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Hi, I'm Beth

Meaningful ceremonies, with a touch of magic and mischief!

Hi there, I’m Beth and my celebrant work is all about helping couples and families to make and find meaning in their ceremonies. Regardless of our personal belief systems, marking a milestone or celebrating a life is a special, sacred event. My favourite thing about celebrant work is learning about a couple, a family or a loved one and working collaboratively to create a ceremony that is completely unique to the people and situation. Each ceremony is written from scratch and I offer help with any parts a couple or family might want to write themselves.

What's my ceremony style?

My style is fairy rustic, charming, and a little bit camp!
I’m a keen storyteller and I get a real kick out of creating a ceremony that really sums up the couple or loved one, not just from a eulogy or love story, but from all the elements including readings, rings, personal rituals like hand tying or ring warming, and all the bits that link that all together.

What makes me unique? I offer ceremony creation workshops and ceremony scripts as well as full ceremonies. I appreciate that some people would actually prefer to have a family member conduct their ceremony so I am flexible to help you create the ceremony you desire. To me, being a celebrant is not about being an amazing performer (though I am pretty good), but it’s about holding and creating space and not making it about me, but the couple or family.

Prices From

£250 funerals, £333 namings, £444 vow renewals, £600 weddings


Bristol Discount

For couples who live in Bristol and are getting married in a Bristol venue, I offer a discounted rate. This is part of my sustainability pledge and will use e-scooters or public transport where possible.



Why choose Beth?

If you are looking for a celebrant who will guide you through your ceremony, whether it’s a funeral, wedding or naming ceremony, I’m a good choice for you. I will be with you every step of the way and ask gentle questions to help you uncover what you truly want from the ceremony.

I am very keen to help people create their own personal rituals, or to add their personality into time honoured traditions, and I’m also keen to help people celebrate their unique cultural heritage. We can use hobbies, hometowns, favourite films/books/tv shows as a jumping off point to create something truly magical!

What do I offer?



My ideal couple are looking for something a bit different. Not necessarily all out quirky for the sake of it, but they want their ceremony to reflect who they are. My ideal couple are excited about the marriage that is coming after their wedding day and see this day as the beginning of their new life together rather than the culmination of years of planning for an event.
My ideal couple see the depth of their commitment to each other and want to celebrate this in a way that is authentic and special to them.

My favourite types of ceremonies are ones where a couple’s personality is weaved into everything, from the words that are said, to the music choices, to the decorations and perhaps even their clothes.

I offer 3 types of wedding package:
Full wedding: This includes working with you to create the full ceremony, writing the wedding from scratch and performing the ceremony on the day.
Script only: This includes working with you and the person you want to perform your ceremony, writing the wedding from scratch and coaching the person who will perform the ceremony
Wedding workshop: This is a one off session for you and the person you want to perform the ceremony, to hash ideas on what you’d like your ceremony to be.

If you opt for workshop or script, at any point you can upgrade to the full wedding (subject to my availability) but if you choose full wedding I you are not able to downgrade I’m afraid.

Prices From

£600 (full wedding)

Why choose Beth for your wedding?

I like to think I offer a fresh approach to weddings and ceremony creations. I like to help couples navigate through their own ideas of what they think their wedding “should” be and what they actually want it to be. We explore your own traditions and cultural backgrounds if relevant, we also explore the meaning behind the venue, your date, your stories leading up to your wedding. We also think about your hobbies and interests, favourite films/tv shows/books and see if and how we can weave these into your ceremony if it works.

Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremonies

I love to work with families of any age! For me, a naming ceremony doesn’t have to be just for babies. Perhaps you have 3 children and haven’t done a ceremony for any of them, but you know this last one you’ve had is definitely your last – then why not have a ceremony for all 3?
Or perhaps you have adopted a child – what a gorgeous way to welcome them into your extended family!
You might have even changed your name due to transitioning – let’s create a beautiful ceremony to celebrate you becoming yourself.

With naming ceremonies, I don’t follow a framework – we explore themes together around what you want to celebrate/mark and we decide on a ritual that would fit perfectly.

I offer a full ceremony which includes a collaborative workshop with you to decide on themes, stories, readings, and rituals. I then create the ceremony and write the script from scratch and perform the ceremony on the day.

I also offer a ceremony workshop in which you can choose to create the ceremony yourselves/ask a family member to conduct. If after the workshop you decide you’d actually like me to perform the whole thing you can then upgrade to the full ceremony.

