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Hi, I'm Isabel

I have always been fascinated by people’s journeys through life. From the paths they choose, to the U-turns they make and the decisions they make along the way. All the events that create the person they are – and ultimately leads to the point where our paths cross.
My own life led me to become a celebrant. I lost my son suddenly in 2019, and this lived experienced fuels my empathetic and compassionate approach to funeral ceremonies. Every ceremony is tailored to your personal needs. My goal is to always create a meaningful and memorable day – the magic happens from working closely with you to bring your stories to life.
My life as a Celebrant takes me all over the North East of Scotland and beyond. I live in the beautiful surroundings of Royal Deeside and I love the land around me. I love the outdoors

What's my ceremony style?

I love working with people who want to remove themselves from the shackles of convention. I am trained as a Pagan celebrant and can bring authentic rituals into ceremonies. I am also a qualified Shamanic and Reiki practitioner. Everything we include in a ceremony is intentional and there for its meaning – not as a gimmick for effect.
I recently got married myself. It was a wedding festival which my husband and I planned ourselves. From sourcing the suppliers to literally getting our hands dirty preparing the garden and a field – it was more of an education than any celebrant training could provide! This led to an amazing day and night with comments like “the best wedding of the century – including mine” and “can we do it again?” being made. I want this for your ceremonies too.
I have a real love of nature so outdoor ceremonies are my idea of bliss!

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Why choose Isabel?

Being a Celebrant is more than a job for me. It is a passion and it feeds my soul. I take my job very seriously, but don’t worry – I am not stoic. In fact, the more out there the better!
Working with an Independent Celebrant gives you the freedom to choose a time and place that is meaningful to you, without being constricted by “house rules”. This applies to all ceremonies, from funeral to weddings, baby naming to memorials. Your day, your way!

What do I offer?



My favourite type of wedding is a festival-style celebration incorporating meaningful rituals and including family and friends. I love the ancient “Celtic” rituals such as handfasting. I equally enjoy helping couples create their own unique rituals based on a shared experience that is meaningful to them.

I do not offer any packages; every couple, wedding and ceremony is individual, and the cost depends on what is required. Prices start at £520 which includes the first 60 miles. Mileage is charged at 45p per mile.
Included in a ceremony is the writing of the love story (including poems and/or readings), support in writing the vows, choreography, and rituals. Each couple will receive a printed copy of the ceremony after the wedding.
Where a couple chooses to include rituals, there is the option for them to supply any props required or I can source the materials for an additional charge. For handfasting, I hold a workshop so that the couples can create their own cords.

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Why choose Isabel for your wedding?

Having been to weddings where I thought “this doesn’t represent the couple at all, I could do better!”, I make it my mission to get to know you on a real personal level. This way I can tell your love story and engage with your guests – if you like, we can even include them in the ceremony, for example tying the knot at a handfasting ritual! I am forward thinking, and will embrace your beliefs be they religious, humanist, spiritual or anything in-between. Let’s make sure you have a memorable day for all the right reasons!


Naming Ceremonies

As an Independent Celebrant, I can provide a non-religious naming ceremony for all ages and genders.
Perhaps you do not connect with the name you were given at birth, or you have undergone gender reassignment and need to change your name. A renaming ceremony is the ideal way to say goodbye to your old name, give thanks for the life you had before and step through the threshold of your new identity.

I do not offer packages because I believe that each ceremony should be as individual as the person it is for.
My ceremonies are always tailor made with the input of the families. I can suggest and give examples of rituals that may resonate with your values such as an anointing ritual.
A naming ceremony can be held in any venue, indoors or outdoors at any time of day or night.

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Why choose Isabel for your naming ceremony?

I place a lot of value on a name – a name can be chosen or gifted and I believe that the ceremony should reflect the same thought, love and details that has gone into deciding on a name. I will always research the origins of a name and if appropriate bring this into the ceremony.


Renewal of Vows

We reach many milestones in our lives and anniversaries are one. It can be a time of reflection, to see all the obstacles that have been overcome, the changes to the relationship, children, grandchildren etc. This can be a time to renew your commitment to one another by having a vow renewal.
Perhaps when you married (like me when I first wed) I did not get the ceremony I really wanted. This can be an opportunity to do that, to renew or add to the vows you made on your wedding day, involve your children and grandchildren.

As with a wedding ceremony, a renewal is bespoke and tailor made for the couples. I will support the couples to re-write their vows or create new ones and gather the stories of their life together so that I can create a script the is a reflection of the years they have grown together and their achievements.

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Why choose Isabel for your renewal of vows?

As a mature lady, I understand the challenges that marriage brings from the early days to where you are now. it is important to honour each other and the journey you have been on – and I will help you do this in an authentic and beautiful way. You may incorporate rituals into your ceremony that featured in your wedding or create new ones to honour the years that have passed since.



I am a trained Celebrant, but I have also trained with Kate of the Coffin Club, and so will give you the information you need to create a celebration of life that is personal to your loved one. You don’t need to have music, poetry, or even a coffin if you don’t want one – we will walk through each of your options together.
I have also trained with Pushing Up the Daisies, who provide after life care of the deceased. This puts me in the unique position of being able to support you from the second the last breath has been taken.
Choose me as your celebrant, and I will guide you from choosing the most appropriate funeral director (if you decide to choose one) to options for venues for the service, to alternative coffins and beyond. I am passionate about bringing death home if that is what the client chooses.

My services start at £200 where the Funeral Director has commissioned me.
Service I provide are:
Care of the body after the last breath has been taken
Sign posting to funeral directors etc
Writing the ceremony and eulogy and presenting these on the day of the funeral
Advising of music and picture tributes
Exploring alternate venues for the service

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Why choose Isabel for your funeral?

My son died suddenly in 2019 and I wanted to ensure that he had the best send-off possible. After this I decided to follow my passion, so I trained to be a funeral celebrant. Ever since, I have been on a mission to bring death, dying and the celebration of life home rather than giving all the power to a Funeral Director. I work closely with the clients to ensure that the ceremony is a true reflection of the deceased, including their story, their personality and anything that they have requested. I know the impact that mistakes and misinformation have on your memory of the day, so I will always


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