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Hi, I'm Judy

So you want a ceremony? Now you’re talking!
We all deserve a unique celebration that reflects our personal values and aspirations. I want you to have a ceremony that you will cherish and remember. Whatever your ceremony; laughter, smiles and tears are all important.
Your ceremony will be individually and beautifully written so that, on the day, your ideas become real and meaningful. It will be truly magical and personal to you.
Everything I do is about you, for you and with you.

What's my ceremony style?

My passion is in creating relaxed, fun-filled and informal ceremonies and my celebrant style is individual, inclusive, quirky and relaxed.
Ritual is incredibly important in our lives, especially when experiencing a rite of passage. To have a great day you don’t need to spend a fortune and there are some incredible ideas out there. I love a hand fasting ceremony, with family and friends participating or have you thought about some of the other lovely spiritual elements that you can weave into your day?
Whatever your ceremony, my role is to work with you to write a script that you will love, saying what is meaningful to you and is uplifting on the day. Each service is special, unique and true to your beliefs and wishes.

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Why choose Judy?

Moonstone is the symbol of love and creativity and gives us the power of intuition. It guides our hearts to light and love…

I love working with my clients to develop, write and deliver ceremonies. I am an instinctive storyteller with a nose for the unconventional! I give whatever time each client needs so there is no set formula.
During my career I have supported people throughout their life journeys. I love using that skill-set in my work as a Celebrant. It’s my role to listen to your wishes and create a ceremony that you will enjoy, cherish and remember. It will be truly personal to you.

What do I offer?

Name change wedding


My passion is in creating relaxed and informal weddings. I especially love working with second-time around couples who just want to enjoy their day their way with people they love supporting and surrounding them. I want you to have a special day to remember for all the right reasons!
Couples who have a beautiful love story, who have gone through thick and thin together or want to share their love with their guests are my kind of clients.
More often now, couples just want an elopement or a small and intimate wedding. Your ceremony can be just as meaningful and memorable – what an adventure!

Moonstone is the gem of romance and passion. It is the ancient token of undying love…

My couples are adventurous, fun, creative and are often deeply spiritual. That’s why I offer a wide range of hand-tying and hand-fasting rituals. As a Shaman, I can create sacred space for a beautifully spiritual ceremony. Perhaps add a Quaich as a part of your package.
You don’t want something quite like that? I have lots of ideas to make your wedding ceremony just perfect for you.
Your perfect day!

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Why choose Judy for your wedding?

I just love working with couples!
No audience is too large or too small and I enjoy making them work for their invitation – guest participation is one of my specialties. I am fun, quirky, thoughtful and I get things done the way you want. My role in life has been to facilitate, support and help people to be confident in what they do. and as a celebrant I use my skills to create your ceremony, your way.

Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremonies

When somebody comes into your life it’s is worth a celebration! A naming ceremony is a significant and incredibly special event which can occur soon after birth, on adoption or at any time in a young person’s life. It is about welcoming a person to your family or friendship circle and accepting them for being themselves at any time in their life. Sometimes we recognise that we are not the person who was named originally, so it’s a time to show that special love and commitment we have for them.
I love to involve as many people as possible in my ceremonies; siblings might want to draw a picture or make something and on the day might wish to make a promise. Teens might want a themed ceremony to mark their identity and adults may want to reflect on their past and welcome in their new name with people who have helped and supported them on their journey.

Moonstone is a guiding mother figure and has gentle nurturing and fierce protective properties…

A naming ceremony can have a very different role and meaning to the traditional Christening service, and includes ritual meaningful to you in a place that is special to you in a style that works for you.
The ceremony can include spiritual elements; promises by parents, ‘Mentors’, ‘Protectors’, ‘Guides’ or ‘Supporters’, readings and music. You might want to share the significance of a name and why it was chosen.
Some beautiful symbolic elements can include lighting candles to represent people no longer with us, a promises box, planting a tree or a time capsule. I have so many more ideas to share with you.
The beauty of naming ceremonies is that they are so informal! They can take place anywhere – I love the idea of a ‘pop up’ naming ceremony in the middle of woodland or by the sea. The choice is yours!

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Why choose Judy for your naming ceremony?

I am inclusive and my ceremonies are fun, relaxed, quirky and unique. They are never boring!
I always work with you, enjoy being innovative and never impose my ideas on you. I want you to be relaxed on the day and leave it to me to make your ceremony one to remember.


Renewal of Vows

Whatever significant event is happening in your life, you may want to celebrate it in style. A renewal of vows might be the romantic ceremony you really wanted when you originally married, or you may wish to reaffirm your original promises. Whatever your reasons to renew your vows, it is a unique and very special occasion.
Maybe you have gone through difficult times together and you want everyone you cherish to be present as you renew your deep, lasting and loving commitment to each other.
The beauty of renewing your vows is that you can include children, family and friends (and pets of course!) as supporters, to give readings and celebrate your lives together.

