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Toni Ballard Celebrant

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Hi, I'm Toni

I create, write and deliver beautiful, bespoke ceremonies, crafted with loving care for some of the most important, life-affirming moments in people’s lives. Wondrous wedding ceremonies are a speciality and with my expertise the wedding ceremony will always be elegant, happy, relaxed and memorable.
Working with couples and families to realise their unique vision, I use a wealth of resources such as poetry, readings, music and a variety of inspiring traditions that elevate their ceremony. We can combine these with themes that are of particular significance to the couple to craft a truly personal, unforgettable and joyous experience. I am beside my couples for every step of their journey to write and deliver their unique story and vows, culminating in a beautiful ceremony that flows perfectly with seamless elegance.

What's my ceremony style?

Clients who choose me to be their Celebrant will have an enthusiastic professional who is confident performing as officiant with style, a gift for weaving their story empathetically and with a wealth of creativity to take their ceremony to a level of excellence.
I have been an artist for many years. Interior design; Running an Art gallery; Event organiser; Writing for national magazines; Illustrator for children’s stories and Art teacher have featured in my career. I have been involved in the world of theatre and music, which remain passions. This wealth of creativity, and experience means that my clients can have confidence that their event will be exquisite, managed with skill, sensitivity and artistry by a professional Celebrant committed to their happiness.

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Why choose Toni?

By choosing me to be their Celebrant couples can be assured of a ceremony that is crafted with integrity, an abundance of creativity, style, imagination and most of all with love. With meticulous organisation, a passion for understanding people and a huge sense of and fun, the ceremony will not only flow smoothly, but will truly be a moment to cherish forever. My experience and presence mean that couples and families can be completely confident in having a Celebrant who is passionate about crafting their unique, dream ceremony with professionalism, elegance, care and love. I am their safe pair of hands and their very own Wedding Fairy Godmother, crafting their wedding dream into an enchanting day to remember for ever.

What do I offer?

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My ideal would be any couple who are committed to making their wedding ceremony as individual as there are. I help to facilitate the wedding dream for couples so it is important that they are willing to help me achieve that by communicating their precise wishes. I love stylish, romantic weddings with elegance and flair.

At the initial meeting with couples I will be taking careful note to glean as much information as possible regarding their wedding day and their love story. They will be given my questionnaire to complete.
Then my work begins by creating a bespoke ceremony, perfectly tailor-made for each couple. This will be hand-written then sent by email for us to edit together over the intervening weeks.
We will have three of four meetings to fine-tune the ceremony detail until it is at a point of perfection.
I recommend a dress rehearsal the day prior to the wedding so that everyone is confident, happy and can be completely relaxed on the day in the knowledge that the ceremony will be wonderful.
On the wedding day I will arrive early and check that everything is in order, working closely with photographers, venue staff and musicians to ensure a seamless and joyful ceremony. I officiate for the wedding; the pinnacle of the day.

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Why choose Toni for your wedding?

By choosing me to be their Celebrant couples can be confident they are in a safe pair of hands to help them produce their wedding ceremony vision. I offer a level of creativity and elegance that ensures their ceremony will be an exquisite, magical and memorable event. I design bespoke wedding certificates for each couple and create unique Oath stones if desired. I present each couple with a small, canvas painting depicting their love story.

TBC Naming ceremony

Naming Ceremonies

Welcoming a new edition into the family circle with a Naming Ceremony is always happy, rewarding and tender. As the creator and officiant for this lovely ceremony, I work closely with parents and siblings to make the special day as joyful and memorable as possible. We talk about their family values, hopes and dreams, about the child\’s place within the community of close friends and extended family and the life-long support awaiting the little one within this circle of love.
I love to work with all families who wish to celebrate the joy of new life as they welcome this cherished member of their family, because it is always about love.

I initially meet the parents and of course the little one. We talk about their family values and about the journey they have made bringing a beloved child into the world and their lives. We acknowledge the unique little character traits that are emerging. We talk about the future bonds created with extended members of the family. We may discuss how they arrived at the baby\’s name and its wider meanings. Together we will source readings and music to enhance the ceremony. There will be a discussion about traditions and rituals to make the day exciting and unforgettable: Possibly bubbles or balloons released into the sky with the hopes and dreams for this new and precious life or perhaps a sand-blending ceremony for siblings or grandparents to be a part of as well.
I write the script and officiate on the day of mirth and celebration.

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Why choose Toni for your naming ceremony?

The family can be confident that the ceremony will be joyful, relaxed and very meaningful. The level of creativity I offer for all ceremonies is second to none; with a large resource of readings, music, traditional ceremonial extras and lots of imagination. I adore family celebrations and as a mother and grandmother, I have plenty of experiences with young ones! A Naming ceremony encompasses all that is dear to me, with this in mind each and every Naming Ceremony is crafted with love and care.

Toni Ballard Vow Renewal

Renewal of Vows

I am very happy to create ceremonies for every couple who reach out to me to write and deliver their Vow Renewals as this is always a glorious event. Together we can design a ceremony around their love story and indeed, their life story. The ceremony can take the form of a very dear and private moment as couples re-affirm their love to to one another or it may be a larger, celebratory gathering to share with family and friends. It is always a joyful celebration, often with a charming story about a road journeyed together through thick and thin.
I particularly enjoy writing the vows and Love/Life stories for couples who are confirming their love to one another after the longevity of a relationship. I also love working with couples who whose relationship may have endured tough times together, emerging better and stronger than ever.

At the initial meeting it is my pleasure to gather as much information as possible about the couple and their on-going Love story. There will be much to discuss and the inevitable note-taking. Over the next weeks I will then set to work writing their ceremony. Together we will edit the script until it is perfect and decide upon music, readings, and any traditions such as Hand-fasting or Sand-blending to create a wonderful celebration of their love. We will meet several times to prepare the details leading up to the day, I will be available for the couple to contact me with any suggestions or concerns.
I always recommend a dress rehearsal the day before to ensure that the choreography is perfect on the day.
I will arrive early on the day of the Vow Renewal ceremony to check that everything is in meticulous order and then everyone can relax and enjoy a fabulous day.

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Why choose Toni for your renewal of vows?

Couples who choose me as the Celebrant for their Vow Renewal ceremony can be confident that with my experience, creativity and flair their event will be a wonderful and memorable day.


Unfortunately Toni Ballard Celebrant is not available for Funerals.

Reviews for Toni Ballard Celebrant

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reviews (2)


Memorable and Perfectly Tailored

5 Stars

Wedding | 08/20/2022 | Warwickshire

Thank you, Toni for writing such a beautiful, bespoke, meaningful and perfectly tailored wedding ceremony. It was unique, personal, humorous, emotional, professional and most of all memorable.


Safe pair of hands.

5 Stars
Anthony McAtamney

Wedding | 08/27/2022 | Stratford Upon Avon

Toni, with you we knew that we were in a safe pair of hands. Thank you.

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