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Hand Fasting, Celtic, Pagan,Spiritual, Simple, Woodland,Non Religious, Religious, Same Sex , Funerals including Natural Funerals, Traditional, Non- Traditional,Woodland Burial & Memorials & also Vow Renewals and Baby Naming Ceremonies


Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, Holy Celtic International Church, The Good Funeral Guide, The Natural Death Society



Hi, I'm Margery

I am a Celebrant and Deaconess who has been conducting Weddings and Funerals four years now and I have loved every minute. Every minute! My background has led perfectly to where I am now. For 30 years I was a pub landlady who played the diplomat, counsellor and event’s organiser learning so much about people & all the many characters over the years! I taught as a trainer with an end of life care company for a few years, I have trained and worked in volunteering with several charities bringing a wealth of experience & rewards, I am also a Holistic and Spiritual Workshop Facilitator and Teacher and again this has brought so many rewards in the last 12 years. Training in Funeral Celebrancy, I then carried on to Celebrancy for Weddings and Family training. In an around this I became an Ordained Deaconess which has added to my role & I am now able to conduct fully legal ceremonies.

What's my ceremony style?

I have worked hard in my role building on my experience and craft. Each service is unique to each couple and family. No two scripts are the same. No two people are, or couples.
Previous experience has lead to where I am now and has all been so valuable in so many ways with folk I have met along the way.
It has helped with a family in grief, a couple who are looking for ideas and guidance for their perfect day, an awkward moment where meetings have become tense and very often my sense of humour and sincerity has helped ease meetings and bring smiles where there were frowns.
I do not see this as a role but as a vocation, a choice and a way to help couples and families create ceremonies which they can look back on with smiles.
Feedback time and again has encouraged me in going that extra mile.

Prices From

On Request


Celebration and Promotion

There have been so many perfect moments, perfect days, perfect ceremonies, perfect couples, families and people.

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Why choose Margery?

I am a bubbly, happy, positive person with a mass of common sense [I am told]. I have a good imagination and pretty good intuition. I am also known to have a sense of humour!
I embrace each ceremony, each in its uniqueness to create what is right for each couple and family.
My service is individual, sincere and I have been told I leave people feeling their day was unique to them. This is how it should be!
I am a people person, who loves to hear folks stories, creating ceremonies, bringing a story together creating the perfect day as it should be.
Life is so worth celebrating in all its many ways!

What do I offer?



All couples are ideal, couples you get to know, build a friendship with and then help them create their wedding day. Each and every ceremony right for them.
Its important couple’s feel I am ideal for them. A Zoom/media chat often gives us the time to meet and get to know each other to decide.
I have loved the small intimate ceremonies or large family and friend occasions. The woodland settings, the castles, the Loch side, the wedding venue’s each right for them.
There is nothing more rewarding than to leave a ceremony knowing the couple were happy.
This role takes commitment, understanding, humour and connection to conduct a ceremony with each being treated as individual to that couple. I aim for this every time. We are all unique. Marriage and being married is a precious time. It is sacred. It is special.My ideal couple are those who want it to be just that.

I offer bespoke wedding services, outdoor ceremonies, relaxed ceremonies, ceremonies with humour, many with rich Sacred Scottish addition, destination weddings and elopements.
Ceremonies that leave couples with lasting memories.
I have held ceremonies in a multitude of places and venues and been blessed to have been part of so many special moments.
As an Ordained Deaconess I conduct non- religious or religious ceremonies in a fully legalised ceremony and offer Pagan & Spiritual ceremonies which I love.
Ceremonies have been on a beach, in a woodland setting, a boat, a couples back garden, a caravan park and a beautiful Scottish Castle to name a few.
Some couples are happy to work with me via Zoom if they are a distance away, many meet in person and some wish to have a run through with their wedding party before their big day. Each package is set accordingly and includes travel.

Prices From

£450- onwards depending package and travel. Please request quote.

Why choose Margery for your wedding?

I help, support and encourage each couple to bring their ceremony together in a way that is right for them.
I help you look at ideas and additions to create an individual day each time. I never share scripts on request as these are individual to each couple from start to finish.
Having each couple trust me to bring their day together means everything.
My ceremony Toolkit includes Quaich’s, Oath Stones to Handfasting Ties.
I am a fully trained Family and Wedding Celebrant and studied and was ordained as a Deaconess. I offer the full legal ceremony for couples be they religious, non-religious, Pagan, Celtic or something in between. All faiths or no faiths are right for each couple.
I feel continued development is important in my role. I love creating ceremonies, researching for them and creating scripts.
I am a bubbly, bright, cheery person who loves nothing more than to see people relaxed, happy and loving their day.

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Unfortunately Eternal Soul Light is not available for Naming Ceremonies.


Renewal of Vows

I have helped couples celebrate 50 years together, others who wanted to elope and have a quiet day for them, ones who wanted a Christmas celebration of renewal and some who have had a big family party after. There have been woodland ceremonies, beach side and elegant country venue’s.
I have helped couples create all these ceremonies and more and have loved being part of every one. Each couple’s new chapter.
Vow Renewals are becoming more popular as couple’s for various reasons decide they want to re take their vows to each other to re celebrate their love – some elope to do this by themselves while others have the big celebration with family and friends in attendance.
Celebrating their love, their way.

