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Spectacularly Alternative Ceremonies

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I travel Internationally & Nationally


Weddings- Traditional, Classic and Alternative (Festival, Medieval/Pagan, Steampunk, Comic Book, Gatsby, Fantasy, Victorian Goth, etc. ) It can be as plain and simple as you wish or as 'Shake Your Tail Feather' s you desire.


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English and Greek

Hi, I'm Esther

This is a dedicated service, committed to commissioning an outstanding bespoke personalised ceremony, unique to your lifestyle and interests, exceeding your expectations!

Specialists in Alternative Ceremonies for alternative lifestyles. As unique, as alternative, or as ‘Oooh, La La’ as you both wish.”

Give your guests an unforgettable experience with a wedding memory of a lifetime by an experienced public speaker/performer!

What's my ceremony style?


As humans, we have a strong desire to define our human journey by marking special events and important occasions. 

Everlasting Memorable Experiences give us fulfilment.
Gone are the days of the institutionalized ‘one size fits all.
You can now Celebrate Your Way.

Traditional, Casual, Elegant, Quirky, Funny, Theatrical, Elegant, Unique to YOU!

Prices From

From £650-950


10% discount for clients exclusive to The Celebrant Directory

I am always honoured to manifest a Ceremony, there is no greater pleasure!

As well as your traditional ceremonies, and destination ceremonies abroad, I have performed Gothic, Steampunk, Rockabilly and Flash Mob Wedding Ceremonies!

I have performed weddings in the UK, Cyprus , Greek Islands and have now added Lake Como to my destinations!

Whatever your theme I will adapt and bring that to life!
I love a challenge and creating something UNIQUE to you both.

Contact for an informal chat!

£650 including travel & expenses UK,

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Why choose Esther?

From a background in Travel, beginning on 5* Cruise Ships and Entertainment, Worldwide.
Researching, producing, presenting. hosting events, with over 20 years experience as a public speaker and entertainer.

Conducting Weddings, here in the United Kingdom, and Beyond… So lots of experience in creating material tailored to the occasion.
Whatever your lifestyle and interests!

Steampunk, Pagan, Gothic, Naturist, Movie Themed, Rockabilly, Vintage/Retro, Wild Wild West, Musical, Circus or Comic Book, Superhero, Historical and much more!


I am most grateful for having the opportunity to have met extraordinary people requiring my creativity.

 Taking my client’s stories and tales as my Muse and sprinkling ‘feel good’ magic as I take the audience on a thrilling journey.

I am privileged to dedicate wholly, to manifesting and customising a Ceremony tailored to your desire.
Your Individuality, Your incomparable, UNPARALLELED UNIQUENESS.

What do I offer?



This service is tailored made to suit you personally and as a couple. Every couple is different, styles, tastes, interests all vary. You may have an idea already. If not, no worries. It will be a wonderfully unique unforgettable experience for You and Your Guests! We will have a lot of fun designing your ceremony. Desire a ceremony that’s an Epic Movie Style Story to thrill! Or simple romance? Whether you want classic? Traditional sombre, fun, and giggles, simple ceremony, pagan ceremony, Viking/medieval ceremony, star wars ceremony, Disney, mythological, time traveller, fairy godmother blessings the possibilities are endless. From your inquiry, you have me at your disposal, I am delighted to send you a questionnaire and draw out your vision. We will have a friendly informal chat in person or virtually. You can relax! I’ll weave your story and do my WooWoo! It can be as serious as you like or as shake your tailfeather as you wish!

Again, it’s all possible! We will cover everything, from beginning to end so You do not have to worry about anything except each other! Don’t Fret! I will also give you some illustrated information regards creating Themed a Ceremony.
There will be a list of boring to crazy ideas and YOU cross out what’s not your thing.
I encourage YOU ALL to live the dream because it is YOUR Special Occasion.

There are beautiful symbolic rituals that can add magic to starting Your Story together and creating an awesome atmosphere. Best Part? You decide at any time of the day You Like.
Perhaps your dream is to Elope at the Beach at Sunrise? Or Sunset by a river in the forest or Moonlight on a rooftop.?

You can be confident on the day, I am there to warmly welcome your guests on your behalf and give them a summary of the celebration events, so it runs smoothly for you.

Prices From

Weddings, Vow Renewals, Commitment & Engagement from £450 includes Consultation, Briefing, Rehearsal, and a Bespoke Love Book with a printed copy of your Ceremony and Vows! Some couples have this signed by Guests. A great keepsake!

Why choose Esther for your wedding?

I have spent many years producing and presenting entertainment up and down the UK and Cyprus.
Wedding Ceremonies are my passion as each and every one unique as the next.
I’m thrilled to take any challenge you give me!
I am usually the first on location.
You can be assured that I will liaise with your photographer/wedding planner to ensure your day is smooth.
I have my microphone and equipment if necessary.
I have outfits and costumes for any theme required and will adapt the script as you desire.
If there is a delay, I do not charge extra.

Most importantly I deliver an unforgettable meaningful ceremony that has you both as stars of your own love story.


Naming Ceremonies

This is a true Joy!

Welcoming another miracle of human life.
 Definitely, Celebrating the beginning of The Circle Of Life!

This is not a religious Christening, a Naming Ceremony which is our Birthright.

