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Hand Fasting, Jumping the Broomstick ,Sand Blending Ceremonies, Ring Ceremonies. Celebrations of Life including adoption Ceremonies, Joining of Families, Pet Ceremonies


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Hi, I'm Laura and John

We have been professionally trained by the Institute of Professional Celebrants, several years ago, at Malvern in Worcestershire, and we continue to participate in Continuing Professional Development.

Laura and John offer amazing and unique ceremonies, to mark life’s milestones, from the cradle to the grave.

From Wedding Ceremonies, to Baby Naming, from Vow Renewals, to Funerals, and all other life events in between.

Our Ceremonies cover the Circle of Life, including Wonderful Weddings, Joyful Baby Naming, Wedding Vow Renewals, Heartfelt Farewells and Memorial Tributes.

We officiate at Ceremonies including Christian, Humanistic Style, LGBT, Gothic Style, and Bikers.

These lists are not exclusive, so please talk to us about your life events, and how you would like to celebrate them.

We will work with you, to ensure your Ceremony is a reflection of your Style, Beliefs and Cultures.

Embrace the Experience, have a Fabulous, Unique Ceremony, filled with Never Ending Memories, with a Loch Lomond Celebrant led Ceremony.

What's my ceremony style?

We offer mini ceremonies within the main ceremony, whether it is a Wedding Ceremony, a Wedding Vow Renewal, Baby Naming, or any other Milestone Ceremony. There are many Mini Ceremonies to choose from, including one or more of the following examples : Hand Fasting, Jumping the Broomstick, Blending of the Sands or Warming of the Rings. This can add humour, fun and symbolism to the occasion, creating a very unique and meaningful Ceremony, just for you, your family and friends. Maybe you have just adopted a much longed for child ? What better way to welcome this young person into your family, than with a unique ceremony, maybe with a sand blending ceremony, symbolizing the joining of families together. Perhaps your marriage has gone through challenging times ? What better way to strengthen your relationship than a Vow Renewal Ceremony, with the opportunity to renew your Wedding Vows, in a way which is unique to you as a couple.

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Why choose Laura and John?

We are passionate about the individuality of your ceremony. We will meet with you face to face in order to gather notes and get to know you.

This may take a few meetings, there may be laughter or tears along the way, but it is important that you have a bespoke and unique ceremony that your guests will remember long after the event.

Make Loch Lomond Celebrants your choice, when deciding on how to celebrate your important life event..

We travel locally, or throughout Scotland, as required, to help you create the ceremony of your dreams.. We communicate face to face, email, Google Duo, or phone.

Contact us now.

What do I offer?

Name change wedding


Our ideal couple are two people who are very much in love. All couples come from different backgrounds, different age groups, different cultures, and beliefs. One thing all couples have in common, is that they love each other, and that they have chosen to spend the rest of their lives together. Another thing they have in common, is they have chosen to say their vows to each other, in the presence of their friends and family. One of our favourite ceremony types could include “Jumping the Broomstick”, symbolizing the couple’s leap of faith into the future.. Our ideal couple may be religious or not religious, and could be in the style of Gothic, Biker. or any desired theme. We respect all beliefs and none. Our ideal couple may prefer to have a traditional wedding, or a themed wedding, for example, outdoors in a romantic garden setting, such as a Vintage Wedding, or a Modern Wedding.

We are trained to National Standards by the Institute of Professional Celebrants. We are sensitive, compassionate and respectful of all beliefs and cultures, including Religious, Humanistic Style, Gothic and Biker Ceremonies, essentially all faiths and none. Your Ceremony should be a reflection of your Style, Beliefs, Cultures, bespoke and be unique to you. Loch Lomond Celebrants are happy to travel throughout Scotland, and beyond, including Glasgow, Dunbartonshire, Renfrewshire, Ayrshire, and Argyll & Bute.

