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Hi, I'm Stuart

Hello, thank you for taking the read my profile. My name is Stuart, and I’m from the northwest of England, specifically Wigan. I began working in Social Care in 1996, during which time, I have had the privilege to have been involved in the lives of many hundreds of children and their families, both during difficult and challenging times, but also during times of celebration and joy.

Throughout those years, I have witnessed the strength, determination, and fortitude of humanity to overcome adversity. I am therefore skilled and experienced in working with people, often at those most important times in their lives.

I am a celebrant that would lead your wedding or vow renewal ceremony; the celebration of life/funeral of a loved one, or a naming ceremony for someone special in your family with sensitivity, compassion, humour (if appropriate) and deliver a ceremony which is unique and bespoke.

What's my ceremony style?

I am at heart a people person and value the individuality and uniqueness of everyone. I value and cherish the opportunity to work with people, whatever the circumstances are that brings me into their lives. Whether you choose me to be involved in weddings, funerals, or naming ceremonies, I will deliver a professional, bespoke ceremony, with you or your loved ones at the centre. I may be leading the ceremony, but I am merely the vehicle that takes you, your friends, and your family on a journey, at the end of which, you will reflect on a truly wonderful ceremony filled with love, compassion, and where appropriate, humour.

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Why choose Stuart?

I have been fortunate to have worked with several hundred different families and individuals since 1996, mostly in social care, specifically children’s services. I understand the significance of events in life, whether that is an much-anticipated wedding, or the funeral of a much-loved and cherished family member of friend. I have worked with people from all walks of life and so you can be confident I will be relatable and someone who has the capacity to not just listen, but to carefully hear what you say. I am attentive, reliable, and someone who will deliver on any commitments made.

What do I offer?

Name change wedding


Your wedding day is a time to celebrate your love in the presence of family and friends and it is one of life’s most unique events which brings together two families as they join in your joy and happiness. Increasingly, couples are becoming more empowered in determining what they want on their special day, and rightly so. Thankfully, couples are now taking full control of their wedding day, ensuring they have a day which is unique for them. As an independent celebrant, I will work with you to create the most memorable day, one that neither you nor your friends and family will ever forget.

I specialise in high-end weddings, where opulence and splendour provide the most magical surroundings where you are both front and centre, as naturally one would expect on a wedding day (but don’t worry, I will be right beside you to guide you through the whole ceremony). Whether you have chosen your venue or not, we can work together to plan how your day will look and if you have any special arrangements, we can look to figure out how these can be woven into a ceremony that envelops the true essence of a wedding – love, passion, and a commitment to spending the rest of your lives together.

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Why choose Stuart for your wedding?

I will work closely with you to ensure that I understand every detail of the requirements you have for your special day. We will work collaboratively to consider ideas which will make your wedding stand out as the one everyone talks about for years to come (for all the right reasons of course!) I will guide you through each and every stage of the process and be available to listen, act, and deliver the ceremony of your dreams.

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Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a wonderful way to celebrate the birth of a new baby or to welcome an adopted child or stepchildren into your family and your wider community. Many families are now choosing to hold a naming ceremony to celebrate the child’s arrival, rather than the more traditional options that are rooted in faith-based events. Also remember, that there are no age limits so older children can also be included in the ceremony.

Family and friends are invited to celebrate new life, or to formally welcome a new child into the family and to reflect the role they each will play in the life of your child, with specially selected ones undertaking the role of ‘Guide Parent’ or ‘Supporting Adult’ where they make promises to your child. You may wish to incorporate various symbolic or cultural elements to the ceremony, which are perhaps unique and specific to your family or heritage.

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Why choose Stuart for your naming ceremony?

I have worked with children and young people since 1996, during which time, I have met some incredible kids, and understand and respect that with the right kind of support, love, and nurture, that they can achieve and be amazingly successful. I want to celebrate the uniqueness and special place your child holds in your hearts, and in those of your family members. Of course, this may not be for a newly born child, but children who have joined your family via adoption or through the merging together of two families. If the child is of an age to engage in the process, then I would absolutely ensure their voice, their wishes, and their feelings were reflected in the ceremony.

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Renewal of Vows

Creating an opportunity to celebrate your marriage, vow renewals are especially popular on milestone anniversaries, such as 10, 25, 50, or 60 years, although they can be arranged for any couple at any time during their partnership.

Life and people have changed, as has the world, and who you are now may be a life away from who you were when you first married. Those events which have drawn you even closer over the years and those which have been more difficult to manage, have influenced the couple you are now. It is important for you to be able to acknowledge and revel in your life’s achievements, whatever that may look like for you.

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Why choose Stuart for your renewal of vows?

I want to help you to create a ceremony that brings together all those people who are important in your lives, and allow them an opportunity to celebrate the love you both share with each other and for your friends and family. Whatever the event, life will have thrown happy and more challenging times at you both, which your love for each other has withstood and overcome. I will create a ceremony that brings together, the memories, shared experiences, and love that you have shared.

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Saying goodbye to someone special can be difficult – we have all lost loved ones and so I’m sure we can all truly empathise with the hurt and upset that naturally follows death. Grief is a process and a journey that we all travel on in varying ways. Celebrating the life of a loved one should be a memorable event, where your loved one’s life is captured perfectly.

I lead funerals which place the focus on the deceased person’s Book of Life. However short, or long that life may have been, it is important to celebrate, and recognise that their loss will be felt deeply by those who loved them. I want to work closely with you on creating a ceremony which is unique, bespoke, dignified, and one which reflects your loved one’s character, personality, sense of humour, and most importantly, the pivotal and special place they had in your lives.

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Why choose Stuart for your funeral?

Funerals can be opportunities for both celebration of life, but also of people uniting in their grief. A deceased person’s celebration of life, should be exactly that. I will ensure to work with you and your family in creating a ceremony which is befitting of the person who has died. It can be reflective, humorous, poignant, but most of all, it will be a ceremony that reflects who they were and the footprints they have indelibly left in your life.

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Exceptional feedback from our clients

5 Stars
Hannah Vaughan

Funeral | 02/08/2022 | East Lancashire Crematorium

Stuart is a caring, compassionate and patient celebrant. He has a lovely manner and is able to speak to families in a way which makes them feel at ease. The delivery of his services on the day, is excellent. He speaks clearly and calmly and is creative in his delivery of the eulogy. All of the feedback from the families who have used Stuart’s services has been full of praise and thanks for the wonderful way in which he deals with people. From a professional point of view Stuart is always professional, punctual to services and has great communication, keeping us informed every step of the way from the first meeting with the family to the day of the funeral. We would have no hesitation in recommending Stuart to all of our families.

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