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Hi, I'm Nichola

Rebel Heart Ceremonies was born out of frustration from hearing couples and families talk about what they felt they ‘should’ be doing for wedding, funeral and baby naming ceremonies. In reality, there is no should in any of those ceremonies, it’s all about what YOU want for your ceremony. I strive to inspire you to create the ceremony you’ve always wanted, but never thought you were allowed, whatever that looks like. It’s all about understanding who you are as a person, a family or a couple and working with you to create something totally unique and bespoke, with those intimate touches, that mean everything to you and that your guests will never forget.

What's my ceremony style?

Words are at the heart of all the ceremonies I craft and the foundation on which everything else builds. Only if the words have meaning and impact, can the rituals, the music, the animals and anything else you want to include in a ceremony, truly shine. Once the words are in place, I LOVE working with clients to build moments of surprise, pushing boundaries and trying new things that set the tone for the rest of the celebration. The messier, more complicated a ceremony, with lots of different elements and creative touches, the more excited and alive I become. My ceremonies will always have your story at the very core, but then we’ll uncover your Rebel Heart to bring that to life in a way that’s truly bespoke and reflective of who you are.

Prices From

Ceremonies start from £200 for funerals and £500 for weddings


Why Funerals Are So Rewarding

After a service for a lovely lady in her 40’s, her mum enveloped me in an enormous hug and said ”Now I can move forward, you have given me the courage to live in the way that my daughter would want me to, I never thought I’d be able to again”.


Why choose Nichola?

Families that work with me often comment that they are amazed at how I can take in seemingly jumbled and random information and create beautiful, flowing and meaningful ceremonies, picking up on the tiniest of details and ensuring everyone in the rooms feels included. If that sounds like the ceremony you’d love, then that’s a good reason to choose me!
I’ve worked in live events & PR for over 15 years – so I’ve written stories that journalists want to print, and created memorable experiences that engage with people. Beyond that, I’m used to juggling lots of different priorities and challenges and always deliver.

What do I offer?



The ceremony is the heart of any wedding but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring, formulaic and traditional. The most memorable ceremonies happen when there’s an amazing love story, told in an unusual but meaningful way. Rebel Heart Ceremonies challenge what’s normal, and aspire to bring out the real you, the one you’re sometimes a little bit scared off, to show off in all its magnificent glory how amazing you and your other half are. We don’t try to make you look cool or go out of the way to be alternative, but when the real ‘you’ has chance to play, we can create the most unique, meaningful and rich ceremonies that tell your story, your way.

Whether it’s first time around, a renewal of vows after decades together or your 5th time up the aisle I’d love to work with you. We’ll find the ways to make your ceremony unique and special, based on the things that make you unique and special. I’m a tenacious dreamer who loves romance so whatever your ideas for incorporating elephants, aeroplanes or tattoo artists in to your ceremony – I’ll work my hardest to make that happen. If you’re after something a little quieter, but with creativity and flair that reflects who you are, we can create that too! And if the in-laws, outlaws or other guests are stressing you out, I’m always here for a rant and a glass of wine to power you through!

Prices From

From £500

Why choose Nichola for your wedding?

I’m a tenacious dream, an imperfect perfectionist and I get stuff done. You can expect me to really listen to who you & your partner are and develop a ceremony that reflects you both, telling your story with passion and creativity. Then we’ll add some Rebel magic, bringing in unexpected elements that will mean the world to you and that your guests won’t forget. And in amongst that I’m there to dry your eyes, listen to your rants, celebrate the ‘yes’ moments and help you through what can be an enjoyable, but incredibly stressful time!

Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremonies

Saying Hello to a new member of the family is always an exciting time, but it’s rarely the same for everyone. It may be celebrating the arrival of a new baby, it may be welcoming new children after an emotional adoption process or it could be recognising a change of name or gender. Whatever the reason for your Hello Ceremony, I’ll work with you to find the right words, emotions and thanks to mark the occasion and share this special and emotional event with your loved ones. We can keep it more traditional with a naming ceremony that includes mentors (aka god-parents)and readings, or we can go all out and dance ’til dawn with open arms to celebrate the new chapter in your life. However you want to commemorate and celebrate what’s new in your world, let’s trust your Rebel Heart and make it happen.

I work with families and individuals to craft a Hello service that reflects them and their story bringing in touches of humour and emotion, touching on the moments that caused pain, overcome by the moments that brought immense joy. We’ll tell your story of the journey to Hello, but focus on the excitement of new life or a new chapter, look ahead to hopes and wishes for the future whilst cementing the network that will help you all flourish moving ahead. We can create the elements that you can cherish in future, be that building Hand Print Trees or Letter Boxes for little ones or Unity Sand Ceremonies when welcoming adopted or step siblings into blended families. It’s time for you and your loved ones to come together and acknowledge the path you’ve taken to get here and then celebrate and give thanks for everything you’ve now got to look forward to.

Prices From

From £250

Why choose Nichola for your naming ceremony?

Working in live events for over 15 years I’ve acquired the creative skills and attention to detail that means you ceremony will be totally unique, picking up on the tiniest of details that mean the world to you. Your ceremony will only make sense to you and your loved ones, telling your story in a way that your guests won’t forget and that you’ll cherish for years to come.


Renewal of Vows

Vow renewals are one of the most special ceremonies to officiate. When two people choose to re-commit the emotion, passion and love is intense… as are the stories they can tell about their life together. Couples choose to re-new their vows for a wide range of reasons, reconciling after a temporary separation, due to illness, because they weren’t sure they got it right the first time around or ‘just because’. Whatever your reason for renewing, you and your other half deserve a ceremony that is every bit as unique and special as your original one, a ceremony that reflects everything you have endured and survived, that recognises the sheer love and commitment you share for each other. As your celebrant I’ll listen to your story, understand why you’re wanting to re-new your vows and create the ceremony the celebrates everything that makes your story so special.

Prices From

From £500

Why choose Nichola for your renewal of vows?

I’m a romantic at heart and there’s nothing more I love than an enduring love story – the ones that have survived against the odds, the ones where the love still grows stronger every day or where you always still kiss goodnight. I’d LOVE to write your ceremony, to make you feel just as special as you did on your wedding day, to have some fun with your story and show the world why your love still rocks and why we all need to celebrate it!



Funerals are such a powerful gear shift of grief as families prepare to say a final goodbye to those they have loved and lost. Conducting funerals is an absolute honour and one which I take incredibly seriously – although there is always room for humour and creativity, should the family deem it appropriate. I will always be led by what the family want for a service, but equally at a time when it can feel frightening and over whelming, I can help you navigate the words, the choices and the tone to ensure we create a ceremony your loved one would be proud of and that helps you move forward through the difficult weeks ahead.

I can offer a range of ceremonies to say Goodbye to a loved one, be that a funeral in a crematorium, a scattering or interment of ashes or a memorial service following a direct cremation. I work with families to ensure they feel included in the ceremony, whether that’s giving a tribute themselves or writing something they would like me to read out for them. For those families who find it too emotional to find the right poems or music, I can make suggestions having spoken with them about their loved ones. Every funeral service I create will be totally bespoke to your loved one, representing their life and giving you the courage to move forward.

Prices From

From £200

Why choose Nichola for your funeral?

One of the things I continue to be surprised about regarding funerals is that families tell me their loved one lived a simple life, nothing remarkable, then share amazing stories of courage, of tenacity, kindness and love. Everyone has a story to tell and I am inspired by the stories I hear. For me a funeral is far more than a CV of someone’s life and in choosing me I’ll find a thread that runs through your loved ones life, to bring the service together in a meaningful and relevant way.


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