5 Considerations When You Have Deaf Or Hard Of Hearing Wedding Guests


Making everyone feel included and comfortable on your wedding day is no doubt going to be high on your priority list. If you have hard of hearing or deaf wedding guests attending your wedding it's important to find out their needs to make sure they have the full experience of your beautiful wedding day! Here are some of our top considerations to make when accommodating your hard of hearing or deaf wedding guests.

Accommodating Deaf Wedding Guests

What needs does your deaf wedding guest have?

All deaf and hard of hearing people will have different needs. They may be profoundly deaf or hard of hearing. Your deaf guest(s) will be the person that knows their needs the best so initially, have a conversation with them and find out what they need to be able to enjoy your day to the fullest!


Do they need a BSL Interpreter?

If your guest is fluent in British Sign Language then they may want a BSL interpreter present. If they do find out when they require one. Do they only need them at certain points throughout the day like the ceremony and speeches or would they like them to stay all day? If they have recommended or preferred a BSL interpreter then find out this information from them too. It is also worth speaking to your Celebrant about this as they may well know someone who can help.


Accommodating Deaf Wedding Guests

Where would they like to be seated?

If you have a BSL Interpreter then you will need to seat them close by. If they don't or are not fully deaf and are relying on lip-reading then they may need to be closer to the front or in a sightline to the person/people that are talking. Bear this in mind when it comes to the ceremony and wedding breakfast for the speeches. Let your Celebrant know who it is so they can make sure they can easily see them throughout the ceremony.


Would they prefer written aids instead? 

The most important parts of the wedding day are pre-written so you can provide as many written aids as possible. The vows and readings of the ceremony and even the speeches! If this has been pre-written and it generally is would they like a copy of it to read alongside the speeches and toast. Your Celebrant will be able to help with this.


Make your venue and wedding suppliers aware

Making your on the day wedding suppliers and venue aware that you have a deaf guest(s) will mean that they can prepare if they need to. Your venue may have suggestions or plans to put in place that you have not thought of. Every little helps when it comes to accommodating your deaf wedding guests.


While this blog is focused on weddings, the same is relevant for funerals or other Celebrant led ceremonies. Speak to them in advance, as they will be more than happy to help you with this.

Accommodating Deaf Wedding Guests

If you found this advice on accommodating deaf wedding guests useful, we have lots more useful content over on our ideas and inspiration blog, you can find it here. If you are still looking for a Celebrant for your wedding then browse our wonderful suppliers!

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