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Ceremonies by Clodagh……Making your special milestone moments, truly memorable!

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Hi, I'm Clodagh

Welcome to Ceremonies by Clodagh!

I guess you’re planning a ceremony…many congratulations, how very exciting!!

I am a professional modern Celebrant, born in the north of the lovely Emerald Isle and still with a tinge of an accent to prove it. I have lived in Lincolnshire now for many years and happily provide my services across Lincolnshire, London, Leicestershire, South Yorkshire and further afield upon request.
I love what I do and take great pride in my work, planning bespoke and unique ceremonies, and creating amazing memories never to be forgotten. Your ceremony should be as personal and unique as you are and as extraordinary as life and love itself!
It’s all about celebrating your milestone moments your way, wherever, whenever and however you decide, making the most incredible and often surprising memories along the way!

What's my ceremony style?

I am warm, caring, enthusiastic and easy to talk to. I am a fully qualified celebrant who always provides the highest professionalism level with meticulous attention to detail.
As a life coach, I spend a lot of time asking questions and even more listening. As a celebrant, I do the same, to help understand exactly how you want to celebrate and mark your special occasion, and then help you to achieve it.
If you need a little confidence boost before your ceremony, my complimentary coaching session will certainly help.
I am passionate about helping others to make their dream ceremonies extraordinary, a special moment in time, never to be forgotten by them, their family and friends.
If you would like to celebrate your day with a ceremony less ordinary and rather extraordinary, I think we would be the perfect fit!

Prices From

Starting from £250 As each of my ceremonies are very individual and bespoke, please contact me for an estimate. Thank you.


Why choose Clodagh?

It is such an honour to be able to be a part of the special milestone moments of others and to create ceremonies that make them truly memorable. I will spend time listening and getting to know you and the type of ceremony you really want. Then together we will tailor and design a bespoke and exceptional ceremony. Whether you are declaring your love to each other or welcoming a new baby or child into your family, we will create a ceremony less ordinary and rather extraordinary, full of fun, emotion, honesty and love, leaving you and your guests with a unique and lasting memory to forever treasure.

What do I offer?

Clodagh wedding-ceremony-newlyweds-clodagh_1 copy 4


Welcome, and a huge congratulations on your engagement!

I like to specialise in making every couple’s wedding ceremony totally unique to them. A ceremony that will be remembered for how beautiful the couple looked and also for the moment, when they declared their intense love and joy for each other, making their vows and extraordinary memories.
There are no restrictions applied to the ceremonies I create, you have the freedom to have your very special day, where, when and exactly as you dream it should be.
It can be traditional, with or without religion, with contemporary twists or family traditions, it’s your wedding day, a day to be remembered, always.

If you are looking for a celebrant to make your wedding ceremony less ordinary and rather extraordinary full of fun, honesty, humour and encased in love, then I think we will be the perfect fit!

Prices From

Starting from £647- as each of my ceremonies are very individual and bespoke, please contact me for an estimate. Thank you.

Why choose Clodagh for your wedding?

I will spend time getting to know you and to understand what is special to you. Then I will help you to make your ceremony as unique and extraordinary as your love for one another. If you need support in writing your vows, I can help there too. I also offer a package which includes a coaching session for those worried about speaking in public or walking down the aisle, so you feel more prepared and confident to enjoy your special day to the full!
It’s your big day to celebrate your way, let’s make your wedding ceremony less ordinary and rather extra-ordinary full of fun, love, laughter and memories.

Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a heartwarming celebration, a cherished occasion where we gather to bestow a name upon a precious child and welcome them into a loving family and community. A name that will echo through the ages with the promises of a bright future and a life filled with endless love and opportunities.
Select the guiding stars you trust, to act as supporting adults to help safeguard and nurture your little one, through their journey to adulthood and beyond.

Make this special milestone moment truly memorable, creating lasting memories for your family and friends ,never to be forgotten.

Prices From

From £250

Why choose Clodagh for your naming ceremony?

Naming a child marks the beginning of their legacy and future story.
Let’s mark this very special occasion with a day filled with laughter, tears of joy, and the promise of endless possibilities. Through stories of generations past and present, I will kindle a sense of unity, ensuring everyone present is encircled in a warm embrace of love, hope and the promise of a bright future for your precious child and their community.
Let me help you create an extraordinary ceremony and make memories that will last a lifetime, celebrating life’s beautiful beginnings or the start of new beginnings.


