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Outdoor Ceremonies, Handtying and Unity Ceremonies, Smudging Ceremonies and First Dance Choreographer!


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Hi, I'm Tracy

Hi! I’m so happy that you’re looking for a Celebrant! It’s my absolute passion to create gorgeously bespoke ceremonies full of meaningful moments and just that little bit of magic, for Weddings, Renewal of Vows, Naming days and Funerals. If you’re looking for someone who will really take time to get to know you, and listen to your hopes and dreams for your celebration, (no matter how crazy they are), then I couldn’t be happier to help you. I’ve traveled the world as a performer and just LOVE meeting people. I adore bringing not only couples together in ceremonies, but their families too, so if you’d like to include children and parents in your wedding, let’s do it! I’ll also be that smiling face, bringing reassurance, to calm those on the day nerves! Although I live in Hull, I spend lots of time in the Algarve Portugal, so if a destination wedding is on your mind, then I’m your girl!

What's my ceremony style?

I’m a free spirit which is why I chose the name Boho Ceremonies. So be free to choose whatever style of ceremony you’d like, and have it in a place that is special to you. I love outdoor Weddings in nature. I love Vow Renewals in rustic barns. I love Naming Ceremonies in gardens, and wild elopements outside under the stars at midnight! Whatever you’re dreaming about, let’s bring it into reality!

I also find it such a privilege to write and deliver Celebration Of Life Funerals and Memorials that allow for laughter as well as tears, to honour your loved one and the life they led, in an authentic but uplifting way.

Oh, one more thing about me…after years of being a professional dancer and then a dance teacher, I can also choreograph your first dance to leave your guests in awe!!!

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Why choose Tracy?

I love diversity! No matter what your background, your age, or your beliefs, I’d love to tell your story! Every couple, every child, and every life lived, is unique, and therefore, every ceremony should be too.

Together, we’ll bring out the true essence of you and whatever is in your heart, to craft a ceremony that will keep your guests fully in the moment, laughing one minute, and reaching for the tissues the next.

I will treat you as I would one of my family, because your happiness means the world to me!

What do I offer?



You’re getting married! Congratulations!! The chances are, that if you are here reading this, you’re a little like me, always on the lookout for something more meaningful in life, and what could be more meaningful than your wedding ceremony! Let’s celebrate your individuality as a couple, and rip up those impersonal scripts. I’m here to make sure your day is all about YOU!

I just love weddings! The emotions that are felt, stay with you for a lifetime, and I feel the ceremony should be just as important as the party afterwards! When I write a script, my aim is to take not only you, but also your guests on a wonderful journey, full of laughter and beautiful moments, where everyone feels part of the celebration, and not just a witness to it. Believe me, they won’t even be thinking of when they can grab a drink from the bar!

With me as your Celebrant, you can be that little bit unconventional, think outside the box, and not be afraid to follow your dreams. On your wedding day, you can still have all the traditional elements, exchange rings, and recite vows and promises, but in your own way.

I also love to include unity ceremonies within your wedding, such as a Hand tying, or a beautiful Sand Blending ceremony that can also include family members or children. As a rainbow of coloured sand layers form, it signifies not only the two of you uniting, but your families too. Simply gorgeous!

If you have any ideas of your own, or you want your dog to walk you down the aisle, then that would also be amazing! And we can chat as often as you need until you’re over the moon with your script, and can’t wait for the big day itself!

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Why choose Tracy for your wedding?

When I sit to write your ceremony, it’s in front of a completely blank screen. I start each one from scratch. Your love story is individual, and so should your wedding be. I’ll follow your lead wherever you’d like to take me, and I’ll make sure that you have as much input in creating your magical day as you want.

So whether your vision of your wedding, is indoors, outdoors, or an intimate elopement with only us three, let’s totally embrace the free spirits that you are, and step into your future together, in your own totally unique way!


Naming Ceremonies

How lovely that you are wanting to have a beautiful Naming Ceremony! It’s such a wonderful way to bring everyone together, to welcome your precious child into the family. You probably spent hours deliberating over the name, so let’s celebrate everything about it and the gorgeous baby it belongs to!

Like all Independent Celebrant led ceremonies, you can hold a Naming Day anywhere you’d like. You might want it to be totally relaxed in your garden, or it could be indoors in a barn or hotel. The choice is yours. I’ve worked with children for over 20 years and I just love the spontaneity of these ceremonies, as you never know exactly what is going to happen, or how baby or older children will be on the day. One thing is for sure, there will always lots of laughter, and heaps of love!

Guideparents, Mentors or Fairy Godparents can all still be chosen to make promises to be a guiding light for your child, and of course, more importantly, a baby sitter for you! I also encourage Grandparents to be involved to make their own pledges, which can be such an emotional but beautiful moment.

It doesn’t just have to be babies either. If you decided against a traditional Christening at the time, but now wish you’d done something to mark your amazing new arrival, then that’s no problem at all. I can adapt to whatever you want. A child’s life should always be celebrated, no matter what age.

I also create Adoption Day Celebrations, Transition Ceremonies, and Coming of Age Parties such as Sweet 16. You can never get these magical moments back, so let’s go ahead and create some wonderful memories…

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Why choose Tracy for your naming ceremony?