Moonstone is the symbol of love and creativity and gives us the power of intuition. It guides our hearts to light and love…

So often in our busy lives we forget the need for ritual in marking meaningful moments. I love vow renewals as they are such fun, are full of memories and usually incredibly informal. I just go with the flow…
It may be an uplifting and joyous occasion which may be tinged with sadness that your time together is going to be cut short. I have many years’ experience as a Nurse Practitioner and I am used to being with and helping people who have received devastating news.
If you would like spiritual elements in your renewal, I will include them. There are so many choices!

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Why choose Judy for your renewal of vows?

It’s all about you so your ceremony will be your style, not mine. So I’ll want to know your likes, loves, passions, sense of humour and experiences in life (Okay so I’m nosey!). The more I know about you the more I can create a meaningful vow renewal that is unique to your personalities.
Whatever the reasons you have to renew your vows; however and whenever, I can write and deliver the ceremony that you desire. If you want, I can act as Mistress of Ceremonies – your choice. My style is informal, quirky, fun and sublimely full of love – oh, and I can be a bit soppy too.



My life’s journey thus far has been full and varied. I trained as a funeral celebrant so that I could utilise my skills and experience to support people in bereavement.
Whatever type of service and wherever you want to hold the service, I can help. I have an amazing relationship with local funeral professionals and they know that I work empathetically with clients.
If you want a celebration of life that is unique, I have officiated at beautiful Pagan and Shamanic funerals (although I’m not a Pagan Priestess); also funeral services outdoors, by lakes and in woodland as well as in traditional crematoria and burial grounds.
My top tip? Contact your celebrant before you contact an undertaker if you want a celebration of life that matches the personality of your loved one and meets your high expectations.

Moonstone will give comfort and guidance showing you all the possibilities open to you…

A funeral ceremony can take place almost anywhere; woodland, a field, your garden, village hall, a barn usually used as a wedding venue, a crematorium, or outdoors in a tree circle at dusk with fairy lights and torches. Eco funerals at natural burial sites are a lovely option and are becoming more popular. I have lots of ideas to help you!
Many people are requesting a direct or simple cremation. They then plan a memorial celebration of life when more people can get together at a later date. I can write the memorial service for you and act as Master of Ceremonies. The choices are endless; a hotel with a relaxed afternoon tea might suit some, whereas a picnic by a river or even an evening ceremony with an ‘Ashes in Fireworks’ display might be right for other people.
The choice is yours.

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Why choose Judy for your funeral?

I have many years’ experience in public speaking; no audience is too large or too small. I am fun, quirky, thoughtful and love working with people. My role in life has been to facilitate, support and help people to be confident in what they do.
As a Celebrant I have a wealth of knowledge at my fingertips and I create ceremonies that are a true celebration of life and that honours the deceased person. I have my own style of ceremony and the result is unique and beautiful. I work with my clients very closely and the result is often a mix of tears, smiles, laughter, reminiscence and reflection.


Reviews for Moonstone Ceremonies

Total Reviews: 10

Average Rating: 5

reviews (10)


Jane Goldsmith

5 Stars
Richard Coleby

Funeral | 02/10/2024 | St Faith's crematorium

I cannot adequately express my gratitude to Judy for the way she both constructed and conducted the funeral service for my sister.
Like many, I suspect, I approached this with some trepidation but from just one Zoom meeting Judy produced a form of service that perfectly acknowledged my sister’s life and interests.
My heartfelt thanks Judy from myself, my family and all the attendees.


Simply Wonderful

5 Stars
Gareth Joel

Funeral | 01/26/2024 | Greenacres Colney Memorial Park

Judy was an amazing celebrant in the most difficult of circumstances. My wife passed away just after Christmas and with two young boys, it was always going to be difficult to set the right tone. We wanted the service to be both celebratory but reflective; Judy conducted the service with aplomb and a warmth that everyone commented on. Prior to the actual service, Judy’s attention to detail and thoughtfulness made everything so much easier. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


A true reflection of Mum. Just Beautiful!

5 Stars
Matt Morris

Funeral | 08/29/2023 | GreenAcres, Conley Wood, Norwich

Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You made Mum’s day so very special. You brought her achievements and conquests to life in a way she would have been proud of. You were sensitive, loving and funny where it was appropriate. You led the service with dignity, joy and love. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Your words were spot on and you described Mum perfectly. You guided us through a day we were expecting to be awful, but turned out to be joyful. It was truly beautiful. It was truly Mum.

I would thoroughly recommend Judy for any event. She took the time to work with us as a family and to get to know our Mum through our stories, memories and her achievements. Excellent and honest communication. Just what we needed in our time of grief.

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