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Hi, I'm Debbie

A Celebrant is, fundamentally, a storyteller and I love hearing about and telling people’s stories! Which I guess makes me, either one of the biggest gossips on the planet, or one of the luckiest people, because I get to do a job that I love. I come from a theatrical background, where a director is required to pull together the various production elements in order to create a unified artistic vision, and that is how I approach my ceremonies, by pulling together the various threads of people’s lives so that I can create something that is a true and recognisable reflection of who they are and what their story is. Whether you are planning a wedding, a funeral, a renewal of your vows or a baby naming, your life celebration, whether joyous or tinged with sadness, whether high end or small and intimate, should be bespoke, original and Unique2u .

What's my ceremony style?

I love writing. I love creating. I love doing research. And one of my favourite things, is weaving those three together in order to create ceremonies and services that fully represent the people or person they concern. We all have our own ‘stories’ unique to us, so each ceremony needs to be personalised – unique2u.

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Why choose Debbie?

I will treat your ceremony like the production it is – with one exception – instead of creating the service FOR you, I will work WITH YOU to create whatever it is YOU want. We will start with a blank canvas and, over the course of as many ‘meetings (whether face to face or zoom) as necessary, we will jointly create something special, something different – something Unique2u
Whether wedding, funeral or vow renewal, my main aim is always to have your guests saying: ‘ that ceremony/service was so ‘them’’

What do I offer?



Apparently, the average couple in the UK now spend around £30,000 on their wedding and, If you want to, and can do that, brilliant, but if you don’t, there are so many other options available. The beauty of using a Celebrant is that your ceremony can take place almost anywhere you choose, from your own garden to a beach. You have the freedom to choose a location that is special and Unique2u. Private gardens and family homes, village halls, woodland, in tipis, yurts and marquees, at rustic venues like barns and farms and in country houses. You can have your ceremony on a boat, in a pub or club or even in your garden shed! – the choice is absolutely yours. It can take place in any venue of your choosing and be as elaborate or as simple as you wish.

There are occasions in life where it is good to have clear expectations – to adopt a uniform approach, to blur into a muted background of same-ness – your wedding day should NOT be one of those occasions. I have never attended a wedding and said: ‘That ceremony was amazing because it had all the elements of every other wedding I’ve ever been to…’
YOUR wedding should be about YOU. It should be personalised. It should tell the story of YOUR relationship and be in YOUR style. It should reflect who you are as a couple – not who the couple over the road are. You deserve to have your guests going home saying; ‘that wedding was so THEM!’. Your wedding can be as inclusive or exclusive as you want it to be, but it will certainly be Unique2u

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Why choose Debbie for your wedding?

I will work with you to create what YOU want on YOUR big day – helping you to plan your ceremony, offering creative ideas, suggesting rituals that might suit your sense of occasion. I can give advice on writing your vows (if you need it) or write them for you, if you prefer, and I will deliver the service on your day.
YOUR ceremony will be uniquely tailored to you as a couple; who you are, what you represent to your families and your friends, what you want to say to them, to each other and to the world in general..


Naming Ceremonies

Having a new addition to your family can be completely overwhelming during the first few months. But, eventually, everything settles down, your ‘baby brain’ subsides a bit and there emerges a small window through which to view the prospect of officially welcoming your little one into their family regardless of whether your family is more ‘Adams’ than ‘Walton!’
Just a couple ‘snags’ to overcome – the majority of your family members have no religious affiliations whatsoever and, even if they did have, your bundle of joy has long ago grown out of the treasured family christening robe that has been handed down for generations. The thought of a formal ‘event’, during which your offspring will have to keep their white gown pristine before the photos, brings on an attack of the ‘vapours’. A Baby Naming Ceremony may well be the answer.

We all have an eclectic mix of personalities within our family and it seems to me that a tailor-made ceremony that includes and indeed, embraces all the quirks and eccentricities of your various family members, could just be the perfect way to celebrate your baby’s immersion into it. So, if Cousin Simon writes awful songs – why not let him sing one. If Great Aunt Ethel plays the spoons, encourage her to do so. If your Grandmother goes to church every Sunday and would like to sing a hymn and say a prayer – ‘Go Nana!’.
A naming ceremony is a way to officially welcome your child into their family in whatever way YOU feel is right and appropriate. It can be a completely serious, ritualistic event or a mix of fun and ceremony or frankly, just fun. Whatever you decide, by working together, we can create an event that is Unique2u

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Why choose Debbie for your naming ceremony?

Whether you view a naming ceremony as a secular alternative to a religious service, as a compromise that will keep everyone happy or as an excuse to have a good old-fashioned family party with a ceremony at its heart, there are no restrictions on what it can consist of, and no restrictions on what we can create together.


