you crave a modern ceremony under neon city lights, a traditional exchange amidst rolling hills, or a deeply spiritual gathering infused with ancestral wisdom, your perfect Celebrant awaits. Read their stories, feel their passion, and let the whispers of your heart guide you. Don’t settle for generic – embrace the boundless possibilities and find the Celebrant who will elevate your special day into a masterpiece of memory, a testament to your unique journey, and a celebration that resonates with every beat of your heart.

Read heartfelt testimonials, feel the passion in their words, and let their stories resonate with your own. We make it easy to connect, with filters for location, ceremony type. Find your perfect US Celebrant today.

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