Like weddings, couples may decide if they want an elopement ceremony, as example, and they may be happy to have Zoom chats if there is a distance to travel or some are happy to have in person meetings at a suitable place for us all. Packages come according to their wishes, distance, and what they require.
I am there to offer couples a day according to their reasons and ways they want to have their vow renewal.
This can be outside, in a woodland or, in a castle or even their back garden[ I have done all of these and more]. I love to offer ideas to help create a perfect Vow Renewal day right for you both.

Prices From

From £450.00 depending on travel and area.

Why choose Margery for your renewal of vows?

I have a wealth of experience to bring to my role; I love sharing ideas and the commitment to ensure couples have a memorable day. I am a person centred, good humoured, positive, upbeat person and have been told I tend to take other folk along with me as I go! I have carried out many ceremonies over the last four years and have loved them all. I only hold one ceremony a day and put my time and effort into that day, writing each script uniquely and individually. I am happy to travel and love to. Re taking our vows can be for many reasons. Maybe a wife felt she lost out on her wedding day. Maybe a couple just want to re affirm their love for each other be it ten years to twenty. It can be a Silver Wedding Anniversary or a year married ceremony. Their are so many choices where to have these ceremonies.

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As a trained Funeral Celebrant I offers services according to the family and persons wishes and their beliefs, thoughts and feelings.
I love working with folk from all walks of life, in the way that is right for them.
I have spent time with people before their death to talk over their wishes at their time of death. My wish is to capture the essence of the person who has died and all they were for those grieving for them in the best way possible.
It is a time to honour and remember them & to celebrate who they were. My aim always is to remain humble, sincere and guide families the best way I can, offering thoughtfulness and understanding of their loss. Grief leaves a huge impact on our lives and coping with a funeral can be far from easy for folk as many know. I am there to support families all through this time.

I offer care, attention and compassion. I offer support, empathy and understanding. In the rich tapestry of my life I have gained so much experience I feel I can bring to each service for each person. Caring for each family and those organising a service is my ultimate role. I have held service in village halls, crematoriums, woodland burials, memorials, services in people’s homes, graveside services large and small, interments of ashes and in a Funeral Directors Chapel. One had the room filled with the persons memorabilia – all their choices and requests. As an example one week, one service was in a beautiful woodland ceremony and another had folk standing up to clap to Zorba the Greek as the person arrived in accordance with families wishes! The latter spoke perfectly of the gent’s character! My role as a Celebrant means being there to support to folks in the way that is perfect for them.

Prices From

Upon Request

Why choose Margery for your funeral?

Speaking with families is a privilege & creating a eulogy that holds the essence of someone, bringing together their character and who they were on the day is an honour.
I have had many thank you cards, messages, gifts, letters and emails after services from family and those organising services which I have kept and are a reminder to give my role my all to every person who’s funeral I conduct.
Every script I write is unique to them and speaks of them and their character and loves in life. That is my role. That is always my aim and my service is given with sincerity, compassion, caring and understanding to the best of my ability.

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Reviews for Eternal Soul Light

Total Reviews: 43

Average Rating: 5

reviews (43)


Margery is a star!!!

5 Stars
Joe Scott

Wedding | 01/10/2022 | Aikwood Tower

Margery was the celebrant for our wedding at the beautiful Aikwood Tower, and honestly, we could not have picked anyone better!
She met with us many times (virtually and in person) in the run up to the wedding to get a feel for our personalities and our relationship together.
When it came to the day, we had friends and family alike asking how long we had known Margery, mainly due to the fact we were so comfortable with her, and how she described our relationship and traits so well. Margery got both our children involved in the ceremony, during the hand fasting, which was such a special touch for us!
After the ceremony was finished, we were both gutted to see her leave!

We can’t thank Margery enough and would recommend her to anyone!

Joe and Kirsty Scott


A perfect celebrant

5 Stars
Robert Boughen

Wedding | 08/27/2022 | Neidpath Castle

Margery was absolutely the perfect celebrant for our wedding. She put so much time and effort in to getting to know us before the wedding, and worked extremely hard to tailor the wedding service to both our characters and our specific wants. On the day, she was a delight. The service was exactly as we would have liked – light-hearted, fun, inclusive, but also deeply tethered in tradition, much of which Margery helped guide us through and tailored to us. All in all, she wed us in exactly the way we would have wished, but also by adding her own character into the day. We’re so glad to have met her!


A fantastic celebrant!

5 Stars
Camilla McArthur

Wedding | 08/24/2022 | Cambo Estate, Kingsbarns, Fife

Margery was a delight to work with from first contact. She was incredibly organised and kept us on track on the run up to the wedding. The ceremony was the part that we were most nervous about and didn’t know where to start in planning it, but Margery made us understand how special and personalised you can make it. She really encouraged us to make the ceremony feel like ‘us’ and as a result of Margery’s encouragement – our ‘flower man’ Dave danced down the ailse leading the way for my husband and best men also dancing behind! It broke the ice and got everyone relaxed. Margery also did a fantastic job of keeping everyone entertained but also making sure that the ceremony represented our love for each other. She also helped us with providing us with props (a beautiful wooden quaich) and kept the guests entertained and bought us time when we realised had forgotten the wedding schedule and drink for the quaich just before due to walk down the ailse!

We couldn’t have asked for a better celebrant – thank you Margery!

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