This Ceremony again can involve some beautiful elements to give this New Life a Symbolic Welcome: 

Time Capsule

Seed Tree Planting

Book of Blessings for your Guests to write a message for the Youngling.

Video Blessings is another option.

Wish Tree (Invite your guests to write promises, words of wisdom or good wishes on individual tags and then hang on a tree)

And Lots More Customs & Pagan Rituals.

In an informal Consultation, where you can be relaxed we will explore your vision.

I will give you a Questionnaire that will also give you food for thought and then I can go to work weaving my magic and creating unique blessings like a Fairy Godmother!

Baby Naming’s, Adoption Naming & Blessing, Boat Naming.

Everlasting Memorable Experiences give us fulfillment.
Gone are the days of the institutionalized ‘one size fits all’.

Prices From

Naming's from £300. Includes Consultations, Briefing, Rehearsal and a Bespoke Naming Ceremony Book as a keepsake. Some families have them signed by Guests and loved ones.

Why choose Esther for your naming ceremony?

As a mother myself, there is no greater gift than my Son, My Reason for Living.
It is why I am Alive and breathe and have gratitude for the opportunity of cherishing Life.
Whether you want something fancy or as natural as possible, there is no greater pleasure than blessing the Miracle of Life!

Get In touch to find out more!
I look forward to getting to know you x


Renewal of Vows

What makes humans Unique?
As humans, we have a strong desire to define our human journey by marking special events and important occasions. 

Everlasting Memorable Experiences give us fulfillment.
Gone are the days of the institutionalized ‘one size fits all’.

You can now Celebrate Love and Life Your Way!

You may already have a dream of your perfect Ceremony and decided on vows or poetry and music and want it realized.
Of course, I would be honored.
Or perhaps you would like some inspiration?
 Whatever shakes your tailfeather, traditional, classic, cultural, fun, or something completely off the wall!

Your Ceremony experience may be as Solemn
or as  ‘Ooh La La’ as you wish it!

I have met some incredible couples who have faced extraordinary situations. Sometimes, it means spending time apart and falling in Love allover again.
This ceremony is intimate to the couple and a symbol of their commitment to persevere through all hardships.
Relationships change and this ceremony is renewing vows that have grown and the Love with it.

Get In touch to find out more!
I look forward to getting to know you both x

Prices From

Vow Renewals, Commitment & Engagement from £300-450 includes Consultation, Briefing, Rehearsal, and a Bespoke Certificate

Why choose Esther for your renewal of vows?

You would like a Ceremony somewhere Meaningful to You on a Meaningful day?
On a Boat? In Your Garden? On a hilltop?

Get in touch for a chat, it’s Free, you have nothing to lose!



Most of my experience has been Funeral Ceremonies, Memorials & Tributes.
I do Love Life and I am naturally empathetic and there is a lot to be said about how fragile life is, we are also privileged to have wondrous memories and give a personal farewell, grieving together and celebrating together by regaling stories that touched us.

Trust me to take care of your event in the appropriate manner you would like to see Your Loved One have the send-off they deserve.

This service is customized to the exact detail as You visualize it, so you don’t have to worry about a thing on the day.

You decide if you would like a photo presentation or perhaps share a family video, poetry, music, we will work together to take the pressure off you.

We will Celebrate Life as solemn and seriously or as uplifting and humorous as you wish it, Celebrating Love and Life Your Way.

I am encouraging eco-friendly funerals as much as possible, it reduces the cost which can be huge pressure on families.
Again, there is a lot of information out there and I can help you and guide you through the process.

Prices From

Funerals, Memorials & Tributes £295 Inclusive of travel & expenses.

Why choose Esther for your funeral?

We establish on consultation your requirements regards music and poetry so that You can be present in the moment.
Memorials & Tributes may be held anywhere.  There are no rules.
Whether at the beach, in a park, woodland, hilltop, historical viewpoint or in your garden or home.

Get In touch for a friendly no pressure chat x


Reviews for Spectacularly Alternative Ceremonies

Total Reviews: 10

Average Rating: 5

reviews (10)


Our perfect day

5 Stars
Matt and Morgana Sandom

Wedding | 03/09/2022 | Durley House, Southampton

WOW! Just wow! We wanted a non traditional, light hearted, but personalised ceremony and that was exactly what Esther delivered! Beyond our expectations and beyond our wildest dreams! Thank you x


Fabulously fantastic

5 Stars

Wedding | 09/28/2022 | Cyprus

Well having front row seats being that I was made of honour, I got Esther in all her glory making what would have been a very short and standard ceremony into a fabulous fun and sweet one! I couldn’t stop smiling throughout the ceremony which was fully entertaining, heartfelt and she even threw in a little surprise, which involved all the guests! It was a wonderful way to make the ceremony into what can often be a bit standard or mundane to a more interesting and unforgettable day!


Amazing wedding ceremony

5 Stars
Joanna & Sean

Wedding | 09/28/2022 | Galu seaside Cyprus

Thank you so much Esther you did an amazing ceremony, everyone at the wedding was blown away at how much fun and laughter we all had with the flash mob ceremony, you was awesome I really didn’t know what you was going to do as we said surprised us. We had so much fun. Thank you once again for doing a wonderful job.
Joanna & Sean xx

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