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Professional, Sustainable Accessible and HIgh end Ceremonies. Natural burails or internments.


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Hi, I'm Helen

Experienced, enthusiastic, inspirational, and devoted.
We shall make your ceremony be the one that people remember with a feel good feeling in their heart. Hope, love and fellowship is what I’m all about.
I am a facilitator, a creator a story teller, a mover and a shaker too if needed. Solutions, answers, options and inspiration. I bring so much to the table. A celebrant led ceremony is so wonderful because YOU are the boss. You are my client and I the supplier, and I shall supplier all the tools you need – you just need to come with a love story!
Love has no boundaries but unfortunately the landscape of life does at the moment, but together we can overcome them and make magic happen .
Theatre, Theology, and London Events means I have seen first hand that love will find a way.

What's my ceremony style?

Decisive, mature, fun and secure – it’s all about balance, knowledge and confidence. Quality is paramount. We all like to good things in life. So choose me as your Celebrant as I have over 25 years in the ceremony industry. (I started young :-)) Pour your dreams, hopes, fears and aspirations out and I can make them into THE ceremony you dared to dream of.
Choice & options: Faith – lovely! Traditions or cultural elements -bring it on! Blank page and anything goes? – Fabulous!
I am your solution and I come with a smile and an infectious energy.
An Award winning Theatre manager, nothing phases me and everything inspires me. Having trained with the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants – a professional and award-winning institution – I have all the resources to hand.
I have trademarks for sustainability, quality, and recognized achievement and belong to governing bodies that ensure I remain professional. I’m here for you.

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Why choose Helen?

With any life event you wish to mark, TIME is what you deserve, and TIME is what I will give you in abundance. That, along with incredible energy passion, knowledge, commitment and devotion!
If you have got this far in reading my profile, then you are following your hunch. Never ignore your intuition. If you feel I am the one for you, then please do get in contact and see if I am available. . Its ALWAYS about following your own truth. I absolutely welcome you to my page here and invite you to reach out.

What do I offer?



Weddings can be wonderful to plan, but you need to start in the right way. Start with finding me, because as your celebrant, we talk about your marriage. We discover your true hopes and aspirations for your life time together. Once you know truly what your intentions are, creating your wedding day because a joy, and creating your ceremony for your marriage is absolutely wonderful. Its rea affirming, its inspiriting, and once we start you will be beaming! Energy, love, sincerity and clarity will ooze out of the day!
Your declaration of love, style, unity and marriage will touch your hearts and minds of all those present, but most importantly, you both. I will give you my time, skills, energy, ideas, guidance, experience and listening ear as we discuss, discover and create your wedding ceremony.

I offer me, and all that I come with. My energy, my expertise, my experience, my inside, my creativity, and my unique skill of being able to put into words what you might struggle too.
I’ve been part of weddings since I was in the Church Choir – witnessing thousands of couples say ‘I DO’ , I’ve been a florist, I’ve been a theatre manager, I’ve been a producer, and I’m a Mum and a wife myself. I’ve done over 200 weddings and I absolutely love it! You are in safe, creative, knowledgeable hands, listening ears, a bright mind, and an eye for detail and beauty.

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Why choose Helen for your wedding?

If you have got this far in reading my profile, then you are following your hunch. Never ignore your intuition. If you feel I am the one for you, then get in contact. Its ALWAYS about following your own truth. I absolutly welcome you to my page here and invite discover more over at my website, or my Insta page for more of a flavour of me and what energy I can bring to your ceremony creation and day,


Naming Ceremonies

Congratulations! Planning and organising a naming day will usually be for your child, and usually they are little, or even teeny tiny! Scrumptious and brilliant. It’s about gathering the important people around them and sharing and committing to your hopes and dreams for them. It’s a joyous occasion, and I bring my breath of celebrant knowledge and experience to the table for you. The are so important to do and are a wonderful opportunity to welcome and unite them into the fold. i love creating and taking a naming – reach out get in touch and lets get cracking!

What goes into a naming ceremony? Anything you like! Shall come with a listening ear to hear all about your little one, and then we open up the conversation and by the end of it you’ll have a celebration and ceremony you wish they would be old enough to remember….. but don’t worry – I do a fabulous sweet 16 ceremony where we re visit the hope and dreams you had for them at their naming!
Vows, readings, songs and stories … a ceremony that you’ll be bursting with pride over, as well as the child.

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Why choose Helen for your naming ceremony?

