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My own faith is deepy spiritual so if something of that nature resonates with you, I will happily incorporate that, if that is what you are wanting for your service.


Coffin Club. The Soul Midwives School. Academy of Modern Celebrancy

Hi, I'm Katie

As a Soul Midwife and Funeral Celebrant, supporting all faiths and none, not only do I know and understand this world of death and dying, I appreciate and understand what you are going through.

I can support people in aiming for a gentle, dignified dying journey, a peaceful, personal death and then in creating a heartfelt, personal, connected farewell service. These ceremonies should, and will be, authentic, meaningful and done with nothing but love. And exactly as YOU want and need them to be.

Feel free to click my Facebook and Instagram links at the bottom of this page (on the right of the contact/enquiry form) to get a real feel for the work I do.

What's my ceremony style?

My voice is my superpower! I am a warm, compassionate soul who loves cake and loves to talk.

I work on ensuring my energy is as light and love filled as it can be, and on being as connected as I am able, to really ‘be’ with people when they need it most. I have a way with words, I speak from the heart in everything I do and have a deep intuitive calling for this work. I speak with true passion and experience. I pride myself on my openness and honesty that I can offer with love and positive intention. I can listen deeply, communicate freely, appreciate and respect your own unique journey and can conduct the ceremony that you and your loved ones need, want and deserve.

I am also a COFFIN CLUB CELEBRANT PLUS Celebrant ⭐️

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Why choose Katie?

I have a deep level of understanding and connection to this world of death and dying that not many other celebrants will; having sat with the dying for many years in palliative care and as a Soul Midwife. I empower and support choice in everything I do

Now being able to expertly and authentically host a funeral, compliments the journey. My heart and Soul are committed to this end of life work and I truly believe everyone should have the unique, human and heartfelt send off they want, need and deserve.

Funerals are a gift to those left behind, and how they are conducted makes all the difference to our onwards journey with grief. They should be personal, reflect someones character and do them justice, in every way possible.

What do I offer?

Unfortunately Katie Costello – Soul Midwife and Funeral Celebrant is not available for weddings.

Unfortunately Katie Costello – Soul Midwife and Funeral Celebrant is not available for Naming Ceremonies.

Unfortunately Katie Costello – Soul Midwife and Funeral Celebrant is not available for Renewal of Vows



I support souls, and those who love them, before, during, and after death.

I am a Soul Midwife. We are non-medical, holistic companions to the dying and can facilitate a gentle and peaceful death. Soul Midwives draw on ancient skills and traditions, apply and adapt them to modern day life, and death, and treat dying as a rite of passage and a precious, sacred journey.

Working with all ages, races, cultures and faiths. It is about the soul, not just the human.

I am a Funeral Celebrant. After supporting that souls transition through death, I can support and honour them after. I support families to create bespoke services and celebrations, that honour the person for everything that that they were in this life. I promote choice, explore options and will do things as traditionally, or as uniquely as you wish.

I work with anybody that’s wants, and needs, that type of service and support. Isn’t that all of us?

I offer a bespoke and heartfelt script writing service for your loved ones final farewell. To do that, we talk and you have the space to share stories about the person you are representing.

I offer people the chance to be heard. I allow time and space to really get to the ‘know’ the person that has died and make sure I can then shine a light on their true characteristics, personality and tell their stories from the heart.

If required and requested, I can offer more help and support in organising the whole service by liaising with other supplies and working more closely with funeral directors/venues etc. Please do just ask and we can journey through it together. I understand and know this world very well.

I have conducted all types of services, long/short, cremation/burial, wakes in pubs, homes, hotels, and more, even a home burial!

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Why choose Katie for your funeral?

Because quite simply, I get it. ​ And I want to help make your service everything you want and need it to be. You have so many choices.

I have worked around death and dying for nearly 10 years in palliative and hospice care, in the community and a 1:1 companion as a Soul Midwife.

I am an honest, authentic, soul who has the ability to connect and understand you in a way not many other celebrants can. The funeral you organise is more than just a formality, it is something you will always remember, something special you want to gift to your family and most importantly, it is the poignant moment you remember. I can make that an open, genuine affair, with heart and soul. Not only can I do that clearly and eloquently, but also with passion and personality. I can deliver you a heartfelt, human and connected service that supports you and those you care about.


Reviews for Katie Costello – Soul Midwife and Funeral Celebrant

Total Reviews: 9

Average Rating: 5

reviews (9)


Helped us honour a loved one

5 Stars
Rachael Edwards

Funeral | 05/14/2022 | Southampton

We lost a loved one unexpectedly who didn’t want a lot of fuss. We had a vague idea of what we wanted but we’re admittedly fumbling around in the dark. We spotted Katie on the Celebrant Directory and the fact she specialised in funerals immediately drew us in to her.
From the moment we sent that first email, we knew we’d made the right choice. We were apprehensive about not having anything to talk about or wouldn’t be able to describe our loved one well enough, when we scheduled that first phone call… but from the very start Katie put us at ease. She has this magic about her that when she asks questions, it doesn’t feel like an interrogation or forced in any way. She managed to capture the character of our loved one in most perfect of ways.
From the emails checking in with us leading up to the big day… to her presence and support, Katie put the sunshine in the whole process. She helped us honour our loved one in a way that was special to us.
At no point was this just a job for her, this is her calling and she’s terrific at it. Her comfort and kind words made us feel like we’d gained a friend, and that is priceless.
Thank you so much Katie, words will never be enough to describe everything you did for us xx


A great celebration of Uncle Bills life

5 Stars
Mrs C

Funeral | 03/11/2022 | Worthing

Katie was just brilliant on our day. She truly cared about all of us there and I felt my Uncle Bill had the best service possible as we all celebrated his life as he was an exceptional man. Katie took us all on a journey of his life from a young man up to when he passed away, reliving so many precious memories. Our Uncle Bill always had a smile on his face and we thank you Katie for reminding us all and giving him a great send off. Katie.’s compassion and caring really shines through.


A lovely experience

5 Stars
Mr P.M

Funeral | 06/05/2022 | Worthing

Katie is a very special kind of person, recently a friend of mine passed, and I was unable to attend the funeral. I had been sent a link to watch it online from his wife.
The ceremony was beautiful. Katie had taken time to speak to people close to J. It was incredibly personal and a true celebration of his life. It was delivered beautifully, I could tell instantly that Katie really cares about what she does. I will always miss my friend but so glad that the last memory I have with him was a perfect send off. Being able to watch it in my own time was a lovely experience and I felt like I was there and didn’t miss a thing.

Since the funeral I was able to visit my friends wife and we chatted about how lovely the ceremony was, she had nothing but praise for Katie and described her as friend. This would have made my friend, J, so happy.

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