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Julie Muir – Celebrant

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Celtic Handfasting


English, Irish, Spanish, French

Hi, I'm Julie

Do you want a ceremony you’ll remember forever?

I’m your effervescent celebrant, helping you celebrate all of life’s milestones.

I’m a heart-led creative who enjoys writing beautiful stories infused with a bit humour. The goal is always to tell meaningful, emotional stories that resonate and delight. ⁠

I operate in NSW Australia: Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens, Central Coast, Mid North Coast.

What's my ceremony style?

I enjoy getting to know my clients so that their ceremony is a true reflection of who they are as people. It’s about asking the right questions in the right way, really listening, and often reading between the lines.

As a celebrant, I try to entertain while I inform.⁠ ⁠I think about my voice, inflection and mannerisms. ⁠I’m well-versed in the art of humour, metaphor, and symbolism.⁠ Above all, it’s about moving your guests at their emotional core.


Every time I take a booking, I plant a native tree in your honour to mitigate any printing involved in the ceremony.

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Why choose Julie?

I am the whiskey-drinking, yarn-spinning, belly-laughing celebrant that is all you need to brighten your day and nail your event.
Being a celebrant lights me up inside. My oxytocin goes through the roof knowing that I help people create beautiful and memorable life events.

My passion (and biz) is fueled by hard work, love and kindness .
I want the people I work with to feel seen, heard, and understood.
More than that I want them to be accepted, appreciated, and celebrated for who they are. This is a judgement-free zone.

What do I offer?



Are you organised? Detailed orientated?

YES – Great! Me too!⁠
Birds of a feather flock together.⁠ We are going to find it easy to work together. I’ll answer all of our questions before you even ask them and I’ll provide with you with all the juicy info you crave to feel calm.⁠

NO – No problem. Lucky for you, I am! ⁠
Opposites attract.⁠ We are going to find it easy to work together.
I’ll guide you through the process. I am organised so you don’t have to be. You don’t need to remember a thing. I’ve got your back.

Don’t go changing. I love that about you.

Say sayonara to your worries and fears.
I’ve got the magic touch (that comes with experience)
I’ve married 350+ couples

The know-how to engage a crowd = no boring bits

Professional PA system [BOSE S1 Pro] = your guests will hear everything

Outfit to match your style and palette = no clashing patterns ruining your photos. I’ll show up in a high end dress thrifted from a second hand shop.

Photos without me in them = I make it my mission to stay outta the way for all the important bits

Ordering of marriage certificate = one less thing on your to do list

Prices From


Why choose Julie for your wedding?

Let’s create an awesome wedding ceremony together that will be the highlight of your day.

Personalised ceremonies are my specialty.

I’m a Newcastle-based celebrant who is super passionate about creating wedding ceremonies that reflect the personalities of those involved.

You won’t find any boring or out-dated ceremonies here! I’m Irish, which means you’ll get a beautiful Irish accent and a knack for storytelling.

Everyone has their own unique love story that deserves to be told- whether you met at the McDonalds after a night at Kingas, backpacking in Asia, or even if yours is a Tinderella tale, I will write a beautiful story all about it, infused with a bit of humour.

Your guests will be hanging off my every word hearing what you love about each other and what annoys you too!

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Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremonies

It’s time to get your family together – there’s lots to celebrate.

Nothing cringe, boring or cheesy – I pinky promise.

Baby Namings are becoming more and more popular in Australia and I know why, as they are wonderful family events. They are about gathering all the special people in your child’s life that will influence them on their journey.

Nothing cringe, boring or cheesy, just a fun gathering filled with stories about how you and your child have made it to this point.

They are normally held at the time of the 1st birthday but they can be done anytime in the child’s life.

You can hold your ceremony in any location – your home or garden, a local park, beach or hired venue.

I’ve got the magic your child’s celebration has been begging for.

A naming ceremony is a great opportunity to talk about your:
pregnancy and birth
family life
child’s personality
family values
hopes for their future
thank the grandparents
appoint the godparents/guide parents

Prices From

$500 Baby Namings that will give you ALL THE FEELS

Why choose Julie for your naming ceremony?