We offer a bespoke and unique wedding ceremony, based on the couple’s love story, and set in a venue of their choice, whereby words like Fabulous, Unique, and Never ending Memories come to mind. (FUN)

Our packages are bespoke to each couple, for example, one couple may wish a hand fasting, another couple may wish to include the symbolic Mini Ceremony “Jumping the Broomstick”. Our Packages depend on the requirements of each couple.

We are the Celebrants that make your special day amazing !

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Why choose Laura and John for your wedding?

We are passionate about the individuality of your ceremony. We will meet with you face to face in order to gather notes and get to know you. If this is not possible, due to distance, emails, and phone calls can be used.

This may take a several meetings, there may be a few laughs or tears along the way, but it is important that you have a bespoke and unique ceremony, that both you and your guests will remember long after the event.

We work closely with you to ensure your special day is amazing, and as unique as you both are.

Please note, you will be required to be legally married, prior to your Celebrant Led Ceremony, as our ceremonies have no legal status. (Thank You).

Choose Loch Lomond Celebrants for your Wedding Ceremony. Please contact us for your memorable day. We are waiting to hear from you, and we will reply ASAP.

Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremonies

We are Independent Civil Celebrants, professionally trained by the Institute of Professional Celebrants, and we officiate at Naming Ceremonies.

We like to work with families who are eager to hold a ceremony to welcome their new addition to their family and friends. This is a unique ceremony, reflecting the hopes and aspirations the parents have for their child.

What a wonderful opportunity to introduce this little one to your friends and family, which can be held anywhere, a hired venue, or even your garden. appealing for today’s modern thinking parents.. The ceremony can be religious, or non religious, tailored around the child, celebrating his/her birth.

We welcome participation by brothers or sisters of the new baby, and the ceremony can be simple, fun and can include themes such as a Teddy Bear’s Picnic, Pirates and Princesses, or a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

We also offer Adoption Ceremonies, which helps a youngster feel accepted into a new family,

Our packages are tailored to the individual needs of families. We offer the basic Baby Naming Ceremony, which can include mini ceremonies for older brothers or sisters.

Additionally, we also offer Adoption Ceremonies, which can help a youngster feel accepted by their new families.

Likewise, we also offer Blended Family Ceremonies, where children from previous relationships can bond with each other, within Step Families.

The above ceremonies can also introduce Guide Parents, rather than God Parents, for non religious ceremonies, and encourage other family members to participate in the fun. We arrange to meet up with the parents, either in person, or by phone, or email, to discuss and plan their requirements, and write a ceremony script, which they have the opportunity to make changes to, prior to the Naming Ceremony. On the day of the Ceremony, we introduce the child to the invited guests, family and friends, delivering their story in a enjoyable, meaningful way.

Happy Days !

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Why choose Laura and John for your naming ceremony?

We meet with the family, at a time convenient to them, to discuss the story of their child, why they have given them the name they have chosen, perhaps the name has a special meaning for them ?

We discuss if the family would like a themed ceremony, taking into account the ages of other children who will be present, and whether any Guide Parents would like to be involved, and say a few words.

We create a script from the information we are given, which the parents have the opportunity to change, or make additions to, prior to the day of the ceremony.

Let Loch Lomond Celebrants lead your Naming Ceremony, and enjoy a day to remember, for you, the parents, your little ones, family and friends.


Renewal of Vows

Our ideal couple will be planning to reaffirm their love for each other in the presence of family and friends. They may wish to have their Wedding Vow Renewal held outside, in a romantic garden setting, or a more lavish celebration in a hotel, or alternative venue. Our favourite ceremony type is the one chosen by our ideal couple, whether it be a small intimate ceremony, or a larger event, in front of many friends and family., a ceremony which reflects not only the love shared between the couple, but also the challenges they may have faced, in their years of marriage, and also their hopes and inspirations for their future. We encourage participation from the attending guests, offering the opportunity for them to read a poem, funny tribute, or even a song. Our favourite type of ceremony is one which leaves wonderful memories in the minds of the couple, and all who attended. Fabulous, Unique, and Never Ending Memories. N

