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Full of Love Ceremonies

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Hi, I'm Susie

I’m Susie, I love helping people create magical moments of love in their lives, be it a wedding or celebrating of a loved one passed.
My journey to being a Celebrant has evolved over forty years, from my love of people and creating unique memories in people’s lives celebrating all milestones.
From ‘Weddings’, to ‘Baby arrivals’, to ‘Renewing of Vows’, ‘Naming’ ceremonies, recognition of ‘Coming of Age’ and to ‘Honouring a loved one’s life’ at the end.
Even our pets can be remembered with a moving memorial service of love-filled memories.
Ceremonies should be deeply personal and reflect you, your partner, family, loved ones where relevant. They are warm, bespoke, uplifting, happy, serious, or informal and I will walk alongside you to create the memories you will cherish for years to come.

What's my ceremony style?

My style is true Connection.
Listening to your needs & wants and having that blank canvas to create your happy times.
I deeply care that its all about YOUR ceremony, and I am totally committed to make you memories that will be remembered forever.

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Why choose Susie?

I just Love People!
I also have a deep value of caring and helping people.
Years ago I trained as a Nurse, where I believe I got my love of people and empathy, spending many hours listening to people and understanding lots of life.
Through-out the rest of my life’s journey so far, I have a huge desire to create those magic moments of celebration, making the experience deeply meaningful.

What do I offer?



Life is all about our uniqueness and quirkyness, so I have no specific ‘one size fits all’- I believe in differences.
My fav ceremony is having that blank canvas and bring to life your dreams and vision. From beaches to barns, from cars to castles, from woodlands to wineries, I love the scope & variety we can create!

5 stars to 3 stars, Platinum to Silver, any dream can be manifested and created.
I will ‘walk the journey’ alongside you both, with love, energy, fun and lots of creative suggestions depending on budgets & your ideas, its YOUR special day.
Many options of symbolic rituals can be added into the ceremony.

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Why choose Susie for your wedding?

I am your Fairy Godmother!
Waving my sparkly wand to make that dream a reality and a forever memory.
I will ‘wrap my arms’ around you to care & be committed to make your wedding just the BEST Ever!
Only Spectacular matters :)


Naming Ceremonies

I support Baby naming, adult naming and adoption ceremonies.
Welcoming babies and children through adoption into joining the family, is such a special and meaningful occasion, that it so derserves to be celebrated.

Whatever is wanted we can make happen.
Hotels and home gardens are the most popular places, yet we can have the any where.
We make it fun, include favourite toys, colours, themes, and any symbolic rituals wanted, such as Bubbles and footprints.

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Why choose Susie for your naming ceremony?

Children are such special special gifts.
Celebrating their arrival into your family is a such a momentous occasion and a chance to create the best memories. I will be that fairy godmother that helps you to do this.


Renewal of Vows

Renewals of Vows, be it the first year , or 25 years later are just so deeply meaningful.
One of my favourite parts of being a celebrant is to help you celebrate yur Vows in front of all your family & special friends.

Gardens to Gondola’s, Boats to beaches, Sunrises to sunsets, any ceremony can be woven to celebrate love!

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Why choose Susie for your renewal of vows?

One of my favourite ceremonies is the Renewal of Vows.
I started ‘Full of Love’ Ceremonies, as I love Romance!
Love is the strongest & most postive emotion we have, so therefore lets fill th world up with more of it.
I know I can create and help work alongside you to give you another Spectacular day, with magical memories to last the rest of your lives.



I work very closely with Funeral Directors and Funeral Arrangers, and we want yoru loved one to have the remberence ceremony to be an everlasting memory for your family and friends.

Each Funeral can be tailored to the needs adn choices the families want.
I beleive with my value of empathy & carign deeply, I am a very good listener adn support in so many ways.

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Why choose Susie for your funeral?

I truly believe I will go ‘above & beyond’ for you and your loved ones to create that lasting Eulogy that will be remembered for many years to come.
I spend time truly getting to know the loved ones who’s passed, their life’s story, the fun times as well as the challenges. I include the family & friends in the ceremony to make it a true blessing of life.


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