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Rituals: Sand Ceremonies, Cocktail Ceremonies; Grief Mandalas; Candle Ceremonies


International College of Professional Celebrants (ICPC)


English, French

Hi, I'm Tracy-Jane

Tracy-Jane (TJ) is an independent Civil Celebrant, fully insured and trained by the International College of Professional Celebrants.
For us, it’s all about your bespoke, unique and personalised ceremony.
From a simple funeral service to the splendour of a full on wedding, we cater for all.
We believe everyone should have a ceremony that’s uniquely and personally theirs, not a “cut and paste” from the internet!
Whether you are saying goodbye to a loved one, hello to a new baby (or even a new name or gender) Celebrant of Colours has the ceremony for you. Each ceremony, whichever type, is carefully created and crafted to meet your needs. And because a Civil Celebrant isn’t bound by any set of particular rules, you can be as wild (or as tame) as you wish with your ceremony, in as unconventional (or traditional) location as you wish! The only limit is your imagination.

What's my ceremony style?

Tracy-Jane (Tj) has a truly unique style that she herself readily admits won’t be for everyone. However, as every Celebrant should know, the job isn’t about them. It’s about YOU, the client. It’s about YOUR day, YOUR way, ALWAYS. (Subject to the Health and Safety and quite possibly the Laws of Physics!) From that perspective, Tj shouldn’t be unique. Every Celebrant should put their client first. Each and every client should be made to feel comfortable, safe and happy, secure in the knowledge that their wishes are being listened too and acted upon. A good Celebrant listens to, then subsequently tells your story: happy or sad. A great Celebrant not only listens, but carefully and considerately, crafts a Ceremony that you, your family and friends will all remember and treasure for a lifetime.

Prices From

Weddings are from £600, split into three payments of £200. Additional Rituals are £70 including the keepsake (ie Sand Ceremony Heart/Cocktail Glasses. From £50 for travel, depending on distance/location


A Sand Ceremony to celebrate a blended family

My special memory is stepping in at the last minute to create a wedding ceremony at short notice for a truly wonderful family. Different race, religions, ages, step-children, biological children: all came together in an amazingly colourful sand ceremony. I love the fact that the wedding couple were able to have a physical reminder of the ceremony in the shape of my lovely glass heart ornament, complete with entwined hearts charm. Beautiful. One of my all time favourite weddings.

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Why choose Tracy-Jane?

Tj has worked as a Personal Assistant/Carer for several years and initially just wanted to provide a genuinely personal funeral service as her final mark of respect to her clients, following their End Of Life care. This led to her investigating Civil Celebrancy and undertaking training with the International College of Professional Celebrants (ICPC). During her training, the passion her trainers showed for Weddings/Vow renewals and Naming Ceremonies convinced her to broaden her services and encompass all aspects of Civil Celebrancy. Tj really cares about her clients, making sure whatever ceremony is required is delivered professionally and personably.

What do I offer?

Name change wedding


Everyone in love with each other is my ideal couple!

I have no pre-conceptions of what an “ideal” couple should be.

Traditional, non-traditional; LGBTQIA: all that matters to me is that you love one another and want to mark that love for each other in some way.

This could be just the two of you in your garden or a full blown bells and whistles wedding in front of 200 guests in an amazing five star hotel.

The location isn’t important – you and the ceremony are!

Favourite ceremony type? Good question. All of them! Anything that makes people happy – I do love a mini-ritual though!

My package includes unlimited video chats, two face to face meetings; a rehearsal at your venue; the bespoke ceremony and a presentation script to take home afterwards.

Depending on location, there maybe a small addtional cost: I’m Nottingham based, and whilst I’m happy to travel to Scotland, I can’t do that for free! ;-) I’m originally from Berkshire, and still have family there, so happy to travel South too!

I specialise in Rituals – ring warming or blessing; sand ceremonies; candle ceremonies; cocktail ceremonies; wine ceremonies; planting ceremonies.

Adding in a bespoke mini-ritual can be really fun.
Again, it doesn’t have to be a major production (or it can, entirely up to you) but having something a little different adds a certain something to your day, for you, and your guests.

