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Authorised to conduct legal marriage and civil partnership ceremonies across Scotland as a Marriage Celebrant with Agnostic Scotland


Founding member of Agnostic Scotland

Hi, I'm Andrea

Hello, I’m Andrea – Soulful Celebrant

I live by the sea in Edinburgh and am happy to travel for ceremony.
I am a Life Celebrant and founding member of Agnostic Scotland – a not for profit, values led organisation.
 In regard to ceremony my practice is inclusive and open-minded. I am collaborative in my approach and always open to working with members of other secular and faith-based organisations.
I am flexible and supportive of choice, and very keen to collaborate with you to co-create a ceremony that reflects your beliefs, values and wishes because it’s your ceremony.

What's my ceremony style?

As a modern Celebrant I treasure and embrace your decision to acknowledge, and create, ceremony and ritual, whether for marriage, civil partnership, intentional, ethical conscious commitments, death or divorce, indeed, any rite of passage or transformative moment in your life. Many of these choices also need rites of protection and I champion the right for you to be informed, have options and make decisions that are right for you, your partner and your family. I have the skills to hold, nurture, realise and deliver your individual choices. As an Agnostic Celebrant my offerings for couples, families and communities include a myriad of traditional and modern, mixed faith, a nod to faith, religious or non- religious, multicultural but always inclusive, ceremonies and rituals. These encompass Marriage, Civil Partnerships, Commitment Ceremonies, Blessingways, Family Blending Ceremonies along with Celebration of Life Memorials and Funerals .

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Why choose Andrea?

I am here to support any treasured life or community event that needs to, and should be, marked and celebrated in some way.

I offer facilitation and support in an open-minded and collaborative way offering choice, inclusion, support, guidance, advocacy that embraces you and your community to create a ceremony that is heartfelt with a light touch

Co-creating your ceremony is a beautiful process

My only stipulations are that your ceremony is safe, respectful, does no harm and leaves no trace 🌿

I plant a tree for every ceremony conducted with Trees For Life in Scotland and dedicate it to you or your person

What do I offer?



First of all the couple who choose to work with me have a strong sense of identity & self awareness. Fundamentally the couple are aware of their rights, aware they have choices and are informed. They love being outdoors, are active and are respectful of the natural world, they are engaged with what is going on in the world, politically & environmentally. They are creative even though they think they are not. The couple see their wedding day as a gathering, a gathering of their community. They want their ceremony to embrace everyone present, to make their guests feel, for a moment, that they all got a little bit married. My favourite ceremony type with this couple is all marriage/civil partnership ceremonies. Indoors or outdoors, big or teeny their ceremony is creative, feminist, poignant, funny, upbeat, heartfelt and meaningful. It also recognises the power of the moment.

I haven’t created ‘packages’ as yet. Any suggestions welcome.

Anyone exploring ways of working with celebrants in regard to marriage, civil partnership and commitment ceremonies can find it hard to picture how it will all happen.
I have a password protected blogpost explaining my practice and process of ceremony co-creation and collaboration – reach out and I can send you the password if you are interested.

For me a couple are made up of two individual autonomous adults. Everyone is individual, everyone has different needs and we all work in different ways, time scales etc but I’m there to listen, support, give choices, guide, advocate, discuss options, explore meaning, nudge gently and not so gently.
As a midwife I often joke that that is what I am doing ‘midwifing’ couple’s through the process, the gestation and birth of their very own ceremony.

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Why choose Andrea for your wedding?

I am a bright, caring, spirited practitioner ready to nurture collaboration and co-creation while holding space for your ceremony with authenticity and care.
I’d be happy to welcome you to my website and Instagram space where I share the practices close to my heart and you can read through some of the Love Notes sent by couples, hit the highlight buttons on Instagram for videos of poetry reading and more, watch the waves, hear my voice and get a sense of me.


Unfortunately Soulful Celebrant is not available for Naming Ceremonies.

