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Creative outdoor, indoor, seashore & forest weddings. Vow Renewals, Handfasting. Naming Ceremonies, Celebrations of Life, Funerals and Memorials. Gender reveal & Gender choice celebrations. Trained bereavement counsellor and a dementia specialist.


Association of Independent Celebrants (AOIC)

Hi, I'm Lesley-Anne

Amber Celebrancy – West Sussex Celebrancy Services

Every person, every couple, every story and every family is unique.

A bespoke ceremony by Lesley-Anne Lloyd at Amber Celebrancy is completely focussed to that uniqueness and creates a reflection of your love and your life.

Tell me your hopes, thoughts and ideas, and I will turn them into the reality of a beautiful ceremony, exactly how you have imagined it would be.

Whatever ceremony you are considering to arrange, it is an incredibly important day to you, and your family and friends.

Whether it’s a Wedding Ceremony, Renewal of Vows, Naming Ceremony, a Unique Celebration, a Funeral or Memorial, your ceremony will be personal and meaningful to you. Together we will create wonderful memories for you and your loved ones to cherish.

What's my ceremony style?

Every family has a story, in that story are memorable milestones, celebrations, occasions, and important events.

You tell me your stories, you tell me your journey, you share with me your thoughts and feelings and I write and deliver beautiful ceremonies just for you. It is not just words on paper that I deliver but emotion and feelings.

I build ceremonies that reflect your love and life. I write bespoke ceremonies, stories, unique elements and poems for you and your loved ones.

Your ceremony can be a stressful time with planning and not everyone is comfortable choosing the right words or knowing how to use them. I will provide you with a bespoke, unique, and memorable ceremony that you can reflect on in the years to come as I also provide a beautifully presented commemorative copy of your ceremony.

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Why choose Lesley-Anne?

Special celebrations with your families and friends will be remembered for years and I take great pride in being your celebrant and creating lasting and cherished memories for everyone.

I am a good listener and will work with you to create a ceremony that truly reflects your love, your life, your family. The ceremony I create takes your thoughts and feelings, your likes and wants, your ideas and inspiration and creates something beautiful and memorable.

Together we explore and create unique elements to include in your ceremony which can be unity ceremonies, paintings, art, and many other elements unique to you and only you.

What do I offer?

Name change wedding


Your Wedding

A wedding day is a wonderful day, it doesn’t matter where, it doesn’t matter when, all that truly matters is that your ceremony is the day you dreamed of, the day you planned, the day you want to celebrate and enjoy and the day you can reflect on for years to come.

Nowadays, a wedding ceremony can be held (almost) anywhere and include anyone.

Choosing a formal church ceremony is not right for everyone whether or not you have a formal faith. A church wedding follows a very definite format and doesn’t allow for individuality and putting your personality into your ceremony.

Your Choice

Ceremonies led by a Professional Independent Celebrant are the ideal choice for you to share and celebrate your wedding ceremony in a way that suits you.

Amber Celebrancy is not restricted in any way to what we can do on the day, as long as it is legal! I can include spiritual, cultural or traditional components in your ceremony. You may wish to write your own vows & promises, or I can write them with and for you.

You may even choose to represent your love with a symbolic element such as a Handfasting “Tying the Knot”, candle lighting ceremonies, sand blending ceremonies, painting elements and many other beautiful mini ceremonies that we can include in your magical day.

The traditional exchange of rings is not actually part of the legal marriage, so this could be saved for your wedding celebration in front of your friends and family? I have some truly beautiful ceremonies that we can include with your wedding rings.

Why choose Lesley-Anne for your wedding?

How Amber Celebrancy Can Help

I can conduct a ceremony anywhere that you choose as long as it is permitted. You will need to formally marry with a legal exchange at a register office but the wedding ceremony can take place wherever you choose – whenever you choose. The legal contract can be done before or after your Wedding Ceremony.

​You can rely on my expertise to guide you through every aspect of your ideal wedding ceremony, and I’ll be available to answer any questions you may have as we prepare for your big day. It’s really important to me that you feel completely comfortable on your wedding day so that you can just relax and enjoy your wedding ceremony just as much as the rest of your day.

Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremonies

Celebrating New Lives of All Kinds.

As a family, the arrival of a new baby or child is a blessing and something that is often celebrated.

Many families want to celebrate the occasion in a memorable and special way and families are now seeking a modern alternative to a traditional Christening or Baptism.

A naming ceremony can also be a wonderful opportunity to welcome a fostered child, adopted child or stepchild into your family or to celebrate all of your children in a blended family.

Your Naming Ceremony is a welcome and can be as formal or informal as you choose it to be.

Naming Ceremonies can be anything you want them to be. They can be non-religious or incorporate religious elements to reflect your beliefs and those of your family and friends. They have become increasingly popular for families of mixed faiths, and also parents who have no wish to raise their child within a particular faith. The child is then free to make their own decisions and informed choices later in life.

Naming Ceremonies usually include all sorts of unique elements such as readings, music, art, and activities. Usually, in a naming ceremony, there will be an element of introducing ‘Guides’ or ‘Guardians’ who are similar to God-Parents and this is truly magical.

Why choose Lesley-Anne for your naming ceremony?

Amber Celebrancy will create beautiful, innovative and unique Naming Ceremonies, to suit your family ideals, beliefs and wishes and to reflect the story of the new family member. A celebration to share their new name or identity with friends and family is a wonderful way of marking this important moment in life.