Renewal of Vows

A vow renewal is a way for you to recreate your wedding day, with updated promises and (let’s be honest) ‘…. a bit of a party with family and friends. Let’s celebrate!’
It’s an opportunity to re-prioritise and reassess your marriage and your role within it:
‘Look at us – 10 years on and back in love – let’s celebrate!’
It can symbolise the drawing of a line under one part of your married life and the start of a completely fresh page, with revised priorities and promises:
‘Look at us – we’ve faced something bad and we’ve survived …. Together. Let’s celebrate!’
It can force you to focus on what you want and what you need from each other at this new stage of your life. It can symbolise a reconnection:
‘Look at us – 30 years and still willing and able to bend to each other’s changing needs. Let’s celebrate!’

Don’t think about renewing your vows as merely repeating the words you said at your original wedding ceremony. Instead, think of it as an opportunity to celebrate your relationship, or to re-evaluate your marriage and your role within it. How has it changed? Have you had to bend and twist in order to accommodate changes in your partnership? There are many reasons why a couple might wish to renew their wedding vows in front of their family and friends, or even in a smaller, more intimate ceremony. Whatever your reasons, I can help you to create a ceremony that both celebrates and reflects, and that is Unique2u.

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Why choose Debbie for your renewal of vows?

The beauty of a Celebrant-lead vow renewal, is that your ceremony can take place almost anywhere you choose, indoors or outdoors, in your garden, on a clifftop or a beach, in a pub or a village hall, on a boat heading out to sea or on a highway to … nowhere! You have the freedom to choose a location that is relevant and Unique2u – and to your story. It can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish., with as many guests (not during covid!) as you like, or it can be intimate with just the two (three) of us!



Arranging your loved one’s funeral will be one of the last things you are able to do for them, so it’s important that your service should reflect who they were, the impact they made and what they meant to the people saying goodbye.
While it is sad to lose someone close, I believe that a funeral service should also embrace the act of celebrating that person’s life, in whatever way seems appropriate. I don’t mean celebrating with a large, noisy party – although why not, if that is how they lived their life – but celebrating through shared memories and feelings, laughter, smiles and tears. The most memorable funerals are the ones where family and friends have played an important role in contributing to a service which celebrates the life of the individual and brings the back ‘into the room’ for one last time,

How many funerals have you attended and half-way through, wondered whether you had inadvertently wandered into the wrong service? Who on earth is this person they’re talking about, and how do these words bear any relation to him or her?
In consultation with family and friends, I will marry together the different aspects of your loved one, ensuring that the various strands of their life are tied together, to create a loving picture of their experiences, their achievements and their dreams – their life and how they lived it.
I can deliver the whole service on the day, or it can be edited, adapted and spoken by others. The choice is yours and my job is to facilitate what you want within a service that is unique2 your loved one. If your guests leave, saying; ‘that ceremony was so ‘them’’ I will have done my job – and so will you.

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Why choose Debbie for your funeral?

I can put your loved one’s life into context and give them their legacy by creating a ceremony that is Unique2 them. Not everyone wants the same type of ceremony. Not everybody wants to be told what to do. I will fully discuss with you, what it is you want to include. We will start with a blank piece of paper. We’ll talk about your loved one and together we will create the ceremony that captures their very essence and provides a fitting tribute for their life. We do not stop working, until you are completely happy


Reviews for Unique2u

Total Reviews: 6

Average Rating: 5

reviews (6)


Thank you

5 Stars
Guy Spooner

Funeral | 07/05/2019 | Swallows Oast, Ticehurst

Thank you for making the day so very special. You made a wonderful “speech”. It really was a good send-off. So many people made nice comments as well.


Safe hands

5 Stars
Holly Lyon-Hawk DIY Funerals UK

Funeral | 11/07/2019 | Swallows Oast, Ticehurst

We whole heartedly recommend Debbie as a funeral celebrant. She is highly professional, kind, empathetic, understanding and flexible. She will work closely with you and your family to really get the essence of the person who has died. She will support you to be as creative as you want to be and create a ceremony that offers so much more than just a goodbye.
Debbie’s approach is informal and friendly, yet she is diligent on the detail. She works hard to create a truly individual ceremony that she gets to know well so her deliverance is natural and engaging. You couldn’t be in safer hands!


A true celebration of dad’s life

5 Stars
Helen Ashford

Funeral | 05/07/2019 | Swallows Oast, Ticehurst

I just wanted to convey my thanks in relation to yesterday. All of your hard work certainly paid off – the service not only flowed seamlessly, but you also had somebody thinking that you were family! I really do believe that we gave dad the send off he deserved and can look back on the day as being a true celebration of his life, as was always intended.

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