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Hi, I'm Oso

London born and bred, of Indian heritage, I share my home between the fast-moving city of Dubai and the magical island of Ibiza. I’m truly an international wedding celebrant.

I imagine, create and conduct personal, one-of-a-kind wedding ceremonies, but more than that, I create true celebrations, which strive to join you both in a joyful, warm ritual, whilst honouring your family and friends, embracing everyone with a big bear-hug from the heart.

I light the fuse to a ceremonial explosion of love, connection and sheer happiness. Your wedding ceremony will be forever cherished, never forgotten.

What's my ceremony style?

When I conduct your wedding ceremony, the celebration starts right there and then. We’re not waiting one second longer to celebrate the two of you. NOT. ONE. SECOND. LONGER. It’s going to be uplifting. It’s going to be emotional. It’s going to burst at the seams with joy. We’re going to take the happiness-dial and crank it up to 11. We’ve got this one moment, so we’re going to do it RIGHT. Right?

My celebrations infuse your entire wedding day. I’m going to raise everyone up. I’m going to put you in a rocket and shoot you up into the sky. A neverending story of happiness, emotion, joy and love, exploding on your wedding day.

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Why choose Oso?

We’ve all been to those wedding ceremony snooze-fests where we twiddle our thumbs whilst the priest/registrar/celebrant laughs at their own jokes and makes us wish we were back home on the sofa with a cup of tea.

That’s not happening on my watch.

I create and express ceremonies with heart & soul, made just for you and delivered with a touch of magic. I’m welcoming, personable, and my celebrations bring everyone closer with a warm, delightful intimacy, no matter how big or small the party.

I get in sync with my couples and create a ceremony true to their personalities and energies. My couples frequently tell me they like my vibe, which I secretly love. So if that resonates with you, reach out, let’s have a fun little chat and we’ll talk about how I’ll create a celebration just for you, and a true experience for your guests.

What do I offer?



I want to celebrate the two of you, and tell your story in all the vibrant colours that you are. I start with a blank piece of paper and I’m led entirely by my curiosity. Through laughter-filled chats and lighthearted questions (and the odd cocktail over Zoom), I paint a portrait that’s uniquely you.

My wedding ceremonies are founded in tradition and then turned on their head and embellished, not only with your story but my own observations and a desire to bring your friends and family on a journey – an experience. That means you can expect a sun-drenched celebration, filled with emotion, energy, laughter and togetherness. I’m going to connect you both together, deeply, and unite your family and friends, who have traveled the distance to witness something truly special.

I want to create a ceremonial adventure that takes you up to the highest of highs, and parachutes into the rest of your day.

Why choose Oso for your wedding?

Walk my way if the following sounds like you:

1. You want a wedding celebration and an experience, not a thumb-twiddling ceremony.
2. You want something uniquely you, that speaks your couple-language and celebrates who you are.
3. You want to bring your family and friends closer, and truly engage them.
4. You want your ceremony to be meaningful.
5. You want a ceremony that’s the emotional equivalent of a glitter bomb.

If you nodded to any of the above points, reach out and let’s have a fun chat to discuss how good your wedding ceremony could be.

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Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremonies

It’s a beautiful thing to celebrate the birth and naming of a baby, and it should be cheered-for, swooned-over and danced-to. You can expect me to create something bespoke, beautiful, and as unique as your baby. Something to cherish, and a moment your little one can always look back on and know how much they were loved.

Why choose Oso for your naming ceremony?

Calling attention to the important things in life and knowing how to commemorate those moments is what I speciaise in. I combine time-honoured rituals with those I create just for you, and I do it with love, care, joy and huge bear-hugs.

I don’t want to give you a ceremony, I want to give you an experience. Your naming celebration should shoot for the moon – that’s what I aspire to.


Renewal of Vows

Whether you want something discreet and relaxed, or a grand celebration with guests and witnesses, I’ve got you covered.

Renewing vows may be my favourite of all ceremonies, as it’s filled with hope for the future, whilst recognising the road already walked. I want to create a fitting tribute that reflects who you are, and what you wish for your bright future. Let me help you bring it to life.

Why choose Oso for your renewal of vows?

We so rarely celebrate in life. Bringing attention and ritual to the important things is what I do best.

Big and bold or small and soft, my celebrations are bursting with love, care, joy and huge bear-hugs. I don’t want to give you a ceremony, I want to give you an experience.

Who said a renewal can’t be just as exciting as a fresh start? Not me! Your vow renewal should shoot for the moon, and that’s exactly what I aspire to.


Unfortunately Oso The Celebrant is not available for Funerals.

Reviews for Oso The Celebrant

Total Reviews: 3

Average Rating: 5

reviews (3)


Making you shine in front of your family and friends

5 Stars
Sascha + Tomas - Tanit Wedding Films

Wedding | 05/10/2021 | Ibiza

Oso writes the most personal, touching, heartfelt ceremonies. I think it’s his genuine interest in people and caring nature that makes him ask the right questions and discover these unique details about each couple. You can feel he took his time to really get to know them. As a result, his ceremonies are filled with poetic metaphors defining the couple beautifully and making them shine in front of their family and friends.

Apart from performing incredible rituals that will make all your guests cry, his friendly, happy character brings instant joy to your day and a big smile to your face.


What would our day have been like without you?

5 Stars
Jess & Andrew

Wedding | 06/30/2019 | Experimental Beach, Ibiza

I find myself thinking “What would our day have been like without you?” We felt totally at ease with you from the first communication and we shared so much more with you than I expected, especially Andrew, I think you charmed him! I’m really glad we did because it made for the most incredible ceremony. I don’t know how you do it, you are insightful and made connections I never imagined. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


WOW – We couldn’t speak more highly of Oso

5 Stars
Cheryl & Scott

Funeral | 09/21/2021 | Ibiza

WOW – We couldn’t speak more highly of Oso, he delivered the most personal loving ceremony in front of our family & friends in Ibiza. He is an absolute joy to work with prior to and on the day of the wedding.

He knows exactly when to add in humour and delivered the ceremony with ease. A few of the personnel touches he added were brilliant and made our day so special.

All our guests loved the ceremony and all enjoyed chatting with Oso after the vows were completed.

We will always be grateful for what you created for us.

If you are ever in Scotland give us a shout :)

All our love,
Chez and Scott

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