I offer more than you expect. Despite the saying, I love working with Children and Animals! I have a houseful myself. With a background in theatre and many a sunday in church, I know the worry of wanting and willing children to behave – a celebrant led ceremony with me takes that worry away and chucks it straight out the window. I’ll hold the room, I’ll get it done beautifully, but if it’s with a child on the hip, and iPad on the chair, a cousin tearing round the room… it’s all fine. I’ve get it. I love it. I’m here with bells on


Renewal of Vows

It might be you have been married for years but never really had a ceremony that you felt shared what you wanted to share and say what you wanted to say. It might be that COVID -19 or family circumstances too away the opportunity to really celebrate. If you have ‘done the legals’ as they say, and been married a while, but really truly, want to have blessing ceremony, or a renewal of vows, or really, a ceremony that feels like a wedding, the THIS is for you

Think of this a a mature approach to a wedding. It’s not a case of finding your feet and what makes you happy, it’s more of a case of knowing and showing what makes you truly happy and being thankful for it, and coming together to share and care
It will feel really wonderful, fulfilling and inspiring. We go through all the process that you would for a wedding, but with more of an educated eye .

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Why choose Helen for your renewal of vows?

I have 25 years experience of being in ceremonies, 20 years of theatre , hundreds of weddings under my belt, a creative mind, an energetic and inspirational attitude, and I LOVE my job – so I am completely confident and at ease with creating and delivering what ever ideas hopes and aspirations you have for your day. I will make it feel effortless, fun, and thoroughly worth it.



You may be reading this because you have just lost a loved one, or perhaps are looking to take the pressure off a loved one. What ever the path , I’ll be with you.
Funerals have been part of my life since I was a child, and I know how wonderful , and how awful they can be. At some-point we have to do something horrid, but together we shall do that in a wonderful, lovely way. I wont send anyone out on their knees. Instead, I want to inspire hope and gratefulness
I shall create, with you a ceremony that will leave a wonderful lasting memory and feeling with you and all your guests – making the ceremony the one that people smile and remember with a warm heart.

Experienced, inspirational, and devoted.
We shall make your ceremony be the one that people remember with a love in their heart. Hope, love and fellowship is what I’m all about.
I am a facilitator, a creator, a story teller, a mover and a shaker too if needed. Solutions, answers, options and inspiration. I bring so much to the table yet it will feel smooth and easy, not over whelming or scary. I shall supply all the tools you need to send your loved one off in the best way possible – you just need to come with a love story, and together we shall make them proud.

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Why choose Helen for your funeral?

The testimonies from all my past clients have been both inspiring to me, and re affirming. I have absolutely found my calling, and you will feel in safe hands.
TIME is what they deserve, and TIME is what I will give you in abundance. That, along with incredible energy passion, knowledge, commitment and devotion.


Reviews for HELEN NOBLE, Celebrant of Surrey

Total Reviews: 6

Average Rating: 5

reviews (6)


Helen made a very difficult day beautiful

5 Stars

Funeral | 11/24/2020 | Clandon Wood, Surrey

When I first met Helen at Clandon Wood she was a bit more jolly than I expected given that I had to discuss a funeral. But after sitting down with her for over 2 hours to talk about my sister I knew that she would ensure all the good things in my sister’s life would be celebrated and not be over-shadowed by my personal grief. Helen clearly knew what she was doing and how to do it. She is confident, competent, reliable, proactive, reassuring and friendly. She communicated really well with everyone involved which took a lot of weight off my shoulders. It was clear she wanted to get the service right and took every step to ensure that happened. She is familiar with Clandon Wood which was important for the service to go smoothly and I would recommend Helen’s services for a funeral. However with her broad ranging skills set I imagine she would be perfect for any occasion requiring a celebrant.


Our wonderful celebrant

5 Stars
Jenny Mills

Wedding | 07/20/2019 | Busbridge lakes, Godalming

After knowing what roughly what wedding we wanted to hold we decided that having a celebrant would be the type of person who could give us a blessing on our wedding day without it being too religious. I stumbled across Helen Noble and we started to message, she is such a friendly and bubbly character. I felt like we were instant friends when discussing the wedding and how to plan the ceremony. She just made everything seem so easy and also so helpful when it came to possibly changing our seating arrangements weather dependent. When we decided to write our own vows she was beyond helpful as it seemed like quite a daunting task but am so glad that we did now. Can honestly look back and say it was the happiest day of our lives and we wouldn’t change a single thing.Thank you so much Helen. X


Helen is a wonderful celebrant

5 Stars
Gibson Family

Funeral | 09/27/2019 | St Mary's Church, Oxted, Surrey

I found Helen randomly, my sister in Houston, US, had been looking at celebrants who could help me organise my 92 year old beloved Father’s ceremony in Oxted, where he lived for fifty years. Helen name popped up! It was meant to be! Helen is a ray of sunshine in a difficult period for any Family, when laying to rest a loved one. She was engaged, she listened, and was compassionate, and above all had this wonderful energy which radiates from her. The day itself was beautiful. The words she wrote resonated with us all about our dear Father’s long life to such perfection – he would of been proud of the day, and it felt so right at that moment in time for all of us as a Family coming together to say our final goodbyes to a man we all loved so much. Helen is a special person and an excellent celebrant, she guides you at a difficult time, but also makes you realise that honouring death is as important as honouring the life. Thank you Helen, Rachel

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