I believe that parenting is hard (but worth it!) and that baby namings can be fun!

Parenthood is fuc*ing hard. Yep! I swore! Is it still swearing if it’s in an Irish accent?!

I’m a Mum to one 1 year old (after 4 miscarriages and 3 failed attempts at IVF). Parenthood to me is equal parts agony and ecstasy.

You’ve had those days, right? When the sleep depravation, the food on the new jacket and the whingeing, leave you counting the minutes until bedtime. On those days, it seems like the best you can hope for is to survive.

Anyway, I’m far from a parenting expert but I do understand that most parents just want their child to be themselves, to be at ease in the world, and filled with resilience.

Julie-Muir- Celebrant-Newcastle-Hunter

Renewal of Vows

Let’s create an awesome
VOW RENEWAL ceremony together that will be the highlight of your year.

Personalised ceremonies are my specialty.

Marriage ain’t easy. It takes good communication and a lot of hard work.

Maybe you want to reaffirm your commitment to each other after a rough period in your relationship.

Maybe you didn’t get the wedding you dreamed of the first time around.

Maybe you just want to do it as a way of saying that you would do it all again in a heartbeat.

Whatever the reason is, that you want to renew your vows together, we can make something meaningful, memorable and heart-felt together.

It’s all about the Past…. and the Future

Young love is one thing to celebrate.
I enjoy writing about it every week when I marry couples….. but ENDURING love is quite another.

Vow renewals always push me to be a better writer: to find new words and ways of expressing what happens between a couple when the initial love has faded, the course doesn’t run smooth (thank you Shakespeare) but you continue to choose each other and move towards one another for the rest of your lives..

Prices From

$1000- Are you ready to reaffirm your commitment to each other?

Why choose Julie for your renewal of vows?

Conquer Your Fear of The VOWS

For lovers who are ready to step up and lay it all on the line in the most romantic way possible.

Now that you are older and wiser,
it might be time for some new vows.

I know it’s nerve-wracking to get what’s in your head down onto the page but I’ll help you to write the best vows ever.

I pinky promise it’ll be easier than you think,
with the winning formula in my

I’ll push you, in a good way (not over the edge!).

Julie-Muir- Celebrant-Newcastle-Hunter


For people who want to honour their loved one’s memory in a way that feels personalised.

I am a trained professional with high attention to detail so I’ll guide you through the process, supporting you and helping you choose personal elements for the ceremony.

Everyone has their own unique life story that deserves to be told.

Whether totally unforeseen or knowing the inevitable was coming, you find yourself in the grip of grief and loss………
and now arrangements must be made to say goodbye.

Making preparations for a funeral comes at an immensely sensitive, personal and emotional time which is why finding the right celebrant makes the situation just that little bit easier.

I am comfortable with performing traditional or non-traditional/alternative services and my approach respects your choices and beliefs.

When it comes to celebrating your loved one, you can absolutely make the service your own. It’s all in the details. From the words of friends to the choice of music, every detail will be brimming with warmth and filled with love, leaving no doubt how much your loved one was cherished.

I will write a beautiful ceremony about the person’s life infused with a touch of light-heartedness (if that’s what you want). And I’ll create a space that allows for both grieving and celebration. I believe in the power of community and that a funeral done well will assist the grieving process.

I’ve got a soothing Irish accent and a knack for storytelling. I’ll oversee the proceedings of the day with empathy, poise and confidence. Funerals can feel overwhelming but I’ll be your reliable, calm and confident figurehead to guide you both in the planning and with leading up-front on the day.

Prices From

$800 - Creative funerals that leave a lasting impression

Why choose Julie for your funeral?

Conquer the Eulogy
I’ll support you through the process of writing your loved one’s life story.

I’ll provide you with my Eulogy Writing Guide that includes
prompt questions to start the process of remembering a life and capturing the important moments.

It will help you to be real and honest about your loved one’s good (and bad) habits.

It’s full of practical advice, a sample structure and lots of wording examples to make it easy for you to
get what’s in your head, onto the page.

Julie-Muir- Celebrant-Newcastle-Hunter

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