Renewal of Vows

Renewing your wedding vows is a beautiful opportunity to take a moment in time to celebrate and reaffirm the enduring love and commitment you share with the one you love. It’s a chance to reflect on the journey you’ve travelled together, the challenges you’ve overcome, and the joys and tears you’ve experienced.
Whether it’s marking a significant milestone in your marriage or simply expressing your ongoing devotion, renewing your vows can help rekindle the spark and keep the flame of your love burning bright.
It’s a way of remembering the promises you made in the past and an opportunity to make new promises for your future with a unique and loving ceremony, leaving beautiful memories for you to cherish together into old age.

Prices From

From £300

Why choose Clodagh for your renewal of vows?

Choosing me as your celebrant for your vow renewal ceremony means entrusting your special day to someone who is committed to making it extraordinary, and a profound and unforgettable experience.
I will bring a unique blend of warmth, empathy, and professionalism to your celebration.
Tailoring your ceremony to reflect your individual journey, and ensuring your love story takes centre stage, I will create a deeply personal and meaningful ceremony that resonates with your love, life and the memories you have already shared.
I will work tirelessly with you to bring your vision alive, ensuring that your vow renewal will be a day you’ll cherish forever.



Dealing with the loss of a loved one presents a sad and challenging time. As we reflect on those who have passed, we grieve in a way that is as unique as the life they have lived. It is only right then, that your loved one receives a send-off that honours that individuality and reflects on the journey they led.
With my help in bringing together your thoughts, we will create a sensitive memoir to portray your loved ones story, their emotion and their life, to pay tribute to their passing.
Regaling memories of personal accounts will help build the foundations of a service filled with compassion, kindness and as beautiful and unique as the life itself.
Listening to the stories, anecdotes, and major events of their lives, will bring together all those who were touched by their presence. Together we will create a beautiful and lasting memory of your loved ones’ personal journey, tailored for one final fitting farewell.

Prices From

£220 - depending on the location a small additional travel charge may be applied.

Why choose Clodagh for your funeral?

Working with sensitivity and empathy, I offer a bespoke service that is as individual and unique as the person whose life is being remembered. With experience, knowledge and skill, I will support and guide you throughout this challenging time to create and deliver a truly personal ceremony that encompasses the essence of your loved one and leaves a positive lasting memory of their final farewell.

Some lovely family feedback

‘Thank you for officiating yesterday Clodagh – it was a lovely service and I really appreciated the help and support you gave in helping me to pull it all together.’

‘The commemorative copies for Michael and Paul arrived today. They are a lovely thing to have. Thank you for taking the time to do those for us, we appreciate it. At the wake everyone was commenting on the beautiful services we were glad you did them for us.
Thank you again for everything’

‘Thankyou so much for all your help, everyone said the service was lovely, he didn’t want a big funeral so it was just perfect as it was’

‘We were all very happy with the way you delivered the service, you did our dad proud! Thank you again.’

‘Thank you again for the lovely service you delivered for our dear mother, everyone said it was a really lovely tribute that captured her very well.’

‘We received the Ceremony Information book today.  Thank you so very much for sending it to us.  It is a wonderful memory of all that was said at the service.  The book will be treasured and kept to remind us of an exceptional lady.’


Reviews for Ceremonies by Clodagh……Making your special milestone moments, truly memorable!

Total Reviews: 2

Average Rating: 5

reviews (2)


Blessing My New Hime

5 Stars
Diane Tasker

Naming Ceremony | 11/08/2023 | Woodhall Spa

I am so pleased I found Clodagh to bless my new home. She has a depth and sensitivity of character that shines through her words and actions and a deep understanding of those things that are important to us.


Thank you

5 Stars
Gary Hayes

Wedding | 02/03/2023 | Mitchell Hall, Bedfordshire

Clodagh has such a lovely presence and voice that she makes her ceremonies very special.

Her attention to the details of each part of the ceremony was excellent and she was able to bring out all of the important parts of the story with warmth and touches of humour. She makes her ceremonies, and couples feel very special indeed!

Best wishes


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