We tailor our packages to each individual couple’s needs., whether they would like a handfasting ceremony , or a more traditional style of ceremony, where the focus is on the couple exchanging vows.. These can be their original vows, or ones which they create, to reflect their years together. We offer couples the choice of ceremony which reflects their unique beliefs and cultures. We arrange an introductory meeting, whether in person, phone, email, or Google Duo, to discuss their ceremony, listen to their love story, through the good, and not so good times, and why they are choosing now to renew their vows. We offer suggestions of symbolic mini ceremonies, such as “Jumping the Broomstick” they may wish to include in their ceremony, as a leap of faith into the future. (For our older couples – Don’t worry, you will not need to jump, the height of the broomstick can be adjusted to suit your needs !) Fabulous & Unique

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Why choose Laura and John for your renewal of vows?

We engage with the couple, build a rapport, and spend time listening to their story.

We provide the couple with the opportunity to view their ceremony script as often as required, to make additions or changes to it, in order that they have a fantastic and meaningful Vow Renewal Ceremony.

We encourage participation from friends/family who would like to say a few words of congratulations to the couple on the day.

On the day of the ceremony, we welcome the guests, introduce the couple to those present, deliver their agreed script, and facilitate any symbolic mini ceremonies, concluding in cheers for the happy couple.

It is important to note, a Vow Renewal Ceremony is not a fake Marriage, it has no legal status. (Thank You.)

Our aim is to facilitate a ceremony which you and your guests will remember forever.

Please contact Loch Lomond Celebrants now. We are waiting to hear from you.



We are Independent Civil Funeral Celebrants, for all faiths and none. We work closely with local Funeral Directors, and communicate with bereaved families.

We officiate at burials, and cremations, including themed funerals, Gothic, or Bikers. We recognize the individuality of the deceased person, and work closely with bereaved families, to fulfill their loved one’s final wishes, whether it be a gentle goodbye, or a more uplifting farewell, in the form of a Celebration of Life.

Our Specialism is Scattering of Ashes, where the deceased’s ashes are scattered at a special and meaningful location, as part of a unique and individualized ceremony, for that final goodbye to your loved one. Memories never die.

We are passionate and sensitive to the needs of bereaved families, regardless of the situations surrounding their deaths. Every person should have the right to a respectful farewell, whether religious or not, for all faiths and none.

Please contact us directly.

We offer a sensitive and compassionate approach to grieving families.

Our first contact is usually a phone call from the Funeral Director, asking us if we are available to conduct a funeral service, He/she then provides us with the contact details of the next of kin, with whom we make prompt contact with, initially by phone, and arrangements are made for further meetings, either by phone, email, or in person.

The next of Kin will provide us with details of their loved one’s life, happy moments, sad moments, and information that allows us to write a befitting Eulogy for the funeral unique to the deceased’s life, whether they were religious or not, and reflecting their cultures and beliefs.

We offer families compassion, sensitivity, and confidentiality, listening to the story of the deceased’s life, creating it into their Eulogy, which we read out on the day of the funeral.

For Scattering of Ashes, please contact us directly.

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Visit our website for our latest prices..

Why choose Laura and John for your funeral?

We establish a rapport with the grieving family, using a sensitive and compassionate approach. We engage with, and listen to the family, as they tell us their loved one’s life story. The Eulogy will have been made available to the family, for approval, and any changes they wish, will be made, and agreed, prior to the day of the funeral.

Religious or not, our ceremonies are for all beliefs and cultures, and for all faiths and none.

We not only do the Eulogy , we also provide the opening and closing words, together with the committal. Family and friend participation is encouraged during the funeral service by the reading of a tribute or poem.

Please ask your Funeral Director for Loch Lomond Celebrants, or for a Scattering of Ashes Ceremony please contact us directly. We aim to reply to all enquiries as soon as possible, and we look forward to hearing from you. Thank You.


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