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Hi, I'm Laura

Hi, I’m Laura. Thanks for visiting my page. I setup Unique Ceremonies, Your Way as I feel that you should be able to have a personalised service for whatever you’re celebrating. I’m proud to say that every ceremony I write is completely bespoke to you. I’ll meet with you face to face to find out what you would like within your ceremony.
I offer ceremonies in weddings, vow renewals, funerals, scattering of ashes, and renaming ceremonies. Whatever you’re after, just make sure it’s done, Your Way…

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Why choose Laura?

I am a thoughtful, caring person and an excellent listener. The passion that I have for what I do clearly shows in the ceremonies that I write.
I know I can give you the ceremony that you have always dreamed of. I love to meet people, to learn about their lives and to put everything they love into a service that they will always remember. Whether it’s a wedding, renaming ceremony or a funeral, they all have one thing in common-love. Being a celebrant is all about love and I’m so fortunate that I get to celebrate this and the meaning it has to others, every day.

What do I offer?

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I’m passionate that a wedding should be what you want it to be and not what your friends or family want, which is why I specialise in intimate weddings for up to 50 guests. Having an intimate wedding takes away the stress (okay, maybe not all but a little bit of stress we can deal with); it saves you money which in this current climate, I think we all need; and most importantly, the day is more focused on you. Me and my husband had a very intimate wedding where we had just 4 guests. It really was truly magical.
I have been extremely honoured to have written ceremonies for secret weddings…I’m very good at keeping secrets! If you’re after a wedding that is relaxed, stress free, and a wedding where you simply want to celebrate your love and commitment to one another, I believe I could be the celebrant for you.

I believe that all couples should receive a gold standard service which is exactly why I don’t offer any packages such as bronze, silver and gold. As all of the weddings I offer are for 50 guests and under, I have one package which is £650. There are no hidden costs and includes everything you would like within your ceremony. You could include handfasting-a beautiful celtic tradition, symbolizing the joining together of two people and where the term, ‘tying the knot’ is thought to have come from. Or, ever thought about having a Unity Sand ceremony which symbolises the joining together of two families by filling a vase or keepsake of your choice with sand (sand included in the price but not the vase I’m afraid).
If you are looking for an elopement or a very intimate wedding with only a few guests, please do get in touch as these services can be slightly more budget friendly.

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Why choose Laura for your wedding?

I like to think that not only can I make your day special with my love of writing a beautiful service, I am also a naturally relaxed and calming person. Even with an intimate wedding, there are still nerves and part of my role is to make you feel at ease.
You have to choose the right celebrant for you and to make that decision, meeting for a coffee would be the perfect way to go.
I look forward to meeting with you to talk about your special day.

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Naming Ceremonies

I offer Renaming ceremonies, also known as Transgender naming ceremonies. A person’s name is so important. Your name is what you identify as and what others use to identify you. Just think of a time when you have been called the wrong name. How did you feel? If you don’t identify with your name, things need to change!
Having an official naming ceremony with friends and family is a wonderful and special way of telling people, This Is Me.

As with all of my ceremonies, there are no hidden costs. For £450, you will receive a completely bespoke and personalised service, telling your story, the way you want it told.
We would meet face to face and talk about what you would like to have included, after all, it is your ceremony.

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Why choose Laura for your naming ceremony?

I feel very passionate about Renaming ceremonies. As a baby or child, parents often choose a ceremony to celebrate bringing that child into the world and is a way of recognizing their name. If you have changed your name, then surely this is something to shout about and tell the world who you are.
I will listen to your story and will be there with you every step of the way where together, we can piece together a service that tells people exactly who you are.

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Renewal of Vows

Renewing your vows is a wonderful way of saying ”I still love you and I’m committed to spending the rest of my life with you.”
Whatever your reasons for renewing your vows, it doesn’t always have to be because you’re overcoming something. For example, I’m planning my vow renewals with my husband because I would really like to have a handfasting ceremony. I feel we missed out slightly because we didn’t get the chance to have this at our wedding so, why not have another ceremony, including the bits that we never thought about before?
You may be more financially secure and simply want to celebrate your love for one another with friends and family who may not have had a chance to be at your wedding.
Who says we should only celebrate our love and commitment once? Vow renewals are a perfect chance to have that special day all over again.

As with my wedding services, I do not offer bronze, silver or gold packages as I like to think that all of my ceremonies are of gold standard.
The package I offer is £650 which includes everything, including any handfasting, unity sand ceremonies (vase not included) or anything else that you had in mind.
If you are looking to have a very intimate ceremony with only a few guests, please do get in touch as these can be more budget friendly.

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Why choose Laura for your renewal of vows?

You’re having your big day again so want to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything which you may not have included before.
I’m an excellent listener so will make sure that you get the ceremony you’ve been dreaming of. We can go back and forth as many times as you like in order to create a service that is completely done, Your Way.

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During this difficult time, it is my role to make this period in your life as easy as possible. The last thing you want to be doing is putting together a funeral service and worrying that it’s not going to go to plan. I’m sure you want to be sharing your loved one’s life and celebrating all that they had achieved.
I feel extremely honored to have worked with many families who have shared their loved one’s life with me. I have taken their story and written a service that is meaningful from beginning to end. One of my families told me that I had made such a hard time enjoyable for them because they were able to relive those special moments simply by talking about them.
A service for your loved one is a time for you to say your goodbyes and to have closure which we would work together to achieve.

I have one package which includes a personalised and bespoke service. I would meet with you face to face, learn about your loved one’s life and piece together the service. I can write the eulogy, recommend poems and music if these were something you wanted to include. As with all of my ceremonies, a funeral service can have whatever you want-some choose to have a short service with no poetry or tributes whilst others choose to have hymns, tributes and poetry. It really is up to you and what you think your loved one would have wanted.

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Why choose Laura for your funeral?

Choosing the right celebrant for a funeral service is absolutely crucial. At the moment, I am a stranger to you and you will be sharing your loved one’s story with me which can be rather daunting. I like to think that I meet my families as a stranger but we leave as friends.
I support families in the Medway and Swale area and can also offer services for scattering of ashes.
Please don’t feel nervous about getting in touch. I’m here to listen.

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Reviews for Unique Ceremonies, Your Way

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reviews (1)


Ceremony for My Mum

5 Stars

Funeral | 05/06/2022 | Yorkshire

Laura is an amazing Civil Celebrant! She did a ceremony for my Mum. It was fantastic! Her eulogy had everyone laughing and then tears but then laughter again. I am so happy we chose her.
Laura is a gifted celebrant and if you’re lucky enough to hire her, you will have memories that you shall always remember. They will last a lifetime!
Thanks so much for all your help Laura. You are an amazing listener. Plus, you are brilliant at your job.
We could all tell you love your job as a celebrant. It comes across in your empathy, your writing skills, your public speaking and your unique ceremonies.
Thanks again for making me remember my mum so joyfully! I will never forget your kindness!

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