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Claire Denis Celebrant

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Claire Denis Celebrant

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Hi, I'm Claire

‘Stop right now, thank you very much, you need a shining ceremony with a personal touch’ (Spice Girls rhythm revised by me).
I am here to help you celebrate lifes moments through your very own personal story. For an inclusive and bespoke journey filled with laughter, tears, compassion, connection and moments of beauty…. im your gal!
Throw away the rule book, essentially this is YOUR day so there are no rules!

What's my ceremony style?

I have a background as a performer, actor, presenter and radio host mostly, yet on top of this I worked as a special effects make-up artist, events manager and I own a chocolate business.

Having family and friends in the wedding industry, I suddenly had that light bulb moment…. in my career I study people, I create productions, I encompass stories and I love love….. voila….. Celebrant it is!

I am based in Essex, boarding Suffolk however I work all over the UK and Internationally. Just call me the travelling celebrant (it’s another passion of mine…..travelling…. so any excuse!).

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weddings from 695, naming ceremonies from 350, vow renewals from 495

Claire Denis Celebrant

Why choose Claire?

I am here to help you celebrate lifes moments through your very own personal story. For an inclusive and bespoke journey filled with laughter, tears, compassion, connection and moments of beauty…. im your gal!
I simply love getting to know people, creating ceremonies that encompass personalities, taking guests on a journey and wrapping up one hec of a memorable ceremony.

What do I offer?



My ideal couple is YOU! There are many celebrants you embrace all paths of life, some which prefer the unusual, some who prefer the darn right crazy, some which prefer anything that glitters….. personally I prefer all those and some. It is OK to be simplistic, it’s OK to be weird, it’s OK to be vanilla (best cake ever), it’s OK to ridiculous! No one likes the norm….. cos no one is the norm…. there is no such thing! We are all special in our own ways…… ahhh goosebumps from all the mushiness :-)

I’ll get to know you, learn what makes you both tick and the magic of your connection. I will write and conduct not just a ceremony but a memorable journey for you and your guests.

I also offer a Mistress Of Ceremonies package. You get to keep me for the whole day! I am your celebrant/MC/host. I will make sure the day ebbs and flows from one segment to the other, I will make sure they are in the right place at the right time.

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Why choose Claire for your wedding?

I am open to your learning about your journey and im simply ‘all in’ when it comes to creating what you dream of! You dream, I will bring the magic…. and maybe some free chocolate (the mothertron owns a choccie business…..handy persuasion)
I am honoured to have fully trained with The Fellowship Of Porfessional Celebrants for marriages, namings and funerals.

Claire Denis Celebrant

Naming Ceremonies

I offer a beautiful and personal ceremony for a new born, small infant, adoption or integrating a step-child into your circle.

My ceremonies are an alternative to Christenings, where we welcome your beautiful being into the big wide World or celebrate the bond of step-children, sibling, guardians or family bonding.
Guardians and guideparents can be introduced and even conduct promises themselves using readings, poems or rituals such as sand ceremonies or symbolic water elements.

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Why choose Claire for your naming ceremony?

I am fascinated by people and all our individual paths through life.
I love a ceremony of life, we literally are miracles (with some science thrown in) and I would love to create a ceremony to offer your commitment to your little one and give hopes and promises for their future. No matter how old the child is, they have already been on one hec of a journey & I bounce like tiger at the chance to send them into the world with such a wonderful bonding experience.

Claire Denis Celebrant

Renewal of Vows

Just like weddings, my ideal couple is YOU. I guarantee I will soak up your story with wonder and delight!
A renewal of your vows can be so darn ultra special! Some want to celebrate the experiences life has given them, some want to celebrate a specific milestone and some simply want to have a wedding they felt they should have had in the first place.

Exactly as I do with weddings; I will have a nose into your lifes journey so far, pop my quill onto tea stained paper and I will then conduct and present this for you and your guests and this is when the magic happens!
We can incorporate rituals, promise rings, or have a simple heartfelt ceremony but a blooming good excuse for a celebration of YOU!

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Why choose Claire for your renewal of vows?

Did you read about my weddings? Did I mention I can bring free chocolate from my ‘mothertrons’ choccie business? ……. persuaded? haha great let’s get planning! No choccie fan….. no bother…. you’ll still love me! Im here to recreate the magic that is you….. let me absorb your journey as if I had been your friend forever, instead of the friends which we certainly will be from now.

Claire Denis Celebrant


When we lose someone from, there are many emotions to deal with, many arrangements to consider and this is certainly not a one size fits all process.
Let me help you feel a little lighter.
I can be booked directly with you, of which I will then contact your Funeral Directors and connect with them, or I can be requested directly through your funeral directors.

I create services to fit your needs and to tell their story they way you wish. From a simple quiet goodbye ceremony, to a comforting nod away, to a story of their legacy and celebration of life, leaving a memorable imprint on everyones hearts. I can incorprate any readings, poems, songs, the Lord’s Prayer or religious content.
I will meet with you and chat about their life or the story you want to tell. From which I will write and conduct you a meaningful ceremony and a compassionate eulogy.
There are many choices surrounding a funeral; a cremation, a burial, a ceremony in your place of choice with a direct cremation, ceremony rituals or a scattering of ashes ceremony. There are many ways to create the exact personal ceremony you wish for.

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prices on request

Why choose Claire for your funeral?

I am here to help you say goodbye in the personal way you need to.
With a background as a presenter and performer most of my life, I have developed great skill in openly adapting to the environment I am approached with.
Every life is different, connections are uniquely relevant to that person and ways of saying a farewell is never linear.
I also offer ash scattering ceremonies and pet ceremonies.

Claire Denis Celebrant

Reviews for Claire Denis Celebrant

Total Reviews: 5

Average Rating: 5

reviews (5)


Funeral service review

5 Stars
Brian Mead

Funeral | 11/08/2022 | Three Counties Crematorium, High Garrett, Braintree, CM7 5PB

Thank you to Claire for the wonderful service for my late wife.
I would not hesitate to recommend Claire. She’s very professional, time was no issue, she got everything spot on and was very supportive all the way through the process from the beginning to the end.
Everyone at the funeral also spoke very highly of her about how she conducted the service.


Thank You

5 Stars

Funeral | 04/25/2022 | Chelmsford

On behalf of my family, I would like to offer Claire a heartfelt thank you for conducting the most personal celebration of life for my Grandad.
From our initial meeting, Claire ensured that we felt at ease, her caring nature shone through. A day which we had all been dreading turned into a celebration of life; smiles could be seen and laughter could be heard, Claire listened to all the stories and anecdotes and painted the brightest of pictures.
My Nan, in this period of sadness has spoken so highly of Claire to all, told them that I could not have chosen anyone better and smiles when thinking of the big hug she received at the end of the service.
Claire, thank you.


Personal thanks

5 Stars
Katherine Hinsley

Funeral | 02/11/2022 | Funeral

Thank you Claire for creating the perfect ceremony for my sister the considerable amount of time you spent with my brother and I to get the wording perfect for us. Additionally your roll conducting the ceremony went way beyond my expectations and your thoughtfulness and kindness I shall never forget.

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