As with every ceremony I write, it will be completely unique and written from scratch. It will tell your child’s personal story and reflect everything about them.

We could include a tree planting ceremony or everyone blowing bubbles full of wishes. We could make a fingerprint tree from everyone attending, and frame it as a memento. How about creating a time capsule, where all your guests bring something to place in a memory box for your child to open when they are older. One thing I can promise, is that it will be a truly magical day!


Renewal of Vows

How amazing that you’re going to renew your vows!

Vow Renewal Ceremonies are incredibly special. They are confirmation that you were definitely meant to be with each other. True soul mates who are partners for life, as well as partners in crime!
Maybe you didn’t have the wedding of your dreams the first time, so would like to do it all over again with that personal ceremony you always wanted. Maybe you have been through some incredibly tough times, and you want to celebrate that you both made it to the other side… together. Or maybe, you are both older, wiser, but are still as young at heart as you ever were. Still those two teenagers in love, and you want to share that with your children and grandchildren. Whatever your reason, just do it!

You can have all the elements you had when you first said “I DO”, plus so much more. I absolutely love getting to know you both and hearing all about your journey together throughout your marriage, so that I can craft the perfect ceremony for you completely from scratch. I’m sure there’ll be some fantastic stories to tell! Your script will be unique, in the same way that your relationship is.

You can include a symbolic element such as a Handfasting, a Unity Candle Ceremony or a Rose Ceremony. It’s always so moving to have a family member or friend say a few words, or to read a poem. If you want to recreate anything from your original wedding, that would be amazing too, or even wear the same dress!

Now all you have to do, is to decide where you want this gorgeous celebration to take place!

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Why choose Tracy for your renewal of vows?

There is nothing I like more than a love story that has stood the test of time throughout all of life’s ups and downs. It would be an absolute honour for me to write and tell your incredible adventure, so that you can show those that mean the world to you, that you still mean the world to each other.



As we are moving away more and more from traditions, so are end of life ceremonies. I prefer to look upon the funerals and memorials I write, as a celebration of life. Yes there will most certainly be tears and heightened emotion, but also a little laughter too as we share stories from the heart and memories spanning a lifetime. I’m here to help you celebrate the life of the wonderful person that is now only a thought away, and that will live on in your heart eternally.

If they liked bright colours, then there’s no need to wear black. If they liked rock music, we can blast that out too. The thing that matters to me most, is that I create a ceremony that completely represents your loved one, and that will be inclusive of all those that were closest to them.

Being asked to take a funeral is an absolute honour and a very humbling experience, and I feel that everyone should have the choice of what kind of final farewell they have.
With an Independent Celebrant, you can still include hymns and prayers if you wish, or you can keep it free of all religion. It is completely up to you.

As well as funerals, I also offer Celebration Of Life Memorial Ceremonies which can be held whenever and wherever you’d like. A sunset bonfire where we all raise a glass, or a favourite spot they liked to visit. It could be as you scatter their ashes, or it can be months or even years later, when you feel ready think of them with a smile. Let’s celebrate everything about them that lives on through you.

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Why choose Tracy for your funeral?

I know that talking about someone you cared for, so soon after losing them, is extremely difficult, so I will always take things at your pace. You can read through the service and amend anything you wish. If you have written a few words that you would like to read on the day, but feel too overwhelmed when it comes to it, I’ll read them on your behalf. I want you to know that I’ll do everything I possibly can to help you get through this, so we can authentically celebrate the person that has truly shaped who you are.


Reviews for Boho Ceremonies

Total Reviews: 15

Average Rating: 5

reviews (15)


The BEST celebrant!

5 Stars

Wedding | 08/19/2023 | Sheffield

Tracy made our ceremony so special and helped create such a memorable day. She spent time getting to know us before to write the perfect script. It was so personal to us and she managed to capture the fun and laid back style we wanted. We had so many people tell us how much they enjoyed the ceremony and how it was so different to what they had seen before. It was all perfect and I’d highly recommend Tracy!


Magical Day

5 Stars

Wedding | 03/25/2023 | Thornton Hall

Tracy captured exactly who we are as a couple everyone laughed and cried. The best decision we ever made was not only picking a celebrant, but picking Tracy to do the job! Everyone has complimented on how amazing and different the ceremony was. It really made the whole day magical.


Just wow!

5 Stars
Kelly Burton (Emptage)

Wedding | 09/09/2023 | Elsham Hall

How do I even put into words how wonderful Tracy is. Anyone thinking about having a celebrant for your wedding (or baby naming etc) just do it! You will not regret it! From our first lockdown zoom call we knew she was the one for us, she is so down to earth and completely got the vibe we wanted for our big day. Tracy took the time to get to know us over the 2 years from that first meeting. The ceremony was perfect so much humour through it as well as the touching moments. Tracy also helped us to bring in our gift giving for our children as part of our ceremony including them in the hand fasting as it wasn’t just a wedding it was about joining our two families together. Everyone loved the ceremony and commented about how different and special it was. Afterwards Tracy blended with our guests and everyone commented about how lovely she is. We will never hesitate to champion celebrants xx

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