Prices From

£333 (with £33 donation to a children's charity of your choice) full ceremony

Why choose Beth for your naming ceremony?

Because I’m all about magic and mischief!
Naming ceremonies are exciting because we don’t really have a set expectation on what they should be. While funerals and weddings are very tied up with traditions, naming ceremonies can be their own thing (even if you want it to closely match a Christening).
I love working with you to create the ceremony that befits both your child and your family as a whole.


Renewal of Vows

My ideal couple for a vow renewal are fairly relaxed and informal, yet want to add a touch of magic to their ceremony. Whether you’re renewing your vows after 5-10 years of marriage, or after 50 years of marriage, you’ll have learned so much about yourselves and each other in that time, and that is something worth celebrating.
I like to work with couples who are not afraid to be open and honest, and who want to make a recommitment of vows because they truly believe in the power of their words. My favourite types of ceremonies are ones where we create or personalise a ritual that is symbolic of their marriage story so far.

Full Ceremony – I work with a couple to create a completely bespoke ceremony from scratch. I then write the script and perform the ceremony on the day. We meet up beforehand as many times as needed.

I also offer a one-off ceremony workshop where we hash out ideas for your ceremony and you can decide whether to have a friend/family member conduct the ceremony or upgrade to the full ceremony.

Prices From

£444 (full ceremony)

Why choose Beth for your renewal of vows?

I’m all about making meaning. Vow renewals are not just “wedding lite” or “something to do” – the majority of people renewing their vows are doing so after overcoming great challenges, or reconnecting after a separation. And to me, that is so special, a real privilege to be part of.
If you want to renew your vows but you don’t want it to just be like a wedding, then perhaps let’s talk and create something new and magical together!



As a funeral celebrant I want to do my absolute best to help create a ceremony that not only tells the story of the loved one, but also helps the family say goodbye in a way that works for them. Funeral workers often say “it’s about the person, but it’s for the ones left behind,” and while I’m a big fan of people leaving funeral plans, I think it’s important to give families the space to feel what they need to feel.

I want to work with any family that wants to say goodbye to their loved one. Whether you have a 20 minute crematorium session booked or whether you want to do something a bit different I will work with you to create the send off you desire. It doesn’t have to be an either/or happy or sad occasion – a good funeral can provide both opportunities for happiness and sadness, in a safe and grounded way.

As your celebrant I can either conduct the entire ceremony, reading out the euology and poems etc. Or I can act more like a Master of Ceremonies who essentially ties everyone’s readings and tributes together. When we meet we’ll discuss what you would prefer – some families would rather not read at all, while others would prefer it came from them – there is no right or wrong.

I also offer a funeral planning workshop where we look at your current ideas about what you might want to have happen when you die. We look at practicalities as well as your own feelings towards death and dying. This then becomes a living document for you to update whenever you see fit and gives you the tools to talk about your funeral with loved ones.

Prices From

£250 (ceremony)

Why choose Beth for your funeral?

As someone who lost a parent very young, I have always been comfortable around death. I don’t profess to know how you are feeling or what you are going through as everyone’s situation is different. However, I believe I hold a grounded space for families to talk about their person in as open a way as they feel comfortable with.
I see myself as the “guide on the side” rather than the “sage on the stage” and I see my job more as facilitating your grief rather than putting on a good funeral show.


Reviews for Evertold Ceremonies

Total Reviews: 2

Average Rating: 5

reviews (2)


Evertold Wedding

5 Stars
Ed Richardson

Wedding | 10/29/2022 | Coed Hills

We are so grateful to Beth for being our celebrant at me and my partner’s wedding. She was amazing – professional, personable and thoughtful. She added so many unique, personal touches to the ceremony, contributing to a wonderful and loving day. I very much recommend her to anyone looking for a wedding celebrant and thank her so much for the time and effort she gave us.


From Theresa – sister of deceased

5 Stars
Beth Nasce

Funeral | 11/14/2021 | Berkshire Crematorium

“Beth took the time to get to know the history of my brother’s life, by talking to me, friends and family, prior to the funeral.
Her ability to gauge the pitch and tone of an event and shift from sombre to lighthearted and witty was amazingly perceptive.
She made the service very personal, describing my brother and his life perfectly.
Beth helped us enjoy celebrating the life of my brother and also reflecting on our role in it”

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