A naming ceremony is an amazing way to be introduced to your family, friends, and the world if you decide to choose a new gender identity. This is a unique ceremony that can include family readings, special songs, a range of symbolic elements and a gathering of those who are special to you and supportive of your fluid journey in life. It is a great milestone marker if you have made the decision to choose a new name, new identity, new gender or new significant life change.


Renewal of Vows

Reflecting Love & Life

A vow renewal ceremony is an opportunity for a married couple, or civil partners, or partners to renew, reignite and reaffirm the vows of their original ceremony.

You may not have had an actual ‘ceremony’ and now want to hold a ceremony that reflects your love and your life.

Continued Commitment

Renewing your vows can be a way of showing a continued commitment to one another or just to remind both of you of those original vows which you still hold in your hearts.

Celebrating Resilience

A vow renewal can be because you have experienced a challenging time which has tested you to the limit and you want to celebrate you being the phoenix rising from the flames.

You may have a significant anniversary you wish to celebrate or it may be that you never had a proper ceremony and you would like one now.

How I Help You:

I will help you build the perfect ceremony, helping you to include any spiritual, cultural, or symbolic gestures, rituals or traditions – for example, a sand ceremony, candle ceremony or any number of special touches that you would like to consider.

We can create a beautiful ring ceremony where you can exchange new rings, eternity rings, or recapture that first ceremony by exchanging your original rings again.

We create a ceremony together to include poetry, readings and music. You can include other family members and friends in the ceremony, children and pets – the imagination you have can be captured by me to build something beautiful.

Why choose Lesley-Anne for your renewal of vows?

Amber Celebrancy creates something to make your ceremony a truly wonderful, personal and memorable experience. I will guide and help you create a beautiful and meaningful ceremony which will celebrate your past and excite you about your future.

Whatever your reason, your ceremony will be a truly special way for you to recapture and renew the vows or promises you first made or to make new ones for the future.



How I Help You

I am a professional Celebrant and I will help you create a ceremony that reflects the life and times of your loved one. I will help you to find the right poems, readings and music to truly honour your loved one and celebrate their life. My funeral ceremonies are written to truly honour the person who has passed away but also include their humour, their idiosyncracies, their habits – good and bad, their place in your family and their journey in this world. I work with you to truly tell the story of their life and respectfully reflect on their death. I listen to you and your stories and then I create something for you. I work for you, I listen to you, I do not tell you what to do, think or feel. You tell me what you think, feel and what you want to me to do.

I meet with you, usually a week or so before the funeral to talk about your loved one. You can invite as many family members and friends as you like to the meeting so we have a full viewpoint of them and their footprint on this earth. I make lots of notes and often make a recording, with your permission, so I am able to capture your thoughts, feelings, memories and stories. I will then write a ceremony for you that truly celebrates the individual who has died.

I will then work with your funeral director to organise order of ceremony and finalise music and audio-visual presentations.

My funeral and memorial ceremonies are then printed for you as a commemorative presentation so you can reflect on the ceremony in the quiet moments to follow.

Why choose Lesley-Anne for your funeral?

Amber Celebrancy celebrates the life of your loved one and respects their death. I support your family through this incredibly difficult time and will be a key support on the day of the funeral.

My ceremonies are a true tribute to that person who has died and a celebration of their place on this earth. The most important element is to pay a fitting, dignified and meaningful tribute about the deceased’s own personal journey through life.

Life is a journey … and we all understand that there is a beginning, a middle and an end.

We all understand that, but it never makes saying goodbye any easier, we always feel that there was more we could have said.

Creating a meaningful and respectful funeral ceremony is a vital part of the grieving process. It allows your family and friends to formally say goodbye and sensitively acknowledge the loss of a loved one.


Reviews for Amber Celebrancy

Total Reviews: 46

Average Rating: 5

reviews (46)


Saying goodbye to Sarah

5 Stars
Betty Groves

Funeral | 09/06/2022 | London

The service was lovely and the way you told Sarah’s life story was amazing. I’m so proud of how it all turned out, so thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I’m also really grateful for the copy of the bound ceremony you delivered, very special and i will treasure it. I truly can’t thank you enough for yesterday.


Maria’s special day

5 Stars
Guy & Sasha

Naming Ceremony | 09/02/2022 | The Witterings

A big thank you for today’s beautiful ceremony. We felt that it was very true to our family and was said in a beautiful manner, which everyone commented on afterwards. Everyone thought that it was a beautiful service and enjoyed the days celebrations. Thank you for your patience with Maria, she is not normally unsettled like that, she was much happier when she got changed out of the dress! But overall thank you for a beautiful ceremony, with words which we will treasure forever. Should we be blessed with another child in the future, we will certainly be getting in touch for another Naming Ceremony!!


Saying goodbye to Rachel

5 Stars
Peter & Jane Smith

Funeral | 08/24/2022 | Horsham

I just want to say a really big thank you for the ceremony that you organised for us last week. We had some lovely compliments, including so many people who said it was the best funeral they had ever been to. That was all thanks to the wonderful tribute you wrote. People commented that it was lovely having the whole picture of Rachels life described, as normally people don’t get to know the whole picture in such detail. Everyone said it was “just right”. You worked so hard and it was just perfect.

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