Unfortunately Soulful Celebrant is not available for Renewal of Vows



I like to work with families who have an awareness of choice around the loss of their person and the knowledge they can do things differently.
I don’t tend to work for Funeral Directors within the traditional funerary process. Most of the memorials and celebrations of life I support come via word of mouth from families who want something different, who want to co-create their own ceremony in their own way.

The Funeral/Memorial Celebrancy practice I aim to cultivate is underpinned by what I call the 3 C’s – choice, collaboration and co-creation.
This may include ritual and creating the ceremony space. We can explore how to take the space and make it our own, make it safe and authentic. Also how we gather, enter and step out of the space.
Taking time to plan and consider such aspects contributes beautifully to a meaningful memorial or funeral for the living and for the dead.

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Why choose Andrea for your funeral?

We can create a ceremony that honours your person or yourself and it can be whatever you want or need it to be.
You can take time to pause and consider, you can explore and question, you can make informed choices.
You have autonomy and rights.

Taking the opportunity to pause to say goodbye, grieve, celebrate, remember, honour and show love in your way, while respecting the ways of your person, through ceremony and ritual can be a remedy for individuals and families

Find me on Instagram @soulfulexit


Reviews for Soulful Celebrant

Total Reviews: 15

Average Rating: 5

reviews (15)


Magical Elopement

5 Stars
Kyra Alguire

Wedding | 10/13/2022 | Loch Lomond

Imagine you’re running away to Scotland to elope, you don’t know anyone, you aren’t familiar with the country, and you’re making the biggest commitment of your life. You’re floundering a bit and then you find Andrea, the kindest and most magical soul! Not only did she create a unique and beautiful ceremony for us, but she also helped us so much with our journey before even getting to Scotland.

Andrea and our photographers are the reason we tell everyone to elope. Most officiants seem to be more hands off, just figuring out the ceremony and really only confirming with you the day before your big day. That’s not the case with Andrea, she was in touch a lot, learning our quirks and listening to our dreams for our elopement. Our ceremony couldn’t have been better, it was perfect! Andrea made it the most beautiful sacred space for us to commit to one another. It was comfortable and so easy to stay in the moment with her. She has a true talent and we are so thankful we found her!


Andrea created a ceremony better than we could have ever imagined!

5 Stars
Erin Donnelly

Wedding | 10/08/2022 | Cardney Steadings Estate

When we set about choosing our non-religious ceremony we didn’t know there were other options than Humanist. When we looked into humanist beliefs we didn’t feel the type of ceremony really captured us as individuals, a couple or reflected our families values. So, we kept our eye out for any other options. I first found Andrea on instagram, tagged in a beautiful rooftop wedding in Edinburgh. I read about Agnostic Scotland and their ethos and it struck a cord with us. We arranged a zoom call with Andrea and chatted to her about our dream ceremony, what we wanted to include, how we wanted it to feel and the meaning behind it for us. Andrea was so easy to talk to, made us feel listened to and also shared great ideas and options when we needed some support. We loved being able to meet Andrea in person on a few occasions during wedding planning as we knew by the wedding day she really knew us as people and could properly share our love story. Andrea supported our choice to write our own vows and guided us without controlling anything. I wouldn’t have dreamed of feeling brave enough to share the words I did without feeling so comfortable with Andrea as our celebrant. On the day, the ceremony was the most commented on aspect of our wedding. There were moments in the ceremony where we could just really feel the love in the room. Andrea’s telling of our story was unbelievably perfect, and a beautiful mix of ritual, cultural tradition, poetry and personal vows, moments of reflection, inclusion, loving humour and fun. Choosing an agnostic ceremony and Andrea as our celebrant was one of the best decisions we made during wedding planning and I’m so glad it turned out to be such a true reflection of us. We really will cherish the memories forever. Thank you Andrea!



5 Stars
Toria Hall

Wedding | 09/10/2022 | North Berwick beach

Andrea was brilliant with us , she made the organisation of the day easy. Andrea spent time explaining the process and kept us on the ball. She made the experience straight forward and gave us lots of options. . She listened to our views and helped with our vows. Just loved that Andrea conducted our wedding , she was perfect Andrea is a calm , happy and caring person highly recommended her to anyone whatever the event

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