Prices From

Weddings are from £600 - it depends on location and your requirements!

Why choose Tracy-Jane for your wedding?

I like to think I put a little piece of my heart and spirit/soul into every ceremony I create.

My job is to create a lasting and lovely ceremony for everyone to remember.

We are all human, and if I could give a wedding couple one piece of advice: it would be:

Perfection is great, having fun and creating lifetime memories is better.

Relax and let your Celebrant guide you through the ceremony.

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Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremonies

Us Celebrants love a good naming ceremony!
For a long time, couples that didn’t want a Christening had no alternative. Now, they do!

In a non-religious ceremony, we don’t have God-Parents, we have Guide-Parents.

But the essence of the ceremony is the same: choosing someone who can support and guide your child should something prevent the parents from doing so!

But, Naming Ceremonies aren’t restricted to babies! Because we are independent, we can name practically anything – a baby; a pet; a house; a building or even a boat.

These days, we can also help LGBTQIA with Gender Affirmation ceremonies. Why shouldn’t you be able to have a naming ceremony to celebrate your new gender or sexuality?

It is an honour to be part of these ceremonies, no matter what the circumstances.

Naming ceremonies can be simple, or more extravagant affairs. Again, it’s what suits you.

Each ceremony is carefully crafted to meet your needs, and you are presented with a beautiful Naming Certificate to treasure.

Mini-rituals can also be included, and their cost varies.

Prices From

Dependent on location and requirements

Why choose Tracy-Jane for your naming ceremony?

I like to think that I get as excited about naming ceremonies as parents do! It is a honour to introduce a new person into the world with their new name.

I also love the more non-traditional naming ceremonies – I feel like the Queen when I name a boat!
And yes, champagne bottles can be smashed (and carefully cleaned up afterwards.)

And to be a part of someone taking the brave step of changing their name, gender or identity (divorce is included in this too) is also a priviledge.

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Renewal of Vows

Ideal couple ?: Anyone who wants to re-affirm their vows!

Doesn’t matter if you’ve been married /civil partnered for one year or ten years!

A vow renewal ceremony is a great way to renew those promises and love you made with your partner.

You can have re-dedication of rings ceremony; a sand ceremony or just exchange your new (or old) vows wherever and whenever you want.

(Within reason – I don’t think they do Moon landings for vow renewals)

And to us, there shouldn’t be a massive difference between Renewals and Weddings.

The only difference is the actual time you’ve been together.

Your ceremony should still be crafted with love and affection, and attention to detail is key.

Prices From

Dependent on requirements

Why choose Tracy-Jane for your renewal of vows?

Maybe you didn’t get to say what you wanted when you were married/partnered?

Maybe you want to include children and/or (well behaved) pets?

Maybe you want to re-dedicate your rings or even have new ones?

With a vow renewal ceremony, it can be made reality.

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During a one to one meeting, Tj will gently guide and assist you to tell the story of your loved one’s life, and death.

This includes guidance on readings, poems, music and the Eulogy. Tj is also trained to create personalised rituals that can be included during the service if you so wish ( candle lighting, grief mandalas etc)

A personalised keepsake presentation copy of the Eulogy script along with a personlised memorial candle is provided at the end of the service.

Tj will provide support and guidance on the day of the service; liasing closely with your Funeral Director and ensuring the service runs smoothly.

Tj can also attend the Interment of ashes if required, or this can be a complete ceremony in its own right.

Why choose Tracy-Jane for your funeral?

Tj has worked in Care for over a decade, and has unfortunately attended multiple funeral services, from full Catholic Mass to basic cremations. (Including the loss of her own loved ones)

She was struck by the lack of individuality and impersonal delivery of funeral services.

So she decided to train as an Independent Civil Celebrant to provide a better, more human and empathetic ceremony to grieving friends and family.

She has completed her training with ICPC and is continuing her development with a NOCN Level 3 Certificate in Civil Celebrancy.

Tj has a unique, yet personal style, a Celebrant who truly cares about you, your loved ones and their life story.

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